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Frag'Em, Tag'Em, Bag'Em!
We are an Unreal Tournament binslayer style ctf and tdn clan.
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British Knights Clan
Gaming clan based on the game Unreal Tournament G.O.T.Y (UT99)
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FOG - Fighters of Germany
Wir sind ein UT99 Sniper-Camper-Clan mit vier Servern. Wir haben einen Sniper-, einen Binslayer, einen Monsterhunt- und einen Freestyle-Server. Wir treffen uns im Fadenkreuz! :-)
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Bad Boys Sniper Team
French Clan.
Hosting UT 99 freestyle sniper server and call of duty game servers. Everyone is welcome.
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neoduck- Mapping by Nick Donaldson
Level design by Nick Donaldson aka neoduck, for UT, UT2003 and UT2004.
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6 Woot Dynam-X :: Gaming for Gamers
Home of the *wDx* UT99 clan
Downloads and fun
In:0 Out:117
7 Frag Universe Unreal Tournament
Supporting Unreal Tournament series to it's max!
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8 Afterlife Sniper Clan
UT 99 Sniper's Clan. Afterlife Sniper Clan, a place where every sniper should be able to play quietly!
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9 TekkMediaClan
Wir sind ein UT2k4 (Instagib & DM) Fun-Clan...Skill kann man trainieren, Menschlichkeit nicht. ;)
In:0 Out:68
10 [*GWC*] German Werewolf Clan
Komm in die Hhle der Werewlfe!!!|| ~~Suchen noch Member~~ || UT99 und UT 2k4 Squads
In:0 Out:72
11 Monster Hunt for Unreal Tournament
Monster Hunt is a gametype for UT where playes go through levels killing monsters.
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12 NoS-UT
Wir sind ein UT Fun Clan der erst seit kurzer Zeit besteht, aber lieber spt als nie!!
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13 Unreal Addicts - Premier UT and Gaming Community
Unreal Tournament Snipers and UT Gaming Community (spon by Clan TSU): join FUN and ACTIVE forums and UT Sniper and gaming discussions, UT servers, hundreds of Arcade Games, UT FILES/MAPS/MUSIC DOWNLOADS, tournaments, contests and more.
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14 .:Air Elite:.
We are a very dominant Rocket-X clan We have been in the game since 2003 check us out
In:0 Out:70
15 {SBS}SniperClan
Stealth Sniping at its Very Best!!
In:0 Out:137
16 Forbidden SniperS
Unreal Tournament~UT2004 Sniper~Instagib clan.
In:0 Out:86
17 National Hell Warriors - UT2k4 Clan
Wir sind ein UT2004 Fun Clan und suchen noch Member die gerne TAM, FREON, TDM und iTDM spielen.
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18 The Matrix Clan
Zark| DM | CTF | TDM Matrixclan is a new clan for Unreal Tournament lovers. It was born with the intent of creating a community of people who love this game.
In:0 Out:103
19 ClanXC - Xtreme Carnage
|XC| is a UT99/Soon to be UT3 Snipers clan welcoming all UT players. Currently We have a 18 Slot public-server, and a Ventrilo server.We are always looking for new members, so visit the forum for recruiting information.
In:0 Out:80
20 Hooks UT Place
ALL Versions of UT - Especially UT99 / G.O.T.Y. - (Since 8/11/2001)
In:0 Out:94
21 Rangeworthy Sniper Association
Clan [RSA] is a keen sniper clan currently playing Unreal Tournament 99, we play fair and by the rules, we are always looking to taking new applications to join, please post on our forums for further information.
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22 Frag Fighters
An Australian UT Clan
In:0 Out:75
23 Snipers At Heart
A nice new Friendly clan that is going to get out there and actually rumble and be known as a powerful small clan that sticks together and works together as a team!
In:0 Out:89
24 [A]ssassins
In:0 Out:96
25 Unreal INsane Clan&Community »UIC«
»UIC« is an nice friendly Clan&Community for people who like to play any of the game in the Unreal series. We play both for fun and competition. We recruiting!
In:0 Out:89
26 [DT] Dream Team Gaming Clan
We were born from UT first then again with UT2k4. Now we enter UT3 and are getting ready to branch out into other FPS games. We specialize in DM & CTF but enjoy all types of other mods and games also. Visit our site to learn more.
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27 UnrealNorth.com :: Your guide to the Unreal Tournament community!
For years UnrealNorth has been the largest UT site, first for UT2004 and now for UT3. The site constantly grows and increases in quality. The site is also home for the nicest community out there, so wethever you're a pro or a newb you'll be welcome.
In:0 Out:109
28 The Air Elite
The best RocketX clan
In:0 Out:97
29 ::ExecutorZ° Clan
We play UT, UT2004 &UT3. We play both for fun and competition. We got ...
In:0 Out:93
30 /D\*/V\*/T\ Devastator's Team
My clan plays in UT 99
In:0 Out:93
31 Monsterkill.eu
Monsterkill.eu brings you a fun, friendly and uncluttered server for uninterrupted frag fests. Current game types: DM, CTF, TDM, LMS, InstaGib, RocketX.
In:0 Out:90
32 WoWStrike - Fun Server
[2.4.x Support] [Burning Crusade] [1 Awesome Realm] [Scripted Instances and Mobs] [Few Bugs][Low Ping] [Custom Items, Events, Mobs] [Vote and get Rewarded][No Over Powered Donation Gear] [T7 - Sunwell Gear - Brutal S4] [Friendly and Helpful GM's]
In:0 Out:115
33 Team {MTZ} UT99
Team {MTZ} UT99 Sniper/Camper , recrutement ouvert , serveur privé , channel ventrilo privé , site web et forum du clan {MTZ} pour + d'infos
In:0 Out:86
34 Cyber's Lair
If are looking for an active, and friendly clan to be a part of check us out today!We love to meet new people !! Stop by & check out the recruiting info!
In:0 Out:75
Ein Neuer,frundlicher und Aktiver Unreal Tournament 2004 & III Clan. Wir suchen immer neue Member ob Pro oder Anfänger
In:0 Out:114
36 - Clan {MOS} - Master Of The Snipe -
{MOS} is a true Sniper & Camper Clan on UT99, We make matchs and rumble vs another clan. We Have a server 16 slots ip: *With good camping mods & Nice Rifle* Friendly Forum:http://clan.mos.free.fr.*All campers are welcome*
In:0 Out:106
37 World of BlizzCraft
100% blizzlike server in need of gms and admins
In:0 Out:133
In:0 Out:98
39 DIE16 Sniper Clan
The DIE16 Unreal Tournament Sniper Clan Forums are the most popular clanrelated Unreal Engine forums, with forums for Unreal Engine titles such as Unreal Tournament 2004, and Unreal Tournament 3, as well as off topic discussion.
In:0 Out:94
40 Mad Zark Killers
We are a ut99 ut2004 ut3 clan. Our ut99 has brand new maps. Got good mappers here. Starting soon brand new maps on ut3.
In:0 Out:100
41 Unreal Tournament 3 Online Tournaments
Your premier source for unreal tournament 3 online tournaments. Come check us out!
In:0 Out:98
42 [SWAT] Snipers Weapanns And Tactics
[SWAT] is a New fun Exciting Growing Clan We Play UT99 ** NOW RECRUITING **
In:0 Out:84
43 -=[ZZ]=- ZugZwang Clan
ZugZwang Unreal Tournament Community
In:0 Out:66

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