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Lineage 2 Island Of Souls - KAMAEL
New Lineage 2 KAMAEL Server Rates 20x/20x/80x We have an active and NO CORRUPTED GmStaff Server Features: *GM SHOP *GK GLOBAL *NPC BUFFER *2HS BUFFS *Argentine Server ..:: ENTER AND ENJOY ::.. Server Opening 01/03/08
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L2 Dark Reaver
L2 Dark Reaver is A Server Hosted in a datacenter for the highest quality gaming. Our Server is The Lineage II Interlude Version. Olympiad working(Heroes Every Week) Custom Npc's(buffer,gm-shop,nobless,etc
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|~L2 LaVa SeRVeR~|
Server is interlude have custom npc's custom armor Xp:x10k Sp:x10k Drop:x10 Olympiad and working nobless and weekly heroes
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Best Server PvP/ Mejor Server PvP , With Gmshop, Full Custom, Titaniums,Epics,Buffs 23 HOURS ,Easy Nobles/Nobles Facil ,1000X EX 5000X ADENAS!
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L2GF Server
Server L2GF opened the day on March 11. The server is hosted on a dedicated server with the following characteristics: AMD Athlon +4200, 2gbs of ram to 800, 500gbs hard drive, 100mbs connectors Features of the server: Rates: 20x 30x 100
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106 line2angel
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107 -={L2 Nemesis}=-
L2 Nemesis Interlude[server rates xp x75/sp x75/adena x250] Nice community/Friendly GM's/ New pvp-xp zones/Epic and Kamael armors and weapons/Tattoos-Dyes/Olympiad full working/NPC buffer/GM shop and much more... Enjoy!
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108 Lineage2PlaY4FuN
Exp:2000,drop:1,SP:3000,adena:10000... Enchant: Chance 85%,Safe +20 , max +70 and Phoenix shop :) Come here all:) RUS server ...
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109 L2GMsarvar gm sarvar
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110 L2UK
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111 L2 Magma
New Full Interlude Multi-Skills server x550 x550 x800,tons of custom stuff,custom areas,new skills and raid bosses.Join now!
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112 L2 Phantom
Rates: XP 80x/SP 80x/Adena 200/Enchant 55% | NPC Buffers | 1 hour buffs | Custom GM Shops | Epic Armor | Epic Weapons | Subclass/Noblesse System | Castle Sieges | Working Clan Halls | Skill Enchanting
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113 L2Hunter
Full PVP Server XP: 500/ SP: 1000/ Adena: 2000/ GM Shop / Luxury GK / NPC Buffer [Server BR]
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114 novos sets epic e armas custons 450x
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115 LineageII DarkHell
LineageII Xp 3000k Sp 3000x Custom Armur Titanium Custom Weapons Custom Mask Custom Farming Zone NPC Buffer Easy Nobles
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lineage 2 illusion server
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Luna 1x, Epic 15x, Extreme 1000x, CT1 Kamael, Olympiad, Seven Signs, Manor System, Sieges and marriages available. Join !
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118 L2ultimavenganza
Spanish comunity. Server bartz. 10x exp 15x sp 2x party exp and sp 20x Adena 20x spoil All quest is implemented. -clan skill -academy -hero -nobles -hatching -siege -etc.
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Web Clan Hating Donate
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120 L2 VTPVP
server interlude custom zone custom set custom weapon event tvt ctf fos more info join in the site
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121 junglel2 Kamael Serve
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122 L2 No Name
Server Rate : Exp : 100x Sp : 100x Adena : 100x Drop : 100x Enchant Rates Max Enchant: Weapons : +35 Armor : +35 Jewels : +35 Safe Enchant : +10 Enchant normal is 50% rate Enchant blessed is 100% rate Server Info : *Event ev
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123 L2winter
C6 pvp server ! friendly gm's, special raid bosses sieges every weekend !hero period :7 days !And much more ! JOIN US NOW !
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124 L2Vengence Kamael Servers
100% lagless play on one of our best AMD athlon Dual core servers, with balanced exp, adena, and enchant rates. Try it for free, and Game On!99% Server Uptime
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125 L2Vengence Kamael Servers
Lagless Fast server, up time 99% great and balanced rates, Lots of fun! Check it out, Very active GMs and Admins.
