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L2 Xela Interlude
L2 Xela Interlude! 500xp 250sp 700adena, TvT Event,No Lag, Enjoy...
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Lineage 2 F&C Stucksubclass
full interlude server subclass skills stackable ( main + 1 )
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L2 Ancient
Welcome to L2 Ancient an Interlude PvP Server.Rates are 300x.You can Find GM SHop, Global GK, BUffer, LifeStone Trader, Priest and Castles with all Npc's.Safe enchant +5 and max +25(Weapons) and +30(Armor&Jewels) ENJOY!
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L2 Legend Of Warrior
Client : - Support CT1.5 Client Rates : XP 35x / SP 40x / ADENA 70x / SPOIL 2x / DROP 2x / PARTY 1.5x Systems: - Custom Augmentation System - Custom TvT System - Custom Full Server Drop Areas : -PvP Zone Gludin Village, Hunters VIllage
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L2 JumpeR Server
Lineage2 HellBound[XP:200x/SP:300x/Adena:500x][Armors&Weapons Kamael&Icarus][NPC Buffer 2Hs][GMShop][GlobalGK][RecipeShop][CraftManager][TvT Diario Auto]e muito mais novidades...
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206 Lineage ][ Angels
Client:[Interlude] - Custom - Armors {Epic Armor - Titanium Armor} - NEW Divine Weapons!!!! Epic Weapons - Mordor Weapons - {GM - Shop} - {Town Buffers} - Rates - 150x - 200x - 1x !! JOIN US TODAY!! NEW FEATURES!
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207 L2Dark-Energy
L2DarkEnergy Interlude PvP Server x3000 @The 1st Lineage II Private Server special created for PvP Combat Mode with No Rulles, special features and custom subclass system @ Server Rates(x3000): 3000x Xp 3000x Sp 5000x Adena @ Enchant Rate:
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208 Lineage ][ Angels
New Server Iterlude Epic Armor [Titanium EDK Kamikaze ] Epic Weapon [Artenis Bow Zeus Mace Kamikaze Weapon ] Nobless + Subclasse Hero System Join Us !!!!
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209 L2 Hagen
2 Kamael/ Hellbound Server| Highrate| Xp/Sp 150| Party Xp/Sp 5| Adena 800|/| Lowrate| Xp/Sp 7| Party Xp/Sp 3| Spoil 7| Adena 10.
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210 L2Pusula
Welcome to L2 PusuLa, L2 PusuLa Management Server ?NTERLUDE[C6. Server rate: 1000x 1000x 2000x Enchate rate: safe:15 max:20
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211 Ice Dragon x50 Join US!!
BEST 55x, Unique Items(Epic,Dynasty,etc)Full Interlude + Kamael items, Gm Shops, EVERY DAY EVENTS,RB 99%, Custom Areas, NPC BUFFERS, Agumentions 100%, SiegeS And Truly MUCH MORE JOIN US NO LAG!
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212 Ice Dragon x5000 Join US!!
Greate PvP server with helpfull gms, Interlude version with Dynastys and many more customs items :) Join US
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213 L2v Valinor 4x
4x Hellbound server working on extreme stablie l2v software. Join us now!
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214 Create your L2 Server
Create your Server L2 Now. Enter Now and create your server Lineage 2 [C6 and Kamael Now]
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215 l2pandora [HellBound] [50x] [NPC buffer][Gm shop] [TvT] [GmEventsDaily] [66%Enchant] [AutoSkills] [AutoPickup] [Wedding] [Walker is allowed] [Nolag] [NoBuggs] [100% uptime] [100%FUN]
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216 L2 teo
RateXp = 2500. RateSp = 2500. RateDropAdena = 3000. RateDropItems = 10. Enchant Chance = 95% Max Enchant = 100 Safe Enchant = 5 MULTISKILLS interlude server
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217 L2 Heaven or Hell
GRACIA FINAL |[200x 150x 700x 10x]|. Vesper, Cloaks, Belts, Agathions, Flying Transformations, Gracia Skills, And Much More, Subclass Certification system,Custom NPCs, and Custom Hunting Zones.
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218 L2arena
Vote for L2Arena
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219 L2 Rbk Interlude PvP Server
L2 Rbk Interlude 200xp 200sp 200adena , TvT Event , Npc Buffer , Oly , Enjoy!
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220 Lineage 2 Tiara
Intense Pvp Server,3000x :Online 100%
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221 killer-server
Hellbound server-500x rates! Fully Features From C1 To Kamael ! Olympiads | Heros | Sieges | NPC Buffer ! Global GK ! Dedicated server ! Join. Play..& Enjoy! Custom...
