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[4.0.6-4.3.3 Ture Cataclysm][WOTLK 3.3.5a][Goblin and Worgen][Instant 80 High Rates][Custom Gears With High States][High Population][Stable and Less Lag][Special PVP System][Battleground and Arena Works][All Cataclysm Contents][Friendly GM support]

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Emperorwow Your Best Choice
Emperor WoW

[Completely Free Stable Game][Play Smoothly,lasting Uptime][Instant 80][Unique PVPSystem][true Cataclysm][Massive quests][custom instances and Dungeons][High Population][Edited Battleground and Arena][Amazing Mounts][Balanced Classes][Friendly GM Staffs][Instant 80]
good 3.2.2. server tier 9 Mangos using profession vendors buff and teleport vendors honor for arena honor vedor nice bot .bot add nameplayer .bot remove
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Rivera WoW
The LARGEST WoW Private Server on the Planet Today! With more than a THOUSAND PLAYERS online. Visit us and see the truth!
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Wir sind ein hight rait server!!!!! Eingene events!!!!!! Eigene Quest´s womit mann auch ohne große raids an gute sachen kommen kann!! Eigenen Playertreff! UVM..
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A Free World Of Warcraft Private Server That Has Almost No Bugs! Supports Version 2.2.x! Outlands 100% Spawned! Friendly GM'S And In Need Of More Players!
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356 Pixel Code WoW server
Neste momento o Servidor de WoW é: Mangos 4716 + ScriptDev2 Rev.161 + AHBot 5.6 + Database UDB 0.8.1 rev. 326 A máquina onde o mangos está a correr é: Servidor Intel: - 4 Processadores xeon PIV 3.02 - 16 gb ram - Raid 5 de 8 discos SataII
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357 E-stealth's Fun Server
Server Rates : Honor & Reputation * 10 Talent rates * 5 XP : Quest * 60/Kill * 50/Explo * 40 Drop : Money * 100/Items * 20
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358 Fall of Living Gaming
Ein WoW sever wo mehr als 100 Player Spielen !!
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359 2.3 WoW Server Marikami Projekt
New 2.3 Server , Instant lvl 70 or High Rate Lvling, Good GMs, Events everyday, No lag server, Join NOW! =)
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360 WoWFanTasm
New private server| Instant 70| Custom Vendors| No lag | No DC| Custom armor| GREAT GMs
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361 Wars of the Shadow
..::Fun-Server::.. WoW Bc 2.2.3 Raten:Hoch können wir nur sagen - restliche bugs werden täglich behoben - viele Events - eigene gemachte ITEMS-eigender Treff-eigene gemachte ITEMS - Treff:Treff mit vendoors D1-T4, Waffen,Schmuck,Reagenzien usw. T6 so
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362 -=Oblivion Global Server=-
SUper server... Have a GM Shop and Super items fo? all classes
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363 Darklegend Fun Server
Wir von Darklegend freuen uns auf euch! Haben: Selbstgemachte Mounts, Nette Gm´s, Geile neue Items, sind mit der Version immer Aktuell, Jeden Tag viele Events!! Steigt Ein
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364 :: 2.4.2 :: Higher XP :: blizzlike server
Stable server :: always latest core updates :: active developers :: client 2.4.2 :: higher xp/drop rates! :: no imba gear!
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365 G@m3r's World Community
1 Highrate Server (Zeus) ep rate: 20x max level 200 / 1 Midrate Server (Neptun) ep rate: 8x max level 70 24/7 online+support. keine lags!
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366 .:: GoD Network | Blizz-Mid-Rate & Funserver ::.
-- German -- 2 Server auf Version 2.4.3 einen Fun Server und einen Blizzlike Server mit 8x Rates 100% Bugfreie Custom Core mit komplett eigener Datenbank und internationalen Entwicklerteam, ständig neue Updates und neuer Content, Super Community! Mel
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367 World Of Alek | Instant 70
Server is currently V2.3 • Go to >> << for a free account! Sign up today, and have fun! • Instant 70 • 500 Gold to start out with • Nice staff •
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368 WoW 2.2.3 and 2.3.0
Faster-FunRealm is a fre TBC WoW Private FunServer that goes up to level 150. Custome items, custome places and quest!
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369 Espionage.NET USEast Realm
World of Warcraft 2.3.0 and World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade 2.3.0 Private Server. Stable Server. Helpful GM's. Blizz-Like. Low Latency. Always Connected. Frequent Character Backups. Frequent Updates. Highly Recommended By Many.
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370 Devils Rejects 3.1.3 Fun Server
Devil's Rejects 3.1.3 Funserver Devils Rejects 3.1.3 Index page (Formerly known as core-wow from several years ago.) Active, experienced and mature GMs Stable Server running on Trinity (Virtually no downtime) Virtually all classes, talents and
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371 Deutsch 2.3.0 Kostenlos WoW!!
Hallo liebe besucher spielt doch mal bei uns sehr viele Spieler eine große Community leider noch Hamachi besucht uns doch mal
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372 Demonic WoW 2.4.3
[2.4.3 High Rate Server]|[Black Temple LvL Redone]|[Custom Gurubashi Market]|[Custom Instances]|[City Portals]|[24/7 Uptime]|[Custom Gear]|[Over Friendly Staff] Connection is easy, Join us Today. More Info on Site...
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Wow-BloodRiot a revenit pe un realm mult mai puternic ! - Fibra optica - Server foarte stabil - Foarte multe buguri rezolvate - Facilitati noi - Totul x3 ( simti ca joci, e placerea de a juca WoW, combinat cu distractia de atunci cand joc
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374 .::Creamplay::. Best WoW Server ever!
