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[4.0.6-4.3.3 Ture Cataclysm][WOTLK 3.3.5a][Goblin and Worgen][Instant 80 High Rates][Custom Gears With High States][High Population][Stable and Less Lag][Special PVP System][Battleground and Arena Works][All Cataclysm Contents][Friendly GM support]

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Emperorwow Your Best Choice
Emperor WoW

[Completely Free Stable Game][Play Smoothly,lasting Uptime][Instant 80][Unique PVPSystem][true Cataclysm][Massive quests][custom instances and Dungeons][High Population][Edited Battleground and Arena][Amazing Mounts][Balanced Classes][Friendly GM Staffs][Instant 80]
..:: WoWGeR / WoWGermany V 3.0 ::..
2.0.12 / TBC || ltester deutscher WoW Pserver || Instances 98% Blizzlike spawned || Blizz Creatures || Blizz Rates || Dual Core with 4 GB Ram || Linux Dedicated
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Blackned WoW
Funserver with no lagg and gear vendors in SW and ORG VOTE
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HeadshotWoW- Burning Crusade
HeadshotWoW BC High Server it's a warcraft world where you'le find frindly GM's, no lag and the most important thing no bugs.Work's with 2.0.12 client.
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Adrian`s funserver
Latest Burning Crusade 2.1.1 Norwegian server ::9 000 000x XP 1000x Money 100x Drop:: 100mbit Connection :: 100 User Cap :: Lag-Free :: Friendly GMs :: Forum
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Tuga World
Servidor World Of Warcraft BC !!!

Informaoes do servidor:

versao actual: 2.0.12
maquina: core 2 duo extreme 2gb de ram 800mhz dual channel
conexao: com 2mb d
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206 AzzNIoth Server (High Rates)
Rate.Health = 10;
Rate.Power1 = 3;
Rate.Power2 = 10;
Rate.Power3 = 10;
Rate.Loyalty= 100;

Rate.Drop.Items = 300
Rate.Drop.Money = 150

Rate.XP.Kill = 300
Rate.XP.Quest = 400
Rate.XP.Explore = 200
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207 wow bazi
High Xp-Rate! Higher Money Drop Rate and Item Drop Rate! Keine Lags! Gute Pings! Viele Events! Bosse spellen! 24/7 on (nur kurze downs aufgrund von up...
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208 Dark Battle Server
mangos 2.0.12
blizzlike french and english server
In:0 Out:86
209 GamingTown.Net The Burning Crusade 2.0.1
GamingTown.Net The Burning Crusade 2.0.12 with 10x-20x rates very fun!
In:0 Out:86
210 Shadow Moon WoW Server
Dual Xenon 3,4 GHZ 3GB Ram WoW TBC Server Alle Instanzen komplett
bespawned. XP Rate: Hoch!
In:0 Out:93
211 Durotar - Game Server
New server of "World of Warcraft", comes to have fun and to help this beautiful server to grow. Blizzlike 2x with The Burning Crusade.
In:0 Out:91
212 Wdocs Blizz Server
Great Server Good GMs nearly awals on.
Blizz like server come and join we do need a lil more GM's atm its high rate Come and join us
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213 Darkside-WoW (2.0.12 TBC)
.::.German WoW Freeshard :: Allways Up to Date :: Up to 200 Player online :: Version 2.0.12 TBC :: Nice GM's :: Many Events :: 3 x XP Rate | 3 x Drop Rate .::.
In:0 Out:85
214 Blackhawkfunserver
Cool server whit alot of special areas and items. Cool admin and Gm's. XP-rate very high server = 1.11.1 COME AND JOIN US
In:0 Out:86
215 [Australia] - World of Chris 2.2.x Dedicated
#1 Australia & WORLD || 24/7 Dediacted100mbs || 2.0 - 2.x.x Server || Funserver[ INSTANT lvl 70 + 50k gold] || HighRate[ 55x + 100 gold] || Shopping Vendors || Teleporter || All Instances + Boss Phases/ ARENA / Battleground || No Lag || ZulAman Tier
In:0 Out:89
216 World of WarCraft 1.12.1 Server
WoW Server 1.12.1
High Drop and Exp
In:0 Out:90
217 Shadow WoW TBC V 2.0.12
Wir von Shadow WOW Garantieren den Usern Spielen in angenehmer Bugfreien und Netten Umgebung.

