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[4.0.6-4.3.3 Ture Cataclysm][WOTLK 3.3.5a][Goblin and Worgen][Instant 80 High Rates][Custom Gears With High States][High Population][Stable and Less Lag][Special PVP System][Battleground and Arena Works][All Cataclysm Contents][Friendly GM support]

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Emperorwow Your Best Choice
Emperor WoW

[Completely Free Stable Game][Play Smoothly,lasting Uptime][Instant 80][Unique PVPSystem][true Cataclysm][Massive quests][custom instances and Dungeons][High Population][Edited Battleground and Arena][Amazing Mounts][Balanced Classes][Friendly GM Staffs][Instant 80]
Wow Portuguese server | Version 2.3.2 | xp 9 | Nice admins | Come play :D
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Willkommen zu Warlords-WoW]][[Supporten VErsion 2.3.0][SUper Events][Super Client nie wieder Realmlist Probleme][Jeder kann mit ein paar KLicks Connecten] ~[JOIN NOW]~
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ShadowBladeClan free WoW Since 2005
German Highrate PvP Server on v2.3 Custom Playertreff , no Charwhipes !!! Join us and have fun !
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WORLD OF the Frozen
dansk Private server Home server men hvis i har tid så kan vi godt bruge nogle medlemmer :)
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Rights of Ascension WoW Server
Burning Crusade 2.3 • 3 Realms (Blizzlike/High-Rate/Mid-Rate) • Stable, Online 24/7 • Custom Zones, Weapons, Quests, EVERYTHING • World Teleporter • Shopping Center • Friendly, Helpful GM Staff • Regular Events • Come join our growing community!
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3.3.3 Wow Private Server ALL NEW CONTENT, scripted instantces and raids, FREE T6 FREE MOUNT FREE TELEPORTER Good GM support, DEDICATED 1000MB Connection
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407 Blizzard-Porject Funserver
100er Rates, 600er Goldrates, Shopping, Arena 3 Sets+Waffen, Zul'Aman, Patch 2.3.0
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408 World of Corecraft
One of the best fun/blizz like mix servers there is, this server does not only have cool gms, level cap 90 and high rates, but it also has over 5 custom areas to level, quest and raid bosses! the ultime wow experience! What are you stil reading this
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409 Veritas Community
Highrate World of Warcraft Server. German Stuff, english available. Many Custom Stuff, growing Community.
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410 -= Azeroth-Realms =-
1 Kill lvl 70 PvP / PvE Server with custom Quests and Sets (t7 - t8) newcomer Quest and friendly GM's !!!
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411 Chaos Evolution
Nette Admins und GM´s, guten Support, einen Root mit gutem Ping und ohne Lags, ständig neue Updates und Fixes, wenig Bugs, Charakter Transfer, Passwort Changer, Teleporter, PvP Events, alle Quest auf Deutsch, Teamspeakserver u.v.m.
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412 Lost Realm
Ascent Core, Moonscripts, NCDB, up all the time and always updated! No Lag High Volume Server!
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413 DarkWolf WoW
Hallo zusammen wir sind ein deutscher fun server wir bieten gute GM's ((support)) sowie viel viele andere dinge schaut vorbei =)
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414 Willkommen auf unserer Gilde
Gilde !!! Wir sind sicher bis jetzt die gröste gilde auf dem mC multigamimg.
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415 -=321WoW=- 2.3.0 gm server/blizzlike/funserver
this a new server so we are looking for more players to join and if you are fast you will be a gm or even a admin!!
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416 >> NederWoW 2.4.1 Server 2 Realms <<
Dutch 2.4.1 Server with 2 realms, blizzlike and funserver. Database and core are regularly updated. XP = 3x, Items = 3x, Money = 3x. Uptime is 24/7, less lag, working guild banks, ahbot system and custom portals. Join us and have fun.
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417 Lunar WoW 3.0.x WotLK (Tiers 9-15)
2 Realms, Max Level 401 1-70 Custom Zone Tier 1-6 70-255 Hyjal Tier 7-9 255+ Silver Star Tier 10-12 255++ Lunar PVP Sets. 255-300 DragonSong Tier 13+14 300-401 Greenman's Land Tier 15 Not to mention countless weapons, items, and mounts
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418 WoW-Revolution
In:0 Out:99
419 IllidanWoW Server
IllidanWoW Server .:. Burning Crusade 2.3.x .:. Blizzlike Server .:. 100Mbit Connection .:. Lag-Free .:. High Uptime .:. High User Cap .:. Good Community .:. Events .:. PvP .:. Friendly GMs .:. Scripted Instances
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420 WoW S.G.H
Looking for world of warcraft scams, guides, or hacks ? Come to WoW SGH we got it all at a free to join forum!
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421 $HaDoW Realm WoW
TBC 2.3.X :: 100mbit:: 2000 User Cap :: Lag-Free :: Friendly GMs :: Discussion Boards :: Constant Uptime :: PVP :: Dedicated Server :: Tons of Events :: Tier 6,7 :: Arena Works !!! :: Bug-Free :: Website, Forum, Chat, Ventrilo :: Join us And you Will
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422 Forja del Rol (Rol server)
Servidor Rolero de World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade, sin lag, a penas bugs y 100% ROL! La mayor comunidad hispanohablante te espera para rolear en WoW, con un Staff dedicado de Gm's ,superior a 20, para hacerte vivir grandes batallas, impresi
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423 Hum Hit Man WoW Server
2.3.0,Black temple, hjyal, zul aman works, great and friendly gms, almost perfect uptime, joint now
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424 Ultima Ratio German Privat Server
Ultima Ratio ist ein Deutscher Privat Server, mit einer netten und freundlichen Community. Wir besitzen 2 Server, darunter einen Server mit Instant Level 70, jedoch muss man sich von T3 an alles selber erfarmen :) Außerdem gibt es einen Fun Server,
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425 Dark-Portal - The home for your dark side
Ascent Blizzlike & Fun Servers, Multiple Realms, Online 24x7, Lag free & Stable
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426 Evolution
With all sorts of custom content, you're sure to find what you're looking for at Evolution.
