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L2 Light
Interlude PvP Server.Rates are 3000x, drop 5x, Safe Enchant +5, Max enchant +25, Enchant Rate 65%!.For more check Our Forum!
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Dark Alliance Server
Server Hellbound All NPCS Custom Hero Weapons Icarus, Dynasty, And etc... Rates: Exp:2000x Sp:2000x Adena:3000x Come and enjoy
In:0 Out:146
][ - L2-Matrix - ][ {Interlude} GR
L2-Matrix PVP Server XP:5000 SP:5000 Drop Rate:10
In:0 Out:130
Lineage II Empire
Come on Empire Comunity,Hellbound 100%,Rates 5000xp and sp,1000adena,Custom Zones,Transformation Scrolls,No lag,just enter...
In:0 Out:149
No donations forever - No custom stuff
In:0 Out:131
256 Lineage2 PvP interlude War Side
New Server Lineage2 PvP Interlude Web Site
In:0 Out:114
257 Lineage II Fan
Welcome in a world without rules,Hellbound CT1.5 ,Custom shops,Custom Buffer,Custom Gatekeeper,Farm Zone,Olympiad work 100% and is 24/7 , Join for more details.
In:0 Out:111
258 L2 PkExTrEmE
L2 Pk ExTrEmE - É Isso Ai!!Vamos Upar!! Server Hellbound Rates do Server Xp: 50x Adena: 200x Party xp: 150x Sp: 1000x Gm shop: sim Gk global: sim Sets Epics
In:0 Out:106
259 Utopie L2 Hellbound CT 1.5
PVP Server 8000X 7000X 5000X Rates // GMShop Global GateKeeper in Giran // TvT ervery 2 hours // 100mbit // 4gigs Ram no lagg // JOIN NOW
In:0 Out:108
260 L2Sagrado
Servidor de rates altos situado en España:][Gmshop][GK global][Adena trader][Buffer][Festival shop][Npc de bodas][Eventos tvt automaticos (a cada hora)][Asedios][ Enchant max. +30Enchant seguro +15][Tattoos de mago y guerrero][No donaciones][Buff 4 h
In:0 Out:125
261 L2Delta
In:0 Out:108
262 L2 Sentinel
Hellbound, rate 40x40x250x, buffer 2 hours,Gm Shop Grade S
In:0 Out:117
263 L][ Delta 1000x
Full Interlude 1000XP/1000SP/1000ADENA | No Lag | Many Players | Custom Items (Wings , Dynasty , Mask , Tattoo | GM SHOP | NPC BUFFER | Restorer(HP/CP/MP) | Skill enchanter | Class master | Augmenter | Wedding System ......
In:0 Out:120
264 Supremus Custom Server - Hellbound
Rates : 35x 35x 200x Custom Armors, Weapons, Raids, NPCs and more, Buffs 2h, Buffs kamael 20min, 24H Online. Full Hellbound.
In:0 Out:109
265 nVidia Kamael
Un poco de Informacion del Server: RateXp = 55. RateSp = 55. RatePartyXp = 70. RatePartySp = 70. RateDropAdena = 50.
In:0 Out:111
266 L2hell-reborn
Welcome To L2 Hell-ReBorn Interlude PvP Server Xp Rate : 5000 Sp Rate : 5000 Party Xp Rate : 2500 Party Sp: 2500 No Grade Penalty Adena drop: x 1000 Max Enchant Weapon : +20 Safe Enchant Weapon : +3 Max Enchant Armor&Jewels : +18 Safe Enc
In:0 Out:111
267 L2-DarknessWorld
In:0 Out:110
268 lineage II hellsing
xp 25x sp 20 drop 20 drop sp 30 gk global
In:0 Out:120
269 Lineage2 PvP Interlude WaRSiDe
????? ??????? RateXp = 1000. RateSp = 1000. RatePartyXp = 50. RatePartySp = 50. RateDropAdena = 90000. RateConsumableCost = 94. RateDropItems = 50. RateDropSpoil = 50. RateDropManor = 60 ?? ??????? ???????? ?????? ? ?? ??? ?????? ???????
In:0 Out:107
270 L2 Descent
NEW! SERVER RATES UPDATE! :: PVP SERVER LAUNCH! :: International Server : Custom Server Software : Retail Feel : Custom Features
In:0 Out:111
271 L][BgTeam
Instant 80 lv :) kill three easy mobs and go 80 lvl :) Enchant: Safe enchant - 6 Max Enchant - 25 Enchant Rate - Blessed scrolls - 90% for all Normal scrools - 75% for all Whit Dynasty Armors and Wepons
In:0 Out:132
EXPx70 - SPx50 - Goldx50, Gm Shop, Class Changer, Great Community, Longer and Extra Buffs, Based in UK! JOIN TODAY!
In:0 Out:104
273 L2 Vongola
L2 Kamael Hellbound xp/sp12 drop/spoil/ad 10.Castle, Clan hall, skill CT1, Demon sword, Boat, seven sign, manor system, IA des RB/Boss, olympiad, TvT event, champion event.
In:0 Out:120
274 Lineage2 Hellbound Server
Brand NEW Lineage2 Hellbound 27/7 Online,friendly GM,Lowrate,come in and have fun
In:0 Out:117
Lineage2 server rates exp 100x/ sp 100x/ drop 50x/ spoil 50x/ Full interlude skills/ Olimpiada/ Raid bosses and more...
