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new server lineage c6 interlude full new arms .primaveral island full dinosaurios[noble,hero][sub class acumulative][1h buff][pvp global gk][GM SHOP CLASS B exp15 sp30 drop 5 spoil 8 adena 50ENTERS HERE
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Black Castle
Server [Interlude]= PvP, TvT, Eventos, Nobless, Olympiadas, Hero, Siege, Raid Boss, Comunidad Hispana, No lag, Area Interlude
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XP 20 SP 40 ADENA 100 {}Drop Items 4{}Drop Spoil 7{}GM Shop{}C6 Interlude Server{}NPC Buffer 4 hour{}no quest{}enchant safe 5{}enchant max 20{}clan skil{}Dedicated Server{}NO LAG
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Best PvP Server C5-C6
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56 .:: L2Extrema (Interlude) ::.
Join the fastest growing Lineage2 Interlude Server! - EX:50x SP:50x A:300x D:2x Spoil:1x C6 Armor/dyes/weapons, Come cast spells and wield powerful weapons against monsters and each other. Dinosaurs, Striders/Wyvern, A/S grade Duals and many more....
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57 L2Dreams
*Interlude* ::Lag-free:: ::Low - High servers:: ::24/7 Uptime:: ::Friendly staff:: ::Primeval Isle:: ::Akamanah/Zariche:: ::Olympiad:: ::Join us!::
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58 Age of Shadows
4 servers Interlude: 4 Rates x20,or x500 or x50 and x1000,Feature servers for semiRP,Extrem Pvp,Equal Pvp 100MBits/s|Kamael BETA UP
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59 Lineage II Essential
Lineage II Interlude Server || Rates: 500-500-600-2-20 || Custom C/B/A Shop in Giran || LWL-UP Zone in Giran Arena || Join now
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RateXp = 15. RateSp = 20. RatePartyXp = 2.5 RatePartySp = 3. RateDropAdena = 35. RateDropItems = 12. RateDropSpoil = 16. RateDropQuest = 4. RateQuestsReward = 3.No spellbook,GMshop,class manager-cat. Must register forum
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61 KillZone
nuevo server c4 full con subclass acumulativas, tercera profecion, nobleza, hero poir olimpiadas, set y armas epic, nuevas armas y mucho mas....
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62 L2 Catalyst
A New 2000x Gracia PvP Server, 75%Enchant rate, Safe + 10, GMShop, Buffer, Custom Farming Zone, Up 24/7, Dedicated 100mbps Line, Friendly Gms, Come check us out!
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63 L2 Faction Yuuki vs Nevic
Server 1: Bartz - 15X SP & EXP (PvE Rates) 2x Party Rate A world where two factions are separated in the war between two brothers. One, Nevic, possesed by the greedy god, Mentor and Yuuki, recently knighted of Aden, fighting to save mankind.
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64 L2 Myr
Interlude Private Lineage 2 Server
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65 L2 Twilight
[=Interlude=] [Rates: 200 EXP // 200 SP // 350 Adena] [Custom Leveling Grounds] [GM Shop] [Competent Buffer] [Safe Enchant 5 // Rate 80%] [Global Gatekeeper] [Custom Items] [Events Daily] [Hero System] [Subclasses working] [Active GMs] [Join Now]
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66 Forsaken
5000xp, 5000sp, 5000 adena Interlude Weapons Novelty Items! Max Enchant +20 Enchant Rate 65% Noble Quest Working Olympiad Working Caslte Seiges Working Wedding Working Auto TvT Event Custom Items Champion Mobs Class Changer Skill Enchan
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67 L2RetaiL
No Donations Forever - No Custom Stuff - HeLLBound - Rates x7
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68 Free Lineage 2 Server
Lineage 2 server is set at retail lvls. We enjoy the hardwork part of it. We have another server for those who do not enjoy the hardness. Help build our community!
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69 L2HydroShock
Best spawn list ever custom armor, weapon, and masks Hero Noble seven signs etc etc working custom patch on forums
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70 Kamael Shadow
Server Rates: 3000x 3000x 3000x .+8 save enchant , 50 max enchant with 85% of succsess · Server Interlude. · Skills interlude. · Zone interlude ON. · Olympiads. · Events and TvT Events. · Seven Signs · Fish & skills. · Enchant skills. · Zar
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71 Empire
[Interlude][35xhighrate][Uptime24/7][Lag-free][Primeval Isle][Akamanah/Zariche][Custom Weapons/armors/Zones]
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72 L2 newlife server Interlude
tenemos gm shop, gkglobal y estamos trabajando en un buffer
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73 L2Imortal
Server HellBound-PvP 50xp/50sp/500adenas/80xReward/20xRaidBoss/ Armor's/Weapon's(D-C-B-A-S-DYNASTY) Customs(NPC BUFF 2H)(GM-SHOP) (SET's Icarus & Epic) Eventos(TvT/FOTRESS-SIEGE/CASTLE SIEGE)
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74 L2Club Server[x100!]
The Best Interlude Server x100!
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75 L2Karditsa
Server rates: X500 all Rates Safe enchant:+20 Max enchnat:+40 Chances:82% Updated System!
