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NoVa Veterans
NoVa Veterans is an on-line PC gaming community that thrives on comaradarie and friendship and welcomes all gamers.
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Clan YsW....Your Sh*ts Weak
New and upcoming clan
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Battlefield 2142
Battlefield 2142; bekijk screenshots, trailers, previews, nieuws, cheats. Download mods, maps de demo, forum en meer...
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Multi-Gaming clan
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Battlefield 2142 fan site
The first czech fan site about Battlefield 2142. This web pages contains actual information, news, articles, movie clips, screenshot gallery, wallpapers and many more..
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6 Xtreme Gamer's Clan
Were are the Xtreme Gamers you have been looking for. We play multiple online games, hang out, and have fun doing it. This is a great place to learn and grow your Xtreme Gaming Skills. We have servers for diffrent games like, AOE 3 and BF 2142 Fear O
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7 BF 2412 News and Articles
We have assembled the most comprehensive collection of educational and entertaining information on Battlefield 2142 News, Events, Articles, and Updates!
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8 [FMC] FragMax Canada Clan
[FMC] FragMax Canada Clan
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9 xXtremeMachines
Welcome to the home of the {XTM} Team. We specailize in BF2142, but play other games as well. We will be converting over to a BF3 clan when it is released. We are a Team of people from around the globe that are dedicated to making this Clan number ON
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10 Battlefield Files
Battlefield files covers all of the battle field series. We have 216.35 GB of information and growing every day!! Our Site is updated with news every day multiple times a day. What makes this site possible is the users any user can have their mod/ma
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11 black ops
a mature and friendly gaming squad.
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12 Squad Warfare
Squad Warfare Battlefield Leagues,Tournaments and News.
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The home of =RACR=. Ranger Airborne Cavalry Regiment. We are a Battlefield 2 and 2142 gaming clan.
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14 StrikeForce Op's
StrikeForce Ops is an online gaming squad. Based on BF 2142 & BF2 Games. Come check us out or if your up to it. Come challenge us to a match.....
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15 [UAF]United Armed Forces
Battlefield 2142 Military Simulation Gaming Clan. We have been around since December of 2001. We have Military ranks, clan member run departments, an academy where you learn the ropes, and squads to join when you become a full UAF member.
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16 Dr Hofmann's Special
DHS BF1942 clan website
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17 BFWars
Battlefield Competitions and News Sites .. Pass by and Join Up for WAR
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18 The Clan Finder
A place for gaming clans and communities to promote there websites.
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19 ComunidaD ReneGadoS
Spanish Multigamming Community, BF 2142, DoD Source, CS Source, WoW. Steam News Updates, Downloads, Mapping Center...
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20 Elite Assault Unit
The Elite Assault Unit is a great young environment for teenagers to hang out and have fun in whilst playing the Battlefield series of games. We have many entertaining members and a number of servers!
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A clan of friends and gamers. Going on 6yrs now. We are looking for new blood!! Come check us out. NO DRAMMA here. BF2 DC MOD!,FAR CRY,2142 WILL ADD CRYSIS IN SEPTEMBER!
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Get an edge on the competition at - The Battlefield franchise blogging hub where zealous players come to pursue a deeper gaming experience.
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23 Clan Hispania Online Comunity
Spanish Online Comunity, with tons of downloads, news, and users in their online game comunity
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24 {D2} Death Dealers
The D2 clan is a multi-game group that primarily plays BF2142 and CS:S.
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25 [uBp] - United Base Players
We are a division of a multi-game clan. Our #1 goal is to have fun while playing the games we love. We currently have 1 BF 2142 server and will expand when needed.
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26 Clan Royal 22e Qc
Nous sommes actuellement sur Battlefield 2. Nous recrutons des joueurs majeurs Nous sommes une team qui joue pour se divertir, s'amuser et se dfouler ... Si vous tes intress, inscrivez-vous ds maintenant !!
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27 clan MostWanted
We are a BF '42 and 2142 gaming clan. With two '42 servers and a ranked 2142 server. Age 18 and over, Male and Female, with a membership over 50 members.
