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ScatterScape best server out there
Hello! This is a new server kind of we currently have an amount of normally 5-10 players online daily, and we’re looking to increase that amount! In:0
Corruption Gaming
Pure Runescape + Minecraft.
In:0 Out:117
Shuffle-Scape Economy PK
24/7, webclient, clue scroll, giant sea snake boss, sea troll boss (uniques), clan chat, automatic donation, active forum, quests coming soon, awesome PKing, always at least 20-30 players online, never bored, friendly staffs and owners and more !
In:0 Out:85
Features: Very stable, Vbulletin Forums\\r\\nDedicated Server, Vote4Rewards, All Skills Trainable, Active Community & Forums, New items on death, equipment and bank/shop/trade interfaces, Friendly Staff, Great combat,Godwars, Public Fight Cave, Worki
In:0 Out:82
6 Dark Ages Of Camelot
562 server | Webclient | 4x exp rate | all skills | 24bosses | Donator zone | torva & d claws | chaotics working | HD |
In:0 Out:64
7 PerfectionX
(All GodSword’s spec working) (100 Godwars (Minions etc)) (Multi Barrage and RS alike AutoCast Working Veng/Veng Other) (All Chaotics! Available From PerfXPoints (PXP) ( Get from Pking, Slayer and PC)) (All Spirit Shields obtained from Corp) (D Claws
In:0 Out:68
8 BronzeScape
Perfect economy~Corporal Beast~Full Duelling~ Tormented Demons~ New home~ 24/7~ Best Rsps Around~ Torva~ Primal
In:0 Out:113
9 Welcome to UnknownX
Welcome to Unknown-X ! We are a new 508 server that runs on a linux dedicated server with 12GB of ram and Quad Xeon Processors. Unknown-X has an uplink of 1GBPS. We have an HD client and a friendly staff team always willing to help. For details and t
In:0 Out:53
10 Redscape
Have fun and enjoy.
In:0 Out:96
11 Zarpor
Zarpor Zarpor - Fastest growing rsps with dice, party room, full summoning, full hunting, full skilling, economy, pking. Best rsps join today!
In:0 Out:103
12 PKscape
it\\\\\\\'s a nice game...
In:0 Out:74
13 BattleOfRS3
Friendly mods, Dragon Claws, Ultimate PKING, Godswords and more!!! Check it out now at
In:0 Out:61
14 Prismuh
[Awesome Server]-[Fun Server]-[Best Server]-[24/7]-[Friendly Community]-[A lot of Players]-[Not a Waste of time]-[Addicting]
In:0 Out:61
15 Extreme Revolution X 317
Every Thing You Want Is Here.
In:0 Out:56
16 Dub-PK
Dub-PK is a new server, we have great Owners, Dungeoneering, and Summoning. Always up 24/7 and in need of Staff. Come join us.
In:0 Out:70
17 Xelphoria
A rsps with a difference, made to have the greatness of runescape, but for people who want just a bit more personalisation, professionalism and FUN!
In:0 Out:89
18 BronzeScape
Perfect economy 317 ~ Zero Lagg ~ Korasi Spec ~ Full Torva ~ Pernix ~ Just the best around!
In:0 Out:140
19 innovationX IS BACK 24-7!
Forum: Webclient: Premium/Extreme Member: Client-sided Highlights * 317 gameframe *
In:0 Out:69
20 Revenge-PK | Webclient |24/7
A brand new server - All Items - Webclient - Amazing Website - Amazing Forums - Amazing Staff - Active Owners - Cheap Donations - Great EXP Rate - Weekly updates - Expert Coders - Perfect PKing - Awesome Hybridding
In:0 Out:72
21 TribulationPk [ TRPK ]
Tribulation PK is a 24/7 Pking & skilling server with a 100% guaranteed up time.\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nLooking for a server with perfect switches? Are you looking for a server with a 24/7 active wilderness? Then Tribulation Pk is the right place for you.
In:0 Out:69
22 Legend of Godz Scape
Fun to play, friendly staff, working and fully coded summoning, cicing, and dungeoneering
In:0 Out:60
23 OblivionX
A Place To Hang Out With Your Friends And Do A Bunch Of Different Stuff!! :D
In:0 Out:108
24 StrandedPK ( Torva ) and more!
Description: We have Torva, and so many more 516 items on a 416 gamefront! come play today! let the way begin !! Currently download only and its running on hamachi! but the first 5 people online get surprise!! JOIN TODAY StrandedPK!!!
In:0 Out:70
25 Vanity- VPS | UniqueIdeas | SomethingNew
Active Economy • Addicting Pking • Vote System • Nice Switching • 24.7 VPS no lagg. Uptime • 100% Satisfaction
In:0 Out:67
26 Blood rain
Great friendly staff server coming in a few days need people to join
In:0 Out:62
27 DashZ
| Great Staff | Good Economy | Webclient | All Emotes Are Working(I think) | Almost Perfect Hunter | Most Skills Work 100% | Active Forums | Amazing IP.Board Forums Forums | Join Now!