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76 Dimis The Kamel
New Greek Kamael Server,RPG,Rates:15x exp,20x Sp,20x Adena, 7x Party exp
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77 Server Drakon
O melhor ambiente de jogo, totalmente dedicado, sem legs, interlude Full. Conheça para nunca mais sair!
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78 L2 Storm of Blood
Exp: 40, Adena: 250, Sp: 100 / Epic Weapons, Epic Armor, Titanium Set / Server 24h C5 / Safe Enchante: 4, Max Enchante: 50, Buffs: 1h, / Special Npc: Npc Buffer, Weapons S/A, S-Grade Shop, Etc itens Shop, Armor Shop, Weapons Shop
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79 Kane and Able Gaming Club
Skills Complete Through Gracia 2-Talismans-Foundation/Mastery Items-1 year old Community-Working S Grade Recipe Quests-Player Based Test Team-Monster Colliseum-Fortress/Castle Instance Dungeons-Donation Server Coming Soon!
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80 Maxell PvP
Release: Kamael / XP = 200 / SP = 200 / Adena 1000 / Auto learn skills / Castle Siege / SS / TvT Event: every 30 min / Luxus Shop / Teleport / 2h Buffer / Hero / Website Market Sell & Buy
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SERVIDOR ESPAÑOL DEDICADO Inaugurado el 20/01/2008 - Exp:10x Sp:10x Adena:150x - Buffer prophet gratuito para todos los niveles-Bodas-GK Global-Profesiones y subclases sin quest-Gmshop hasta grado B-Olimpiadas-Seven Signs-Eventos TvT diarios-Evento D
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82 L2Plus interlude Server PvP x35
L2 Interlude x35 Team VS Team | DeathMatch | Capture The Flag | Demonics Swords...Just Join. Play...And Enjoy !
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Demons Vs angel NPCS: [2GMSHOP]-[GK]-[Argument]-[Buffer]- Y mas... Full PvP
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84 L2 Shadow
L2 Shadow Is full Kamael: --===== L2 Shadow Server =====-- 1. High Rate Server @The 1st Lineage II Private Server special created for PvP Combat Mode with No Rulles, special features and custom subclass system ! @ Serve
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85 L2 Game-Net
Lineage][ Kamael server full custom stuffs all rates are x10000
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86 Line ][ age Hell Knights
Full working Kamael server with new custom set (Hell Knight set) rate 5000x Enchant safe +20 max 150 90% ][ Custom GMshop, Enchanter, NPC Buffer (3h), Every new character is admin (you can't restart the server) and much more Join today !
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87 The best of L2
New Interlude Server!
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88 Friendly-l2 interlude server
Friendly-l2 interlude server the best place to feel real lingeage2 game world!!!
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89 L2 PaRaNoRMaL
[500x Kamael PvP Server][Balanced Classes][Full Edition][Deluxy Buffer][Item Store][Global Gk][Weapon Mixing][Unique Weapons][Revived A-B-C Grade items][New Game Style] Join us Today. Enjoy
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90 eL!Te Clan
eLITe clan
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91 Lineage ][ Destruction
Interlude server, custom wepons,buffs time 2h gm shop epic wepons and more join us and check them out!
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92 ~L2 ReDDragoN servers~
3 SERVERS KAMAEL Sieghard: x15/x15/x15/x15 (all shops without GMshop) Liona: x150/x150/x150/x150( ALL NPCS) Kain: x1000/x1000/x1000/x1000( Koofs Vs Noobs, global gk , gmshop,buffer), Auto accs(for now) special bonuses for 100 first ppl JOIN
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93 ThunderStorm Lineage II
L2 OFF C4+C5 Skills (low-rate) No gm-shop & npc buffer, balanced donation, no-lags Official start 3.2.2008 GMT+01:00 20:00
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94 L2-Tractions
the best pvp server with great gm team.Interlude
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95 Hades / Infernus / Eden - Gracia servers
Hades - rates x5 - retail like | Eden - rates x25 - retail like + class manager | Infernus - rates x100 - many custom features.| Highend server machines - 3 server machines Xeon. Professional server support - 24/7. 100Mbit/sec 3 network lines
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96 L2.DarkServer Hellbound FULL
Servidor dedicado Xp X75 Sp X75 Adena X90 DropItem X15 Sin leyes PJ, TvT Event, Skills Auto, Profession y SubClass Gratuita, Buffer 1H, GTK Global, GmShop todo Grados, Alquiler Dragones, Nobles, Olimpiadas, Enchant +15 sin riesgo
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97 ||L2BloodLine|| ¡Kamael!
Entra y conoce nuestra nueva comunidad de Lineage 2 Kamael! como es nuevo necesitara de tu compañia,a ti te gustara por sus rates : exp 8 sp:10 adena:30 Entra y disfruta!
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98 l2idragon
quero bota meu serve aqui para porde vota nele que ouvi fala muito ben daqui
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99 l2 Tirania c 6
exp 25 sp 50 adea 150 party exp 2x Ench max 30 Safe 4 For more information look on forum
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100 LineAge2 The Kamael Evolutions
Server The Kamel | All rates x5000 | Save enchat +12 Max+50 | Join Now | Many Events | Gm Shop |Global GK | Friendly GMs | And much much more
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