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Independence Fleet
We are a dedicated Multi-Gaming Clan. Our membership is open to anyone over the age of 13. Also we are recuting!
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Deutsche Nahkampf Alliance
Battlefield 2 FunClan Since 15.Februar 2005
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666 Russian Squad
We love this game!!!
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Clan ESP
Clan Español de Battlefield 2 - Elite of Spanish People - que juega en servidores con Private Rank
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The Fighting Knights
We are a Battlefield 2 COOP Site, Running various Mods. Web and Forums.
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56 Gamers Domain
Gamers Domain are now looking for like minded individuals who enjoy gaming as much as we do. So hurry on over to our site to sign up for some great fun!
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57 Silent-Ops Organization
The Most Elite Gaming Organization Within All Of Battlefield!
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We are a mature, fun-loving, and extremely active alliance, dedicated to running 1st-class BF2 servers and an active gaming community. Visit us at
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59 =DkQc= Clan Québec
Clan québécois, talentueux et diciplinaire venez nous affronté.
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We here at the Mis-Fits are more than just a gaming community. We are a bunch of friends with a common interest, which is to have a laugh with each other and play Online games. Be that Battlefield 2, Call of Duty, Age of Empires series, you name it
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61 -U4EA-
-U4EA- Is an international multi-gaming clan with servers for BF series, W.E.T., DoDS, HL2, CSS, UT2004, and more. We are a group of freinds who enjoy playing online in a relaxed TeamSpeak, the way gaming is supposed to be.
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62 clan*300*
clan *300* nous recrutons et aimons jouer,notre devise respect et loyauter
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63 Elite Warrior Brigade
We are a BF2 clan with some of the top players in the world. Come get some action.....
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64 SDC
We are a dedicated clan the focuses on teamwork and co-operation.
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65 Forum Du Clan Québec War
Forum officiel du clan Québec War. On Recrute !!
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66 Bass-Systems
Interested in our wide range of game servers, including All Battlefield Games at very competitive prices? Then we have the right solution for you. Sign-up and have a look around and see what the best package suits you.
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67 Demons of Darkness
Best Battlefield 1942 Clan. Check our youtube videos! Server name - Search -} DOD {-
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68 La Team -=SP=-
La Team -=SP=- est La team du Fun! Recrutement ON sur notre site ac aucune restiction!...
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69 DG_Qc - Dieu de Guerre
: _-¯ _-_-_-________| DG_Qc | message :Avis aux Quebecois : Dieu de Guerre DEBARQUE ¡!¡!¡!¡ Les pro'$ c icit [DG_Qc] un clan qui DÉMÉNAGE -=-ÇÅ®ñÅG£×­×FiñåL×­×D£ST®Ü©TÌðN serveur BF2142 serveur CSS
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70 Realm Online Gaming Community
Online Gaming Community
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EA GAMES Battle Filed 2 Battle Filed 2142 Battle Filed Heroes Crysis Sims
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72 -=MD=- Modern Demons UK
A Community Based Multi Gaming Clan, formed late 2007, we are a Freindly, Mature, community based Multi Gaming clan running a Strict NO CHEAT Policy, We are Currently recruiting 16+ for our FPS games.. UNDER 16 Then register on the Forums and place a
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73 *ACE* Clan
*ACE* Clan, Francais/English. Nous recrutons présentement des soldats. Alors joignez-vous à nos squads. Enrôlez-Vous!!! We are presently recruiting soldiers; therefore join our ranks. Register here!!!
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Friendly Clan,playing BF2,whilst we are competive we play for fun. We are recruiting.. If interested in joining you must have a GSOH..
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75 Draconem
~~Draconem Online~~ Closed Beta Testing. Apply to beta test.
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76 24/7 *LOD* Style Wake Island Battlefield 2 Gaming Community
24/7 *LOD* Style Wake Island Battlefield 2 Gaming Community, Topsites, BF2 Stats, TWL Tournaments, Sig Generators, Downloads, Videos, Forums, and much more. Stop in a check us out.
