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new server new wepons new accesori all it new
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Best L2 to pvp Server rates x70/x190/x90 enchents safe 3 chance 67% max 25 BSE 70% Gm shops Full Buffers Class Changer and friendly staff come and enjoy =]
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Serwer Iron Lineage][CT2
Serwer rate: exp 20|SP 20|Adena 25|Drop 85%| player online 4000+| NO LAG!!!
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LineAgeII - Private server ! Server type k00f's vs. Noob's. No Donate, no custom item, no coruption ! Join now !
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Yazdanshard L2 Gracia
Novo servidor de L2 Gracia. Temos conecção 100mb. Servidor com rates 25x e outro 500x, em breve teremos servidor 5x sem sistema de donator, apenas pra quem aprecia o jogo sem nenhum tipo de influencia externa ao jogo. Venha nos conhecer.
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406 L2-Faith
Best Gracia PvP server with all the stuff
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407 L2Nightmare
x20/x25/x35/x35 Server Rates. 11.03 Servers Start. Come HERE!!!
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408 Reliance L2
x40 Lineage2 Interlude server *Custom "Auction" npc for sale/buy. *Main town Giran. *Premade "Seven Signs".
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409 Skylineworld Lineage Gracia
Lineage2 Gracia Mid rate Server German
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410 Lineage ][ Venom
Best Mid Rate Server , No lag , All work 100 , come and check the server , try out server
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411 .:Lineage ][ Crazy Life:.
L2 Crazy Life Gracia2 Rate Server XP: x500, SP: x500, Adena: x800 No Donation Friendly Gm
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412 Lineage 2 Revelion - Down Rates
Lineage 2 Revelion, Interlude server, 30x/30x/30x, Epic Weapon/Armor, GK/GM-Shop/Buffer. Entra ya.
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413 L2lithium
Server rates5x Server pack is custom join us and you won't regret it :D Server is like official
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414 Lineage II Forumas
Puikus Lineage2 forumas. Tiems kurie m?gsta š? žaidim?. ?ia gal?site bendrauti ?vairiomis temomis, dalintis savo žiniomis, failais, reklamuoti savo serverius ir kitka.
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415 L2 Grand Kain
C4 Off Server with a maximum uptime and excelent staff. Rates: 10x and weekends at 20x. Sign up and enjoy!
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416 L2-Desire
high rate pvp server, see website for more info
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417 Lineage II Paradise Gracia Bulgaria
If you like to play a more economical-oriented game, than the 7x, Paradise server will stun you with the incredible detail given to economy, everything retail-like, a hot bargain in Giran just waiting to happen, the rest of the game being set up as s
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418 L2Empire
CT 1.5, Hellbound | Exp x50 Adena x175 | Custom shops, Buffers, teleports | Daily events | 2Hour Buff | No lag | 24/7
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419 L2 QoD PVP
rates x1000 x1000 x10000 servidor interlude 100% safe y max enchant 20
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420 lineage2server
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??? ??? ?????? Interlude L2FIGHTERS. ??????? ????? ??????? ?????? ? ???? ?????. ?????? ??? ??????!!! ??? ? ??? ? ????? ?????? ?? ??????! ???????? ? ?????? ????? ?????? ?? ????? http://L2FIGHTERS.DO.AM
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422 Lineage 2 Blackdevil
Gk global - GMshop - Buffer -Hero buffs-Epic armas-dinasty armas-wings valakas - armas valakas y set valakas TVT-EVENT - Siegues!
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423 L2Pimp
x50 new l2 comunity join us!!!
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424 Lineage ][ Latino
Servidor Argentino Gracia Parte II. Sistema de Heroes, Olimpiadas, Noblesa, Full Quest, Geodata y Pathnodes Activos, Admins Dedicados, Eventos Periodicos, Subclase Mediante Quest, Epic Wings y Custom Items, Carol Crystal Custom, Sumate Ahora ;)
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425 L2Galactica
Welcome to the site!
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426 Public-World
xp - 1200x sp - 1200x adena - 200x drop - 1x NO DONATIONS NO CORUPTION JOIN US NOW
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427 Lineage 2 Revenlion - Gracia/Hellbound
Lineage 2 Revelion - Gracia/Hellbound - Rates PvP - 10.000x/10.000x/10.0000/1 - Gm-Shop/NPC-Buff/GK-Global
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428 L2 TATA server
PVP SERVER !!!... Rates:3000x adena,3000x xp,3000x Enchant 70%,Safe Enchant safe:+10 Max Enchant:wep+30 armor+30 Farm Zone: Monastery of silence, DragonValeyCaves, Custom Gm Shop,NPC Buffer,NPC Class
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429 L2 interlude-server
rates x16exp 18 SP drop y spoil 15 party x2 buffos 1 hora espero k os guste
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New server greek hellbound with rates x12x12x10x7x7!
