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WRS Gaming
fps gamers with real skill.
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Counter-Strike 1.6 TamboacaCs
Avem nevoie de ajutoare !! VOTEAZANEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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[IFOR] International Forces
We are a gaming community and clan for anyone who whises to have a great gaming experience, fellowship and support in game within the battlefield series. We are a player operated and maintained community. Welcome to the best community and clan
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=AEC= Austrias-Elite-Clan
WIr sind ein Battlefield 2142 Fun Clan und suchen noch Members ab 16 Jahre ! Wir haben über 9 Ranked Server davon einen 64 Slots Pistol Server , 24 Slots Knife Server , 24 Slots Titan Server, 24 Slots Camp Gibralter Server , 24 Slots All Maps , 16 Sl
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We are a squad with 158 members active. We currently run about 18 servers (14 BF 2) with over a 1000 new unique players weekly.
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106 |Private|
West Coast Killers
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107 The Black Titans
Wir sind ein schon länger exestierende Clan, mit vielen aktiven membern, die regelmäßig Bf2142 spielen und würden uns auch um zuwachs freuen
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108 Rabid Clan
Multi-gaming Community
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109 Injustos Battlefield Clan
Players in weekend Battlefield and its modifications: Eve of Destruction
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We are a Multi-Gaming organization that was created on April 10th 2006! We are a close group of friends that enjoy gaming on a variety of different games.
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111 =SoH= Gaming Clan
Online gaming clan, Battlefield and COD MW2.
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112 The Bone Crushers
Wir sind ein deutscher Multigaming Clan seit 2006. Gespielt wird bei uns Battlefield 2, 2142 und Bad Company 2. Wir suchen noch Member für unsere Squads, also bewerbt euch!!
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113 -AWAKE- Gaming Team
We are multi-national & multi-gaming community since 1st January 2010. We are built on friendship and loyality. If you want interact with members just visit our ventrilo speak server. We host game servers for CoD4, CoD:WaW & BF2 v1.0
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114 zikoscape
|no download|d claws|1000x xp|easy money making|hamachi:(|
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115 Team Industry - Recruiting anyone interested!
Our Team was founded in 9/17/2010 We are a gaming team developed on primarily for First Person Shooters however we do play MMOs with guilds we made We are recruiting anyone interested in joining
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116 =[US]= Universal Soldiers
We are a clan of fair game play and keep our gaming servers free of cheaters. Our gaming servers stream to PB Bans. We are also always recruiting active, mature players. So fill out your application today for recruitment at
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117 Battlefield 3
Battlefield 3 Italia, community italiana su battlefield 3 - Notizie, anticipazioni, foto e video, sezione forum , informazioni, mappe, mezzi, armi, mod, server. Organizzazione di tornei con i vari Clan italiani.
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118 [XTA] Xeterminate All
Hi Guys hes new clan Opening in Bf2 and cod 4 and soon other games are coming up you can join us our ventrillo and we coukld discute about all this Thanks again its Quick XTA OWNER
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