In:0 Out:115
276 lglineage
sub class staking , gm shop , gk global , tvt event . no gms corrupts
In:0 Out:111
277 Dinasty
lineage1 players are all welcome
In:0 Out:112
278 l2andromeda
Kamael/Hellbound 50x // AUTO CTF,TvT // L2Day // Custom NPC/Armor/Weapon // NPC Buffer // GMShop... Serveur Français/Réunionnais.
In:0 Out:104
279 Ice Dragon Szerver
Lineage 2 Hellbound low rate server!Xp:30x Sp:30x.just and helpful admin team!Ice Dragon Team waits for you with much affection!
In:0 Out:109
280 L2 Furious
L2 Furious
In:0 Out:131
281 L2-Xtreme
Server Lineage II Gracia Final (1000x).
In:0 Out:106
282 L2-Elpy
Nouveau serveurs PVP Xp=4000./Sp=500./Rate Adena=1000. GMSHOP/BUFFERSHOP/CLASS MANAGER/TP RAID BOSS/A faire quette MEDIUM rate xp: 35 sp:10 adenas: 50 Venez découvrir notre serveur et passer un bon moment parmis nous.
In:0 Out:116
283 L ][ Legacy Hellbound
Hellbound EMU Lineage 2 Server. 500x exp. Daily Events (TvT, DM, CTf & EGM Events), NPC Buffer, GM Shop, Icarus Weapons, Custom Areas, Global GateKeeper, Active GM's. Join The Best Community Ever NOW!!!
In:0 Out:106
284 PowAge Hellbound server 24/7 uptime
Powage lineage2 HellBound server! 24/7 uptime great gm's| 75x xp| Gm shops| custom gatekeepers whit leveling zones| Buffers- free> and mutch more fun!
In:0 Out:108
285 L2 Cradle
Interlude Intense PvP Server 3000x
In:0 Out:117
286 La2Spell
??? ??? ?????? ? ??????? ?100000 ???? ???? ??? ??? ??? ?????? :) ?????? ? ???????
In:0 Out:105
287 Guardia-L2
Serveur Lineage II Guardia-L2. En Version Gracia 2ième throne. Serveur Français Rôle Play Low Rate EXP=5, SP=7, Adenas=7 Communauté amical et staff amical. Cordialement l'administration.
In:0 Out:118
288 Avalon Interlude
x7x7x7x10x10 | T0 drops & spoils | Pagan Temple, Primeval Island, MOS, Stakato Nest & other new zones | Interlude Raid Bosses | Cursed & Shadow Weapons | Augmentation | Armor Set +6 Skills | L2Off
In:0 Out:112
289 L2Deviant Realms
L2Deviant Realms 3000x Full Interlude Mass PvP Nobless work Oly Work Gm Shop Gk Custom Shop Buffer
In:0 Out:110
290 L2TaLLeS
No Auto Create Account Npc Buffer(24 Hour Buff)-Gm Shop-Multi Shop-Global Gatekeeper-Custom Zone Gatekeeper-Epic Armor.Weapon-Dynasty Armor.Weapon-Olympiad System-Cursed Weapon-TvT.CtF Event-Special Areas-24 Hour Online Gm
In:0 Out:105
291 L][Baium
L][Baium server rates 1000x NPC mods AA, GB and etc.
In:0 Out:106
292 Lineage ][ forbidden gateway
Servidor no l2j Interlude, rates x4, quest x2, sin ventas de items.
In:0 Out:108
293 L2DominionOfTheDead
it enters our servant of lineage L2DominionOfTheDead for but information enters the Web
In:0 Out:129
294 Generos Interlude
Server online 24H, Npc Buff, Gm Shop, Ep 10000x, Adena 10000x, Safe+20 Max+35 Buff time 1H 20M
In:0 Out:112
295 Lineage ][ Alive Gaming
New Fresh HellBound CT1.5 Server ~ Daily Events ~ GMs ONLINE ~ Many PPL ~ Full Chronicle Features ~ Lagless and Bug-Free ~ JOIN NOW!!!
In:0 Out:112
296 Ss World Lineage 2 server
In:0 Out:112
297 L2LastStand PVP Server
Server Rates : x300 xp . x1000adena Other Stuff : Buffs For 6Hours Friendly GM's Custom Areas GM Shop Full Hellbound Skills Olympiad Works 100% Anti Pk Guard Spawn Protection Skill Enchanter Max Enchant +25 Enchant Rate 65% Custom Glo
In:0 Out:112
298 L2 SKULL
In:0 Out:115
299 L2 Hope Dedicated server
exp x40|sp x60|adena x260|2h buffs|Buffer GM Shop|Shops|CUSTOM ZONES/ITEMS/DOPS/RB|INTERLUDE fully working| 24/7 support NO lag|Great GMs|Join us today!| Not L2J!
In:0 Out:112
300 L II Fighting Dream
Full Interlude Working Sieges Olympiad Caln Wars Rates 250/250/1500 Nice Community Non-Corrupted GM's Dynasty Armor Weapons Epic Armors Wings and a lot of Custom Items Join us now 24/7
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