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431 LineBastards
we have 2 server 1 low rate x10 and 1 high rate pvp x5000 more details please see in our site
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432 >>DARKTIME<<
Lineage 2 Interlude x5000 pvp! ????????? ??????? ???????????? 100 ????? ? ???????!PvP ???? ? Town of Goddard,??????,????? ?? ??? ?????? ????? ,?????? (??? ????? ?? ????!) ????? ????.??????.??????.? ??? ??? ?????? ???!
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433 Juegos online , L2 , Wow , css...
Juegos online (Lineage 2 , css, wow etc...)
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434 L2ILLuSionBr
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435 l2 1nterlude-server
server interlude muy nivelado para magos y guerreros espero k os guste un saludo
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436 l2queenofdeath-PVP
RateXp = 5000. RateSp = 5000. RatePartyXp = 4000. RatePartySp = 4000. RateDropAdena = 4000. RateDropItems = 100. RateDropSpoil = 150. RateDropManor = 1 Gmshop Gkglobal Buffer Full
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437 L2][Stfu
L][stfu Gracia Server 50x PVP Craftable Wyverns Custom Zones Custom buffers 15 hour buffs/ 40 buffslots/+12 dances&songs Lots of events and helpfull GM`S for more info visit the website
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438 l2pvp-x
Server Normal Rates Rate control, Global float values RateXp = 2000. RateSp = 2000. RatePartyXp = 500. RatePartySp = 500. RateDropAdena = 2000. RateDropItems = 1. RateDropSpoil = 1. Enchate Rate : Max Enchant: Weapons : +30
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439 ..::L2 Genocide Warriors::..
PvP / 100x XP / 300x Adena, Luxury Gatekeeper, GM Shop, NPC Buffer, Auto-Class Changer- in each town! Events are actually held every day!
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440 L2WarriorOfTemple
RateXp = 70. RateSp = 100. RatePartyXp = 70. RatePartySp = 150. RateDropAdena = 1000. RateDropItems = 1. RateDropSpoil = 50. RateDropManor = 1 Contenido: GMSHOP: Full Grado Buffer: Full Todo Grado lvl 20 en adelante Luxury Gatekeeper Camb
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441 BeTa-X- L2
Server Gracia PVP y LOW LoW = rates: x15/x15/x5/x50/8/30 PVP = rates: x5000/x5000/x20/x500/30/50 enter in for more info...
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442 EOG x45 - EOG PVP
Gracia Part2 Server | X45 and XPVP Servers
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443 L2 Nitro
Servidor de Lineage II Gracia 15x Excelente!
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444 Incarnadine
Incarnadine have 2 server a low server 15exp 15sp. and a pvp server 100exp 100sp custom pvp arena npc buffer autp tvt take a look and Friendly Gm's
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445 Line][Age 2 Lost Tower Garcia
Server Rates Xp 50x Sp 50x Party xp/sp 2x Adena 50. Items 25. Spoil 35 Quests Reward 35x Enchant Weapon 50% Enchant Armor 50% Safe 4 Max Weapon 20 Max Armor 20 Buff 1h, Dance/Song 22 min Auto Reg Dual Box Server 24/7
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446 L2-Dida
Xp 1500 Sp 1500 Aden 2000 Drop 20 Interlude server, Custom apella sets. Dusk wepons and more.
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447 Lineage II Gods Serveris
Exp: 75, Sp: 75, Adenos: 100, Dropas: 10, Spoilas: 20, Max Ench: 25, Ench Rate: 65%, Buferis, GM Shop'as ir dar daug visko yra tik del jusu !
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448 Lineage 2 Lower
Lineage2 argentino Exp:100 Sp:200 Drop:100 Npc:Buffer,Gmshop Enchant: safe enchant:200 Lineage 2 Interlude
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449 Angel network
Hardware: AMD Opteron 148 3072 MB DDR2-RAM 2x200 GB SATA / 7200 RPM 5000 GB Bandwidth 100mbps upload port About the server: Gracia Part 2 XP/SP x7 Adena/Drop/Spoil x7 Party XP/SP is x1 Raid Boss Drops x7 Fishing x1 Auto-
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450 L2Pandora
L2-Pandora der LineAge2 Server mit vielen Events, spaß und freundlichen GM's! Unsere GM's und Admin's sprechen deutsch und englisch. Low/Mid-Rate Server: 10x Rates.
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