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L2 Masacre PvP
All Rates x300, adena x1000, gmshop , npc buffer (3hs buffs), titanium set (for goldbars) , no donaors , 24 hs online, friend gm , no lag ,dedicated pc Dual Core 5700+ 4gb Ramm 100mb Conection
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-== Lineage II Esphera ==-
Lineage Interlude Full - 25/50/100 - Npc Buff In Giran - 1Hour Buff and SongDance - Server Crafter - Since : Setember 2008 - Server Br/Us - Join!
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infinity heroes
we are really good gm stuff rates of server are 70/70/100 buffer in game no donations - only fun join us now
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XP: 2500, SP: 2500, Adena: 5000, Drop: 5, Spoil: 5, Manor: 5. Full Interlude L2J Server. No Custom Items, No Lags. Geodata And More ...
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l2 cpa_pvp
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356 L2 Forbiden Gateway
Serrver novo. Nuevo server. New Server Rates : XP 13 x Adena 15X Drop / spoil 15 X Quests 5 X Dedicado . 100 MB internet. More info / mais info in site
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357 L2Mixed
Welcome To L][Mixed Server Rates: 500x Xp 500x Sp 500x Adena This Server it's Created For Pvp ...And Pk ...remeber it's just a game And if u like this server come your Frined here ... and u can Vote For uss Every Day to More Comunity Ser
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358 server lineage_II Gracia YourDream
Unique free server in network PNZ with rete X-40. Authoring evente, the new weapon, friendly and sympathetic administration - all it only for us. Join also you you will not regret about the choice!
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359 Solamnia Warrios
Server Gracia ::español:: GMs amigables-- Rates: x35 NPC buffer, GKglobal, Mana activado, Auto TVT y CTF y Mucho mas.. Pasate por la web.
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360 LineageII Gracia
Deutscher Highrate server[XP 150x / SP 150x / Adena 1000x / Drops 8x / Spoil 1x] Aktive Gms und Events
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361 Lineage II baltic
Lineage II Baltic | Hellbound version | hight rate 100x100x200x1 | safe enchant 5 | max enchant 35 | more then 50 custom NPC and monsters | 24/7 up time | lag free | Just press here and join our team
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362 L2 Erica Interlude
Interlude Server Intense PvP 3.000Xp/Sp/Adena TvT Event,Raid Boss,Special Items.
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363 .:L2OrionPvP:.
.::L2Orion::. Welcome to Our community!!! Lineage2 Orion Info : .::Rates::. 100xp 80sp 500adena .::General::. *TVT Engine(disabled) , * Friendly GMs , * Enjoying Events , * Sieges , * Global GK , * Custom buffer * Gm Shop * Spe
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364 L2-MaGnUs
Rates: exp x1500,sp x1500,aden x2000. Custom armors/weapons,GMShop,NPC Buffer(all buff time 3Hours),Custom NPCs,Custom Events...
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servidor lineage totalmente en español system en español
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366 L2Magnum
New Gracia Server Friendly Gms Hide And Seek events Npc Buffers Gm Shop And More Join Us x45 Rates
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367 Lineage II abraxas
100xp, 150sp, 200ad, enchant%80, safe+5, all npc, wing valakas enable.
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368 L2 Rise Against
RiseAgainst Full Intelude server. -Server Rate: Xp: 75x / Sp: 75x / Drops: 75x / Spoil: 75x / Adena: 1x. -Custom Features: Special Gatekeeper / Farming Zones and More. -Special Armors: Appela sets. -Custom Tattos -Enchant Rate: Normal scrolls 75
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369 .::L2Skryde::.
Servidor PvP x300 x300 x1000
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370 L2DragonStar
L2DragonStar Gracia Server rates: Xp 500 | Sp 500 | Adena 5000 | Items 1 | Spoil 1 Server features: * Gracia stable server * Completed Interlude / Kamael skills * Gm Shop whit full Items * Luxury Gk whit all zones * Full Inte
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XP: x1000 SP: x1000 adena: x4000
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372 L2-Addax
1800x And Faction rate server. NO CUSTOMS/ NO DONATION/ NO CORUPTION!! JOIN US NOW!
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373 L][Frozen x50 Interlude
L][Frozen Server x50,[For more detalis go web site] Nice community/Friendly GM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s/ Apella,Titanium & Onthers armors and weapons/Customs Tattoos-Dyes/Olympiad full working 100%/NPC buffer 1H/Customs shops,GM shop and much more
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374 Cerberus Hellbound
Rates 3000. Enchant 55%, Blessed 60%, Max +20. Hellbound Client (You can play with Gracia client) Server started 10.10. No Custom.