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427 Beyond WoW 4 Servers 2.4.3 Supported!!!
4 Servers•(2 Instant 70 fun,1 Blizzlike, 1 High rate PVP realm)•World Teleporter•Custom Shops•Custom Weapons•Lag Free 1 GBPS Connection•Optimum Uptime•Zul'Aman Open
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428 Living Legends WoW
Instant 70 / Shopping Mall / T4-T6 vendors/ S3 vendor/All Bosses do Spelling!!/and more more other things!!!
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429 Blacknight-WoW | Deutscher 2.3.2 FUN-Server (Mangos) | Custom Vendors,Teleportnpc
Bald wird Maxlvl auf 150 hochgesetzt und LVL-Area + Obstaclecourse zum Superwaffen-Händler freigegeben! 2.3.2 Mangos Funserver | Nette Community,Tolle GMs,Pvp-Arena, Alle Instanzen spawned, ALLE RATES 80X , Custom Vendors, Teleportnpcs, Events UND
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430 More Human Than Human
More Human Than Human Gaming Priv Wow Server Lookin for Fun aactive friendly members also recruiting gms
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431 Bladfirst Server 2.3.2
Welcome to the best russian server 2.3.2 Bladfirst!
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432 Illidans-Crusade
Illidans-Crusade WoW ist ein neuer Deutsche Free Server der noch Player sucht. Wir haben einen Fun server und werden in den nächsten tagen noch einen High server hinzufügen. Wir freuen uns auf Euch. mFg das Illidans-Crusade TEAM
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433 WTS Telecom - WOW Romanian Server
A simple but stable Romanian WOW TBC Server.
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434 Shadow Warriors
* Supporting Patches: 2.1.3-2.3.2 * XP rate is 50x * Drop rate 300x * Level max 254 * New custom start area in Eye Of The Storm (splitted in hord and ally start) * With some starter quests that will make you lvl 23 * Starter rewards like amani
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435 Wow Unreal
Welcome to wow unreal our rates are 250x 350x and we are a blast. Friendly admins and more come and join!
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436 World Of Thundercraft!
Rates Health="1" Power1="10" Power2="10" Power3="10" QuestReputation="100" KillReputation="100" Honor="100" PvPTimer="300000" Compression="5" XP="700" QuestXP="7000" RestXP="10000" DropGrey="20" DropWhite="60" DropGreen="10000" D
In:0 Out:102
Located in Asia Pacific, Balanced Faction, Friendly Community, 60x Exp, 60% item drop.
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438 FantasyWoW
::Fun Server::High Fun Rate::Big Events:: Win 100+ Donations in Events:: Custom Vendors:: Mount 1:: Tier 1-2-3:: Dungeon 3 :: Fight BT For tier 6:: Or Win Tier 7!:: Version 2.3.0:: Nice Server::Marriage System::Black Temple Events::Friendly GM's::
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439 WoW XeoN 2.4.3 [True Funserver]
[INSTANT 70][ Tier 7 ][Friendly GM'S][Tons Of Events][Special instances][Mall in Orgrimmar and Stormwind][Scripted Instances 85 %][Lagfree][12 GiB RAM , Quad-Core server][2000 user cap][Lagfree][Massive PvP][Voting rewards and much more][Join us !]
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440 WoWCraft Server
Blizz-Like Server! | Custom T7 | Custom Malls and Cities | ASTOUNDING GM Support | Custom Weapons | Ultimate BG! | Great Community | Custom Areas! | CRAZY Up-Time! | Supports Patch 2.3.3! | Highest level 254!
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441 Project Nightmare
Project-Nightmare PvP 2.3 Fun I just open a new Ascent Server with latest database and core. No lag...many bugs fixed....just try * added T6 itemsets * addet custom weapons * corrected factions for mobs in eversong woods * changed names of t
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442 The Fallen Gods
opened Jan 24 2008 @ 10am supports 2.3.2 patch View the website for all the server details
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443 World of Dimensions - Deutsch -Blizzlike
4Free,2.3.3,Hohe Uptime,Lagfrei,Bugfixes,Events,Netter Support,3x Rate(EP,Gold,Item,Ehre,Ruf),Epicmount gratis,Charwiederherst,lvl40 Char gratis,diverse Verkäufer,Playertreff,JOIN US NOW!
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444 Cult of Justice wow server
Cult of Justice fun server INSTANT LEVEL SET REALMLIST ///////versiunea 2.3.0
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445 wow gold,cheap wow gold,buy wow gold
A shop to buy wow gold,cheap wow gold,world of warcraft gold and Fast Instant Delivery!
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446 Kastal-WoW LinuxServer WoW-TBC
Kastal WoW TBC 2.4.3 instant70 ++ 200player on ++ 24/7 online ++ low latency ++ no bugs!! own scripter ++ high performance server ++ many events ++ all battleground works!! ++ arena season
In:0 Out:99
447 thunderfury 2.3.x (2.3.3)
Thunderfury 2.3.x (2.3.3) Custom teleport(npc)/Custom leveling area/Custom event area/Custom shop/no lags/new server ! join now !
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448 RiSeN WoW
In:0 Out:94
449 Fire of WAR
In:0 Out:106
450 WoW Pro Zocker
WoW Funserver Patch 2.3.2 Schneller Support. Nette GM´s. 100 fache dropp chance und 100 Fache xp rate
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