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28 Battlefield2Gaming
A battlefield2/2142 info site and a clan
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29 "The Company"
Online gaming community currently specializing in Battlefield 2142 and Call of Duty 2. Come check us out to see what we are all about.."Fight Hard, Play Fair, and Have Fun"
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30 Conflict 2142 Tournament
Conflict2142 is a Two Division Military Style Tournament. Our site welcomes clans to join and participate! Offering an Exclusive Custom Mod with full support from a Talented Mod Team, Map Team, and News Team for all the extras you never expected.
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31 The Basement Crew
Online Gaming Clan looking to expand our roster
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32 22CW
In late 2135, the planet earth suffered a catastrophic climate shift and was thrown into a major ice age. Survivors from the Northern Hemisphere have fled south. Causing mass chaos and confusion to the surviving countries straining not only their eco
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33 (vibe)Clan Québec Canada
French & English speaking Clan playing BF2, BF2142, ArmA : Combat Operation and Rainbow Six: Vegas. // Clan Quebecois de BF2, BF2142, ArmA : Combat Operation et Rainbow Six : Vegas.
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34 |T|E|X| Tactical Execution Int.
Media/Community/Clan/Games and more!
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35 Battlefield Rules Of Warfare
We are a Battlefield 2 Anti-Cheat Orginazation
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36 United States Special Operations Clan
A BF2 & BF-2142 Clan - If you possess boundless ideas and creativity and you always think of new ways to organize and strategize, the USSO wants you. Games today have new rules and call for a different type of Soldiera new warrior. Age doesnt matter
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37 BFworld
Battlefield all day and night!
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38 United States Special Ops Clan
BF2 & BF2142 Clan
U.S. Special Operations Unit! The Most Extreme & Unique Group Of Players! We Dont Just Play Together, We Learn Together & Use Strategy As A Group! This clan / group is based on practicing and hard core playing on our servers toge
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39 Sovereign Forces
We are a Clan Dedicated To BF2 and CS:S.. We offer 6 BF2 Servers (AF, EF, Air Maps, and SF 24/7 Ghost Town, and SF Night Maps) , and 5 CS:S Servers (Fun Map, Zombie, Standard, Cal Match Server, Garry's Mod... We are Recruiting... Best Members Around
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40 [MIA] Clan Online Community
One of Battlefield 2142 most well-known clans, with a huge online community playing 24 hours a day. The online community also consist of many clan alliances and matches being not only scheduled but tracked using our online database. Join Us Now!
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41 Team (nXw)
One of the most complete web site about Battlefield in french reference. Team (nXw) have also the new for technology and games, we got forum with many subjects we also got stats 4 BF2 & BF2142.
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42 Special Armed Service
Online Gaming Squad Playing BF2 and BF2142 .. Recruiting Members 18+ , pass By and Say Hello .
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43 =AGC= Austrias-Gamer-Clan MultiClan 2007
Wir suchen noch Members! Wir haben auch einen Bf2142 Ranked Server
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44 GTO Clan (Global Terrorist Orginisation)
We are a new multigaming clan lookng for members 21+
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45 Amplifier Productions
We make game videos mostly for Battlefield 2142
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46 Death Dealers Site Clan
The D2 Clan is a multi-gaming clan that is mainly based around the battlefield series. We also offer various gaming files, scripts, etc. for download.
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47 Battlefield Game
Battlefield gaming community and resources.
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48 Quebec Tacticals Squads
Nous sommes un clan dynamique et nous sommes nouveau le clan est tout tout jeune nous cherchons des joueurs mature qui vienne du quebec pour etre assé pour la TWL
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49 B1 Station Gaming Community
B1 Station was founded in 2004 to provide a mature gaming community based on respect, honor, and a true sense of community made for gamers. Our history is based on team work, communication, tactics, and community scrims.
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50 [ECC] euro-corps-clan
We are a European Clan currently playing Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142 plus most of the main mods (POE2, PR, OPK, etc). We are made up of friendly and mature players (18+ only) who enjoy a hard gaming and a lot of TS banter!
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