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375 Blade Of Eternity
Blade Of Eternity CT2 Gracia RP Souple,Staff sérieux et très présent, Xp=10.Sp= 12.PartyXp= 3.PartySp= 3.Adena= 12.Drop= 20 (Serveur ouvert le Vendredi 14 Novembre 2008)
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376 L2 Lansers
L2 Polish/English Gracia Part 2 Server. Rates Hight Rate: 500exp 500 sp 1000 adena Mid Rate :45 x exp 50x sp . Wings. TvT CTF DM RB - Events Much fun;] We wait for you ;P
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377 L2-Shell PvP server 24/7 ON!
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378 Lineage ][ Shadows
Server Iterlude Rates: XP 35x / SP 35x / Adena 200x / Spoil 15x / Drops 5x. Epic Weapon & Armor Event And More Join Us Today
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379 L2 Rip-Curl
·Adm/Gms Activos! ·Server Multiskill (Base + 3 Subclass) ·Server Rate: -Exp:x50 -Sp: x50 -Adena: x50 -Drop: x10 -Drop Raid: x1 -Party Exp: x1 ·GmShop Full ·GlobalGatekeeper ·Npc Buffer: A-Buffer City: Buff De Profeta B-Buffer Hall: Buff
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380 Blood Feud High
Blood Feud High rate, pvp/pk & all skill Server. J0in Now!!...
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381 l2 bot
l2 bot new privete Kamael server rates x1200
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382 The Tomb of Death
Lineage 2 Gracia server The Tomb of Death | XP - 50x | Adena - 150x | Drop/Spoil - 10x | NPC BUFFER | GM Shop | Olympiada | Nobless...
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383 l2 The Nest Of The Darkness INTERLUDE
server INTERLUDE RATEs Rate Xp = 10 Rate Sp = 10 Rate Party Xp = 2 Rate Party Sp = 2 SE VENDEN DUALES HEROES Y GM
In:0 Out:131
384 Lineage ][ Shadows
Server Interlude Epic Weapon & Armor Event TvT Rates: XP 35x / SP 35x / Adena 200x / Spoil 15x / Drops 5x.And More Join Us Today !!!!!
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RateXp = 2000. RateSp = 2000. RatePartyXp = 100. RatePartySp = 1. RateDropAdena = 2000. RateDropItems = 1. RateDropSpoil = 1
In:0 Out:115
RateXp 2000. RateSp 2000. RatePartyXp 100. RatePartySp = 1. RateDropAdena 2000. RateDropItems 1. RateDropSpoil 1
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387 Forte New Game Style (Interlude)
exp x45. sp x45. adena x120. drop x35. spoil x35 we have Custom Shop B GRADE . Custom Mammon . Cursed & Shadow Weapons, Augmentation, Added new territories and new mobs, there are Interlude Drops & Spoils, Armor set +6 Skills & max 24 Buffs,
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388 L2LordOfDragon
Lineage 2 interlude server!! 1000x all safe 25 ,max 50,custom items, dynasty,epic,more,more else!!!
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389 Lineage ][ Ult1maT3
Server Rates : * 3000x XP - 3000x SP -2000Adena * Safe enchant for all : +10 * Max on Weapons : +30 * Max on Armor : +30 Server Informations : * Interlude * Custom Shop* with : - Epic Armors - Special Mask/Tatto created for PvP - Boss jwls
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390 l2regeneration
xp x10 sp x10 party xp x20 party sp x20 drop x10 spoil x12 adena x25 quest drop rate x10 quest award rate x10
In:0 Out:114
391 L2 Target
lineage2 Best Servet!
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392 argentina
l2temple xp x 3 sp x 3 drop x 3 adena x 6 tvt ctf
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393 Vampire
All server rate x100. Join now !
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394 Lineage ][ Last Hope
Nice pwp server Which is Runing on c6 100mg/s INTERNET!5GB ram!Join now!
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395 L2DragonFear
server kamael hellbound 30x
In:0 Out:111
396 Forte (Gracia)
Exp x65 . Sp x65 . Adena x140 . Drop x35 . Spoil x35 . Q x15 Custom Shop Up to ( B grade ) . Custom Seven Signs Teleporter . Custom Raid Boss Stats and drop table. Custom Mammon .
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397 l][darkk
Server Rates Rate control, Global float values RateXp 2000. RateSp 2000. RatePartyXp 500. RatePartySp 500. RateDropAdena 2000. RateDropItems 1. RateDropSpoil 1.
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398 L2 World
serve interlude xp-300x sp-300x adena-1000x serve 100% free no donate
In:0 Out:102
399 l2brutal
x3000 server and have x1 server and x35 and x5
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x5000 rates funny gm custom items with stats nuffer 5h raids and many other
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