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Rates: 4000x base | 4000x Job | 40% drop all cards mvp too Max Level: 99/70 Max max hp: 10 mil Uptime: almost 24/7 WoE: every day .... buffer,MvP card seller,gold room,healer,pvp arena,100% +10 refiner,warp agent,Full MALL and much more.....
In:1 Out:454
TEMOS,mascara ANBU,manto da organização criminosa AKATSUKE,temos protetor de KONOHA,protetor do KAKASHI SENPAY,temos muitos 7 de dragão de lobo,muitas asas,mascara ROLLOW,manto captão do BLECH,SHARYNGAN,BYAKUGAN,BANKAY,E MUITO MUITO MAIS,VENHA AMAR E
In:1 Out:436
epicRO.de (Deutscher LR 5x 5x 5x)
Max Level: 99/70 | Rates: 5/5/5 | Episode 13.2 | Pre Renewal | Balanced Server
In:1 Out:434
Max Level: 500/200 - Rates: 50k/50k/10k | A stable super high rate server that's been running for over 3 years without any wipes or rollbacks. With lots of features and an active staff, we'll do everything we can to make sure you enjoy your stay!
In:1 Out:484
mika ragnarok online
Welcome to mikaRO. Custom wings, helm, middle and many more events hat for player. we are making a balance item stats for player.. hope you will enjoy with this server..
In:1 Out:448
6 DeuRO - deutscher RO-Server
Neuer deutscher Ragnarok Online Server, viele interessante Features: spezielle PVP-Arenen, Mining-System, Zeitreise ins alte Morroc, Fishing, Battleground. Raten: 5xEXP 5xJEXP 5xItem 2xMobs, Max 99/70, neuer RC-Client, keine 3rd Class, keine Renewal-
In:1 Out:428
[HR]255/130-5k/5k/500-multislotItems-daily Woe- 1200+ Customs [MR]255/70-300/300/100-NoCustoms [LR]99/70-7/7/6-NO 3rd-Mounts-Custom Instances-Custom Quests
In:1 Out:418
8 ThesaurusRO
7k/7k/5k 255/120 no 3rd job MVP card - 15% common card - 15% BRAND NEW SERVER professional staff no lag no delay no overpowered items fully quest items and also donation items can obtain via quest!!! come and join now!!!
In:1 Out:429
9 Play Ragnarok Online
High Rates, 99/70 Max Levels, No 3rd jobs!, No Renewal, Old Skool Style, Lots Of Excited People, No Donation, Unique Reward System, Dedicated Team. It\'s all about zeny!
In:1 Out:446
10 OrenRO Private Server
3rd job Available. Custom Item,pet, MVP,and Pet. Renewal based server. Commands Available. 255/80.
In:1 Out:410
11 Affinity Ragnarok Online
Affinity Ragnarok Online is an renewal mid rate server with intense PvE,PvP,KoE, And competitive WoE. Extensive quests, over 700 custom items. Lots of fun. Come try AffinityRO today!
In:1 Out:546
12 Anime Ragnarok Online
Pre-Renewal\\r\\n+500 Awesome Customs\\r\\nTons of awesome automated events\\r\\nCustom Map Events and Instances\\r\\n3rd Jobs, Trans and Baby Job suits\\r\\nFriendly community\\r\\nFriendly and Professional Staff\\r\\nStarter Pack for newbies\\r\\nC
In:1 Out:440
13 Raw Ragnarok Online
Here at Raw Ragnarok Online, Our Staff strives to provide you with enhanced and exciting game play. With hundreds of custom items, tons of features, and custom pets & mobs. We also strive to provide an intense, balanced and unique, PvE, PvP Experi
In:1 Out:491
14 Tropa Ragnarok Online
Come Lets Rock And Roll New Release Server Tropa ragnarok Online Sept 21 2014 °New Release Ragnarok Official Server ° 255/100 ° Max Stats 255° 10k / 10k / Costumized Drop Rate .° Card Drop ° ° Normal Card Drop: 100% ° Mini Boss Card Drop:
In:1 Out:434
15 EpiphanyRO
30/30/15 || WoE 2x a week|| Active and knowledgeable GM Staff|| 99/50, 99/70 trans|| Growing Friendly Community|| Join us Now!
In:0 Out:422
16 Malawi Online
25x EXP - Custom Drops - Max Level : 99/70 - Newly Opened - English GM Support
In:0 Out:413
17 Gtterdmmerung (GdRO) - Best German
GdRO XP Server (High Rate) - Base / Job 3000x - Drops 200x - Cards 150x - 300 max Base Level - 125 max Job Level (rebirth) - 255 max Sats - Crystal Room, CtF, Tron,... - GdRO Office - 24/7 Online - Smtliche Klassen verfgbar - Town WoE - keine Wipes -
In:0 Out:423
In:0 Out:394
19 KisuRO
|| deutscher Server || Rates 150 / 150 / 100 || maxlvl 255 / 70 || nette GM's || Mainchat NPC || Jobchanger || Homunculus, Gunslinger, Ninja || Custom Headgears || neuste Dungeons wie u.A. Thor Volcano || Radio, Gallery, Klatschpresse u.v.m. ||
In:0 Out:405
20 DeliriumRO: Lords of Chaos
English only. Rates: 15/15/10. RP encouraged! Friendly community and GMs. Race System: Elf, Fairy, Beast, Human, Titan, Dwarf, (Arc)Angels, Demons.
In:0 Out:379
21 Eternal~LoveRo
Job Changer
Baby Changer
300/120 (base/job lvl)
@ commands (do @commands for list)
More places to get married
Custom items/pets/hair/questCustom Hair style (over 30 to pick)
Custom monster pet
In:0 Out:396
22 SmokeRO
We have friendly people.Mostly GM's ^^ Our rates are only display in our website..^^