...................::Creamplay::................... ................................................... Wollt ihr Spiel und Spass ohne nervige Kidies oder andere Störenfriede? Dann seit IHR bei Creamplay genau richtig! Wir bieten bestes WoW
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375 Wars of the Shadow
Clientversion: Version 2.3.0 (7561) only Server Stats: - Schnelles lvln mit level Area - Raten: Extrem hoch können wir nur sagen - restliche bugs werden täglich behoben - Portmeister - viele Events - eigens gemachte ITEMS,MOUNTS, INSTANZEN, gemodete
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376 Reining Blood Private Server
Free WOW server 2.1.3 always fun on this server
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377 WoW Rivera
The LARGEST WoW Private Server on the Planet Today! With more than a THOUSAND PLAYERS online. Visit us and see the truth!
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378 ArtisanWOW!
A private WOW Server where we plan to have as many servers geographically placed around the world to provide a lag free connection.
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379 Omega WoW
Burning Crusade 2.3.x • High Rate • PVP • Unmetered Connection • Lag - Free • Experienced Professional Staff • Blizzlike Content • Fully Scripted Dungeon Encounters • And More coming!! Check our front page for all the Details
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380 BlackRock-Revolution
Immer up to date | Version 2.3 | Deutsch | Events | Blizzlike | dynamisches Spielerlebnis und interessante Bosskämpfe durch Scripts | leistungsstarker Root | Free TS für Gilden | mit 4 Jahren einer der ältesten und erfahrensten privaten Server
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381 Projekt BigKings
2.3 Server Fun - High Rate 18h on.PvP Arena.Playertreff - Costem Instanz - Warpnpc - Skillnpc - Nette und vor allem gerechte Admins/GMs. Eigene TS² Server
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382 WoW,CS Server Free Lags etc
WoW , CS Server 24/7 Free Lags Nice Community German Free Server´s Ts² Sponsoring etc...
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383 WoW Bot
You can advtise your wow servers here NEW WEB SIGHT Please Join!
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384 Silvernight-WoW 2.3.0
Free WoW Server TBC. 2.3.0 Full Zul'Aman. Events Radio Good Scripter and every Day Updates. GERMAN.
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385 2.3.2
Very stable playing environment, custom vendors, helpful GMs, very blizzlike DB, high XP rate, working instances and boss events. Mature community.
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386 Headhunters Privat wow 2.3.0 Server
Wir sind eine 4 köpfiege comminuty und bieten guten sopport und leisten gute Bug fixes
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server 2.2.3 presto giorno 17 dicembre aggiornato alla 2.3.0 super wow xp rate blizzike porting di t4 70 e armi fino a natALE 30 pg on-line affrettatevi
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388 Omega_PvP 2.3 server
Ascentemu Dedicated 2.3 support
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389 DarkFire WoW
New version 2.3.0 blizzlike server, max lvl 80, new quests items mobs bosses, all users get teleport, even have a marketplace in the works.
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390 Gigel's World
This is a BlizzLike wanna be server 100%, come on and join in :)
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391 [NL]ExcaliburWoW
ExcaliburWoW 2.2.3. is a low latency, very stable, private server, located in he USA. The server is based on Mangos with fully working and spawned Burning Crusade. The server is quite blizzlike!
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392 Supreme WoW
~][ TBC 2.3.0. | Low Rates (2.5x-3x) | Custom Quests/Items | Friendly GM's | 99% Server Uptime | No Lag | MaNGOS Server with New MaNGOS Scripts | Weekly Events | Player Cap 2000 ][~
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Patch 2.3.0 Installed Custom Teleporter Starter Quest&Gear&Mount Shops in Stormwind/Orgrimmar Trainers of all profesions&vendors Token vendor for T4-T6 Quest for 20k Gold Quests for Tier VII, VIII (easyer) Quests for Advanced Weponds
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394 World of Funea
Good Dedicated Server::2.3!::3 Realms!::2 have malls Custom leveling area::SkyPad::Events everyday!::Freindly Gm's::
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395 NZWoW
Deticated WoW Server/ 24/7 Uptime/ 12x Quests 10x Exp/ 2.3.0/ 1000mbit Connection/Very Stable/Daily Backups
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396 WOW True
WOW True!!The one True Private server :: Dedicated Server!!!::DUAL-XEON::3 Realms 2.3.x (Instant 70 Funserver PvP/Blizz like PVE/PVP High Rate) ::Player Mall's::Custom Instance's::Custom T7&Weapons::Some of The Best GM's:: Awsome Events!!Lag-Free ::
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397 Dark - Legends, German WOW Server!
German World of Warcraft Server! Nette Community, kompetente Gm's, Blizzlike, 90% Bug frei, viele Events, Gewinnspiele und Verlosungen!
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398 -=Weed Plantage 2.4.1=-
| Fun und High realm !! | Imba Chars verlosung ! | 100 % OnlineTimes | geile PvP/PvE EVENTS | No laggs !| stänige BugFixxes |...
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399 University-WoW
¤ Client 2.3 ¤ Ständige Updates ¤ Auktionshaus Bot ¤ ¤ Rates: Kill= 3x Quest= 3x Entdecken= 3x ¤ ¤ Viele Events ¤ Ständiger Support von GMs ¤ ¤ Homepage ¤ Online Player Map ¤ TS Viewer ¤ Realm State ¤ ¤ 1000M/Bit Anbindung ¤ No Laggs ¤ 99% Online
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400 EliteDragons Private WoW Realms
No laggs | 100% Uptime | Very Low Latency | Lots of events | Nice community | Great support | Multiple Realms | Friendly Crew | And more great stuff!! Join now!! :D
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