In:0 Out:89
28 How to get Free Runescape membership guide
Free runescape membership for as long as you like! Sounds good? This simple guide will teach you how to get free runescape membership in a mather of days. 100% free and easy. Learn how now!
In:0 Out:78
29 SpawnScape 614 Webclient
Following, Dicing, PvP, Wild, 200+ Players Online, Spawn Server, SpawnScape, 614, Perfect Switching, Hybriding, Dragon Claws, Armadyl GodSword
In:0 Out:94
30 revelationscape
In:0 Out:58
31 Kool-Pk
We are new growing community! Join if you wanna get this community growing and meet new and fun people!! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
In:0 Out:66
32 Elitemodz
Following, Dicing, PvP, Wild, 200+ Players Online, eco Server, Elitemodz, 317, Perfect Switching, Hybriding, Dragon Claws, Armadyl GodSword
In:0 Out:70
33 DeathSlay 637
24/7 [Dicing, Staking, All Chaotic\'s, All spirit Shield\'s, Torva, All Weopon\'s/Armour Work, Nex, Zaryte bow,DonaterZone, Voting Point\'s, Skilling, All spec\'s work, Perfect PVP, OVERLOADS!; Looking for Staff, bounty hunter
In:0 Out:99
34 rellyscape
de beste private server ever!
In:0 Out:70
35 Draesia
Draesia || Ideal Skilling server || Perfect Pk system with PK Points || Working construction with player owned houses || Custom and classic bosses || 24/7 online
In:0 Out:90
36 AlienScape
All Pvp Armor | GWD | Skilling | Staff Spots Open | Nice Home | 437 | Blooreo
In:0 Out:80
37 Optic-PVP
Great economy server
In:0 Out:74
38 SimplyPk
New, Excellent Private Server! Join Today!
In:0 Out:71
39 lmaoscape!
Hey guys, Welcome to this new server. Lmaoscape, it is a 525 rsps and the owner is Lmao. This server is a spawn/pking server. It has Torva, Primal, etc. This RSPS will be the best you can possibly find! If you don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t
In:0 Out:63
40 Cardiac-scape
Great server come join today if you don\'t believe me many events and everything!@@@@
In:0 Out:106
41 Lightscape
100 Free true 24/7 317 server, getting better every day. -Features- -Pets -Highscores -Vote Rewards -Auto Recovery -Custom Items -3 Part pkzone -2 Custom minigames Just try it out!
In:0 Out:73
42 ColdBrainScape
Welcome to coldbrainscape,where your brain freezes when you see our awesome features
In:0 Out:64
43 RuNnNyScape
RuNnNyScape 639 is a Runescape private server mainly for Icelandic players, but everyone is welcome to play on the server. RuNnNyScape is FREE and you will not have to pay for anything! We accept all donations and it would help our server grow and ge
In:0 Out:97
44 Extinctionx - Most Active 317
★★Extinctionx★★ | Webclient | No lagg | Hybrids | Domion Tower | Turmoil || Play now
In:0 Out:90
45 Tantalizing-317
Massive economy!\\r\\nFull God Wars!\\r\\nCustom PvP titles per kills in the wildy!\\r\\nAll PvP and PvE gear (Torva/Virtus/Pernix/Vesta/Statius/Morrigan\\\\\\\'s)\\r\\nAmazing combat system!\\r\\nConstant updates!\\r\\nAll skills working and being p
In:0 Out:95
46 Pur3z704
Pur3z704 is a pk/spawn server insted of economical server this means most items on server have no worth so people that like eco/train server shouldn\\\\\\\'t play this. The server has a really good pking system that makes this server special.
In:0 Out:109
47 InsomniaScape
Insomniascape | 100 Skilling & Combat | Torva, Chaotics & more | 24/7 Dedicated Server | 32GB RAM | 3,4Ghz CPU | Good economy | Summoning, Hunter & Dungeoneering | Friendly staff | 100 support | Donation options
In:0 Out:103
48 Soul Scape v1
New server! needs staff! Fully working specs +claws and torva!
In:0 Out:55
49 HookScape
Client Download Link:\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nCache Download Link:\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nExtract The HookScape Cache.\\\\r\\\\nOpen it and place the Breaking Point V4 Cache C
In:0 Out:63
50 Insanity-pks
Amazing quality gameplay, super fast leveling, and amazingly generous and nice staff! if you like well anything, then this is the server for you. working pk, perfectly working web client. there are loads of shops and plenty items. first 10 players ge
In:0 Out:64

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