For now, We are currently recruiting a dedicated host. If you think you can be one, Join us now ^^
In:0 Out:458
23 AdventureRO mehr als nur ein Server
10/10/10 Server, viele Events, viele Quests und Customs. Full Client verfügbar. Eigene Storyline ab Episode 11.
In:0 Out:417
24 LongBeach113 RO
Formerly known as DarkPhoenixRO
Rates: 50k/50k/100
In:0 Out:393
25 Resurrection of Aglaophotis Ragnarok Online.
Servidor Dedicado, Rates 500x/500x/200x/50x, MAX LVL 99/70, Sistema de Transferencias, WOE 3 veces a la semana, Battleground, Poring Race, Casino y mas, Actualizado hasta episodio 14.1 Bifrost. ¿Que esperas? ¡ven a conocernos!
In:0 Out:403
26 Sacred Angel Ro
20/ 20 /5 |Custom Gears | Devil Square |Custom quest| COme Join the FUn, We Hope to see you there.
In:0 Out:484
27 Aki-Ro
New Fast Growing Server! 305/305/50-60 rates. Max Level 300/120. Max stats 200 Many Languages Support xD...
Dutch/Custom NPCs/Custom Items/Wings/Donation Items/Db Arena/ Events Daily/Weekly
In:0 Out:410
28 GeoRo: A new realm of possibilities
Rates: 5000x base | 5500x Job | 10000x items (5k for mvp drops)

Max Level: 1000/120

Max Hp/Sp: 20 mil

Uptime: almost 24/7

WoE: 4 Times daily for one hour on weekdays and four times daily for four hours on weekends.

In:0 Out:397
29 RenegadeRO
Server Information:

Rates: 50k/50k/100%
Max Lvl: 999/120
Max Stat: 500
Main Town: Prontera

More info on website/forums.
In:0 Out:436
30 BestRO
A Friendly server with GM that can help you in all your problems. Custom items that is acquired to quest and a new place to battle with your party. Stronger custom monsters is engage in this server and fight them for their good custom items. We have
In:0 Out:414
31 Nocturne Ragnarok Online
Servidor Espaol Rates 100/100/100 LVL Max 99/70 NPC: Jobchange,PVP,WARP Dugeon Ciudades, shop,etc. Descripcin de ITEMS y del server en espaol!
In:0 Out:397
32 Imortal Ragnarok Brasil
100% em Portugus ][ 3 Servidores 2/2/1 - 5/5/2 - 1k/1k/100 ][ High Rate PvP/Pk para lvl 70 ou maior
In:0 Out:400
33 SolarRO
Free Ragnarok Online Server - High Rate, Hundreds of Custom Items, NPC's, Maps and more! Friendly Staff/Players. Rates 1000/1000. Ninja/Gunslinger/Taekwon. Has Forums.
In:0 Out:396
34 RegenerationRO
A Ragnarok game full of experienced GM's, Server Developers and Designers. We have a well maintained 1500x1500x500 High rate server.
In:0 Out:400
35 SexyRo
Breve com voc
In:0 Out:416
36 eROtic
Erotic RO is a mid-rate hentai server (300/300/100) Max levels of 500/120, and WoE once a Week! (sat) Everything from Custom Headgears, Sprites, Monsters, Mobs, and Quests... Because, What isn't naughty?....
In:0 Out:434
37 RagnaUp!
30/30/15 Servidor BR 100% Portugus Roda com bRO/kRO/Sakray Online 24/7 LHZ E NHZ Servidor Novo [01/05/07] Venha conhecer!
In:0 Out:460
38 KalistoRO
Kingdom of Kalisto is a smaller community with a new stable server. We have all character classes working fully.
In:0 Out:414
39 SatisfactionRO
Deutscher Ragnarok Server | Rates: 15/15/100 max lvl 99 max stats 70 + Custom NPCs, PvP&MvP Arenen, fast alles deutsch und mehr
In:0 Out:420
40 DeviruchiRO
Rates: 50x/50x/25x, Ceres Control Panel, Monster spawn rate 100%, eAthena SVN 10115 Stable SQL, General @ Commands
NPC's: 1 click healer, city and dungeon warper, pvp warper, mvp warper, donation girl, street mall, banker, guild banker, rentals, d
In:0 Out:407
41 SimpleRO
this is a free donation server any one who join will stay here ^^ just try it..
In:0 Out:423
42 Angel-Ro
Deutscher Server, High-Rate 3k/3k/3k , Low-Rate 20/20/20, Custom-Npc, Donates in Arbeit
In:0 Out:456
43 Serenity RO
SerenityRO - 7/7/4 Rates - Active GMs - War of Emperium - Events! - Episode 11.2 Thor\'s Volcano - Friendly Community - Join Today!
In:0 Out:379
44 reMember Ragnarok Online
2k / 2k / 1k | High-Rate PK Server | Max lvl 255/120 | Weekly Events & Quests | Custom Items | Friendly Staff
In:0 Out:420
45 R A G N A R O K X
Servidor BR | 24/7 ON | - Serve Mid (30/30/30) e High (10K/10k/80%) Venha conhecer a verdadeira emoo de jogar Ragnarok.
In:0 Out:434
46 Crimson Soul-RO
MR-30x/30x/10x, Max Level: 99/70, NO Rebirth, NPC Buffer & Healer, Crimson Casino, All Classes Implemented, Updated to Episode 11.3 Unnamed Island, WoE: Saturday's 19~21Hrs Server Time,Come and join us!
In:0 Out:430
47 ProtectRO
Max lvl/job 999/120; Stats 100k/100k/100% + max Stats are 999; Much NPC`S, WoE Active and Friendly GM`s, No Lag Join today We have many NPC`s (Gold Room, every Shop, Stat- Skillpoint Seller, much more...) The server Is Every Day On,
In:0 Out:424
48 Solidro
Solidro server de ragnarok On-line rates 500/500/100 novissimo server sem lag e muito custom itens venha se dirveti com agente!
In:0 Out:426
49 XtazisRO Free PvP Ragnarok Online Server
[1.5k/1.5k/80] 254/150 Stats 300 all!!, Fully Updated, Friendly Community, Pro GM's ,Homu. ,Custom Items, Lots of Events, No lag, DEDICATED SERVER!
In:0 Out:448
50 PerfectRo
Server PerfectRo pega com o kro e sakray

Site: www.perfectrogames.com

Rates: 2k/2k/90%

Lvl maximo: 255

Link do patch: http://rapidshare.com/files/32987274/Patch.rar
Nao so gm o nome do meu personagem Orochi se algum
In:0 Out:419

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