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lineage 2 illusion server
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127 Lineage 2 Vertical Throne
Server Full PvP, rates altos x5k, tvt event cada 5min, raids zone, Shop, buffer, GkGlobal, Npc Info´s, nobles, olimpiadas, unete a nuestra comunidad!!!
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128 BlooDRituaL Interlude 100x
Server Interlude 100x venha ser o melhor no ranking de PVP.
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[Supreme The Kamael][Kamael HIGH][1000x 3000x 3000x] & [KAMAEL LOW] [15x 30x 30x] [Kamael items/Custom NPC buffer/GM shop/][Uptime 100%][NOT L2j]
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130 lineage 2 illusion server
lineage 2 illusion server!!!
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131 Friendly-l2
Friendly-l2 is the best place to go if you want to feel real L2 world; rates are 100x but we tryed to keep it as real as posible;there is no corruption ever!Join us today!
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132 L2UltimatHero
500 exp 500 adena 500 sp Custon armor End wepons500 exp 500 adena 500 sp Custon armor End wepons
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133 Adenis World Interlude Server
This server Interlude: EXP 1200, SP 1200, ADENA 1200.
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134 KingVsGods
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Welcome to official L2 Ub3rServer
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136 L2 PoWer ShoT PvP c6 SErver
l2 c6 ServeR x1000 x1000 x8000 NPC Buffer Friendly GMs :)
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137 Lineage ][ Glory
Lineage ][ Glory - C6 - x45 - 0 LAGG - Custom Armors/Weapons/Miscs ! - Join us NOW!
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138 l2-kiss
EXP: 5000 SP: 5000 Adena: 3000 Items: 7 Spoil: 20 max enchant +50 safe +10 good GM come all and have fan
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139 lineage 2 Darkk
lineage 2 server kamael hellbond new weapons dynasty and icarus!!join naw
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140 Lineage II - Trust Interlude
| Rates: 200exp/400sp/800aden/10drop |Gm-shop,Leveling zones GK,wedding Priest,Npc buffer,Dances/Songs time: 20minutes... |
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141 .::L2LittleWorld::.
buen server gm siempre ON subclass acumulativas gm shop gk global
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142 L][4All
NO BUG 100x interlude server with all custom npc, custom events,loads of fun, NO LAG (deidicated machine),no corupt GMs 24/24 Online.+35 max enchant,safe +5,custom farming zones,TVT.THE PLACE TO BE
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143 L2 Elixus
Full interlude server,costum zone,npc,buffer,mobs,gatekeeper,costum armor and weapon , rifing system and more........... come here and enjoy !!
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l2 interlude x100
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145 L2-DarkEnergy
Welcome to L2DarkEnergy Private Server. Hope you'll enjoy your time with us. # -Server Rates are- # RateXp = 3000x # RateSp = 3000x # RatePartyXp = 2x # RatePartySp = 2x #
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146 Caceres Pvp server
Caceres :The Chaotic Throne Kamael Ven Hellbound
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SpecTrum is a new l2 full c4 off server. Rates:7x all. Custom NPC BUFFER, custom ITEMS, custom areas like UNDEAD ISLAND. MOS=FARMING ZONE. New Raid Bosses. Custom system for events. Stable game play. NOT L2j!Come and enjoy the real low rate experienc
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148 l2 KabelNet
L2 Kabelnet Full HellBound Server open on 12.04.2008 Bukefal: Server Currently HellBound. Rates: Experience(30x) - Skill Points(35x) - Adena(25x) - Drops(20x) - Spoil(20x). Events: Every 60min Events. First Class Professions by Quest. Second C
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149 L2 Ghost
BARTZ - HIGH RATE SERVER: KAMAEL/HELLBOUND exp: x1000 sp: x1000 adena: x1500 - PVP/PK - Hero olimpiad system - Many custom - Kamael locations, mobs, armors, weapons - GM Shop - Fat cat the class menager - Global gatekeeper - NPC buffer (f
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150 L2 Cerelia - Gracia
Gracia Greek 4x Server (start at 1 Oct 2008). No Donates! Official Game, L2 event's, Active bot allowed, Custom Quests, Easy connect (automatic setup).
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