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77 The Teamwork Clan
We are a mainly BF2 and some BF2 Project Reality (PR) clan based on having fun, and using teamowrk and tactics. There are no age restrictions, no payments.
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78 Defkon 5
BF 2142 and FFOW clan.
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79 Equilibrium:CSS:BF2
We are a gaming community which we play : Counter strike source & Battlefield 2 : join us on or servers CSS 24 slot 100 tick USA server ip - : Battlefield 2 32 slot Ranked USA server ip - we are recruiting visit
In:0 Out:188
Top in its Game Class. Attack, Ambush, Destroy, Conquer, Marines, Troops, Tanks, Hummers, M-60's, ONLY THE BRAVE SURVIVE. FREE TO PLAY FREE TO JOIN. WIN $$ EVERY 48 HRS!!!!JOIN NOW
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81 =Team-ethor=
Bonjour a tous, Les =TE= sont un clan , qui joue pour le fun et entre amis.Venez faire un tour sur notre serveur. ....::::.... =TE= are a gaming clan , only for fun , that is not just for fight , it was to play fair and friendly.
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Cel mai tare forum de fifa din romania
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83 Klasse-5-Dunst-Clan
Call of Duty 5 & Battlefield 2142 Clan. Wir Suchen auch noch Member ab 18 Jahre! Wenn du lust hast , komm auf unsere Seite u. Melde Dich an!!
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84 battlefield-padding
battlefield 2 padding servers
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85 Dutch Special Forces
Dutch Battlefield 2142 Clan
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86 DicksGetKicked
Multi National Gaming Clan. Nearly 200 members and growing each day. Everyone is welcome on any of our 7 gameservers for which we host COD5,COD4,BF2142,& AA. Details are on our website
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87 No Retreat No Surrender
A gaming community bringing BF2, CoD & much more
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88 Klasse-5-Dunst-Clan
Call of Duty 5 & Battlefield 2142 Clan. Wir Suchen auch noch Member ab 18 Jahre! Wenn du lust hast , komm auf unsere Seite u. Melde Dich an!!
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89 COD Modern Warfare & FREE Beer Clan!
The DrunkenMasters clan was formed many years ago (2000) to create a fun, laid back atmosphere for adult gamers. We wanted a place where a guy could come home after work, crack open a beer, and be able to come hang out and feel welcome.
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90 OVR25 Teamplay with Fighting Friends
OVR25 is the meeting point for the casual gamer. A place were you can get the latest updates and information on OVR25, Battlefield 2, events and anything else game or socialy network related. I must point out we are not a clan, this is a place for Fi
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91 =BtkA=
BattllefieldClan since 2006 and MultigamingClan since 207
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92 Lone Wolf Elites
A Friendly2142 Clan, We have an active community, who use TeamSpeak and XFire regulary, We have a nice website, and a ranked 2142 server
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93 =SUQ= soldats Unis du quebec
bf2 clan quebec
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94 =MOFC= Gaming
Gaming clan that plays Battlefield 2 & 2142, Call of Duty 4 & 5, Counter-Strike Source, and whatever else we have in common! We host our own server and have a teamspeak available. Information on joining our family can be found at our website. **MO
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95 Guns and Glory Gaming Clan
We are a Battlefield 2142 Clan who are recruiting 18+ members at the moment so if like playing as part of a team in competition or just for fun then come join us
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96 Battlefield 2142 501st legion
Welcome to our battlefield 2142 501st legion!
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The Best Hellenic Battlefield 2 Clan. Come and enjoy the game...
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98 =WeeD= Gaming
We have 5 BF2 servers, 1 TeamFortess 2 server, and coming soon 2 Battlefield Hero servers, also host a 50 Player TeamSpeak
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99 FarmMS
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100 Earths Last Hope
=E[L]H= Is currently recruiting active members. We are a clan that works in squads using real life tactics while having fun. If this sounds like your type of play, consider =E[L]H= for your clan. Visit our site and enlist today.
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