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5000xp 5000sp 5000adena Safe +5 MaX +18 Enchant Rate 75% NO CUSTOM ITEMS NO DONATE FULL AIO NPC
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223 L][SiN Gracia PT2
Gracia PT2 server rates : 50x\50x\150x\50x perfect L2 Server With much customs
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224 Lineage II
Nuevo servidor c4 ull y ademas de habla hispana
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225 free private server games
free private server games
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226 Lineage 2 Unstoppable
KamaeL PvP Server only for polish players.80x, Dynasty armor and weapons,Coin farm zone,RB zone,hero system,npc buffer,gm shop
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228 .:]L2 - Ishmata - The Rising[:.
[FULL GRACIA PART II] [XP 16x] [SP 21x] [Drop 16x] [Adena 21x] [Party XP&SP 1.25x] [Wedding Mod] [TvT] [Olympiads] [Heroes] [Nobless] [Sieges] [Subjobs] [All Items & Areas] [Friendly GMs]
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229 Savage Garden
Brand new Spanish / English Full Interlude server with 9 hour buff,class change,GM Shop 40x rates start. Reward for first 50 players
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230 Lineage 2 Lioma
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231 L2 Deviant Server - Kamael
CT1.5 Server RATES: 6x/9x/25x/25x Currently looking for staff. Please check out our forums for details.
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232 L2 Fondation
.:L2 Fondation:. Very high Rate(x8000) Easy stuff ! Enchant safe +10 max +20 at 85%. Balanced Class,No Cancelation/Bane For a better PvP. Borred about S80 ? On fondation A and S grade have the same stats !
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233 Stomax!
The Chotic Throne "Kamael" Xp:4 Sp:5 Adena:7 Spoil:10 Items:12!!! Luxery Teleport!!Reset System and more...Join us now and see more
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234 AquaL2
AquaL2 is the newest romanian server. Rates: xp : 45x sp:45x items:25x We Have Npc Buffer Top B & C GmShop with a & S recipe and Cristals Join Us Today!!!
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235 L2DeaDNetwork
L2deadnetwork Highrate PvP Hellbound server!500exp500sp1000adena and in party 750exp 750sp Gmshop,TvT Events, NpcBuffer, NO LAG, Unique Gameplayer! Join us now!
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236 L2 StatiC
A very nice and enjoyable NEW greek pvp server interlude. Stating Lvl 80, DYNASTY items, no donations, polite gm's and players. GM Shop, global gatekeeper, buffer (9 hours buffs), sieges, and olympiad system working!
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237 L2ReDragoons
Welcome L2 ReDragoons Interlude Server: Rates: XP:x20,SP:x20,Adena:x20,Spoil:x15
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238 L][EviLLand
New Lineage][ Server Custom Items / Shop C-B Grade / NPC Buffer / 50x Xp/ Sp / Adena / Drop / Spoil A-S Grade Farm / Raid Boss / Craft Join Now 24/7 On
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239 L2 Erendil
Communauté Erendil [wow, L2][PROJET SERIEUX][RATE:XP/SP:500|Adena: 700] [Safe+10|max+16][GMSHOP|Buffeur|Tattoos][Siège|héros|ETC...][TvT|CTF|VIP] [Serveur/Client traduction française 80%]
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240 L2NextGaming
Low Rate Hellbound Server: CCQ 1-2-3 , Custom NPC´s,100% Recipes B-A-S-S80,safe enchant SubClass,Nobless,Hero,Black Hair Wolf,Nice Community and more
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241 L2 Xclusive
Server Hellbound high rates xp:300 sp:300 adena:1000. Global GK, NPC Buffer, GM shop, New armors and wings! join now!
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242 L2Incredible
Cool Server no lag (that is true) 2000,2000,1000
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243 Battle Rage Lineage 2 Server
L2J Server! # Bartz 3/3/3 # Sieghard 5000/5000/5000 # Kain 25/25/30 # Lionna 3000/3000/0 (Angel vs Devil) # Frendly GM's # Events #
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244 Dawn of Dreams
a Holland based server with a hard working and dedicated staff.
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245 L][SealOfSun
L][SealOfSun Interlude server .. Rates EXP:3000x SP:2000x ADENA:5000x Server Its new. Server will be open at 28.07.2008
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246 L2 GoD's Server x15
Server with modified subclass system. When you make subclass quest you will have all skills from your two characters at the same time.No need to switch. The server have 1 Gbit international connection. Daily backup.
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247 Lineage II Chaotic Throne: Gracia Part 1
Lineage II Chaotic Throne: Gracia Part 1 NEW Buffer NEW GM SHOPT NEW 81 SKILLS NEW Transfor GRACIA part 1
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248 L2Kasic Sub Acumulativas HellBound
GM SHOP | Dynasty Shop | Kamael Skills |Subs Acumulativas |Buffs 3 horas|NPC BUFFER | Fish trainer |Fish skills | Gold Bank | Sieges | Asedios | Christmas Event | Automatic Account
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250 darknick
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