Unser Server verfgt ber Folgende Detais:

99,9% Komplett Deutsche Quests
Blutelfen und Drenei frei Whlbar
Instanzen zu 99
In:0 Out:86
218 Flaming-Rivers WoWTBC Server
Ein deutschsprachiger WoWTBC Server! Zwar noch im Anfangsstadion aber dafr ein Guter Server! Keine Laggs + Wenig Bugs! 2.0.12
In:0 Out:84
219 WoW Extreme Realm 3.3.2
GER/ENG 3.3.2 PvP Server Nice gameplay,great pings and nice Community
In:0 Out:94
220 BloodWorld
Welcome, BloodWorld Private WoW TBC 2.0.12 (Latest ManGOS, SDB, ScriptDev2)
Opteron 100 mmbit
In:0 Out:88
221 Hollow WoW Romania

- Best Server in Romania
- Works with 2.0.12
- Daily events
- Custom items for event winners
- Low level winners get 5 levelups
- Lots of portals for easy moving
- 24h / day Gm/Admin support
- Friend
In:0 Out:92
222 Rs2-Gp
Cheapest Runescape2 Gold and Item shop! 24/7 LiveChat and Delivery Assistance!
In:0 Out:88
223 Auschwitz wow Romanian Private server
The best romanian antrix based private server , player cap 1000 , no LAG!!! , NO CRASH!!! at least 5-7 hours uptime
In:0 Out:86
224 World of Fudgecraft 2.1.2 Fun Server!
The server is not active anymore. Thank you for your time. Peace3 Out // Walle.
In:0 Out:83
225 Revenge of the sith TBC Server
Revenge of the sith The burning crusade server BG
In:0 Out:90
226 Lanngs Fun Server
Lanngs Fun Server join or be a noob!
In:0 Out:88
227 Gilimad's Fun Server
Gilimad's Fun Server join or be a noob
In:0 Out:89
228 Rasheed BC 2.1.X WoW Romania BEST
In:0 Out:89
229 DarkBlood WoW
TBC 2.1.x :: No Lagg :: Friendly GMs:: Full Tier 6 Sets :: 24/7 Dedicated Server :: Black Temple Working :: 100Mbit Connection :: Xtreme Xp Rate
In:0 Out:89
230 Nightelf (CZ) FunServer
Navstive stranky a hrajte jsou tu good GM a Velke Dropy , Kill XP , atd...
In:0 Out:105
231 MetroSpeed 2.1.3 WoW Server
cel mai tare
In:0 Out:86
232 Pubes TCB Private Server 2.1.3
-Pubes TCB 2.1.3 Server-Custom Vendors-Custom Level Road From 1-150-Custom Portals-Events Daily-Friendly Gms on nearly 24/7- From 10am to 11pm (GMT)-
In:0 Out:87
233 Recruitng Grounds
This site is a Gaming Social Networking portal for people just like you! Our site offers video game forums, news, game blogs, tournaments, clan/guild pages, clan/guild finders, tutorials, cheats, walk throughs and more!
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234 Dunkz Crusade Server
#1 Growing Private Server Friendly Gm's and Admin. Low lag and Low population {At the time of posting}Tbc Enabled. 2.1.3 Version.
In:0 Out:108
235 FireStorm Ver. 2.1.3
New Private server looking for players. TBC 2.1.3 Realm List = (
In:0 Out:91
236 Shadow Realm Blizzlike Server
Fast connection :: Very Friendly GMs :: Special Events Very Often :: Lottery :: Blizzlike :: Daily updates :: And much more!
In:0 Out:90
237 Klingenkrieg [2.1.3]
1000 Playerslots | Lagfreies spielen | 3Pts + neue Hauptstadt | Neues Pvp System | Neue items und Instanzen | Viel spaß und nette Community;
In:0 Out:89
238 WoW Im Boreed
hey guys the realm list is and when u join there are tiere vendors people who help GM'S are always on and we have vent so if u wanna chat to people this way u can!!! Vent IP: Vent Port: 5063 come on
In:0 Out:90
239 DoubleHelix
A brand new server offering high rates and good times.
In:0 Out:89
240 Naruto WoW
exp 600 drop item 80% drop gold 100 all version free acount no lag
In:0 Out:88
241 ShadowBlade 2.1.3 WoW-TBC Freeshard
New Highrate Server with Startgold, Portals and many more.. Join our Community and enjoy WoW with many other Users
In:0 Out:93
242 WoW Power Server
Want to join a newer server that will soon be on the top of every chart with: Lots of kind and mature people 60X XP rate 100X item drop rate No E-mail Address required to register Friendly and HUMAN GM's Custom Cities and Items Visit our w
In:0 Out:85
243 MMooDragus TBC 2.1.3
Najlepszy Polski Server TBC 2.1.3 Zapraszam!!!
In:0 Out:88
244 WOWBLaze
FUN server! friendly GMs drop 50/60x xp 50/70x custom items,vendors and a shopping center! join now for the fun!
In:0 Out:90
245 Ragnawow Funserver 2.1.0-2.1.3
WOW TBC funserver client 2.1.0 - 2.1.3 rates 1000x friendly GMs JOIN NOW!! realmlist -
In:0 Out:89
246 Doggy's World
Friendly community focused on teamplay, custom tweaks & fixes. x10 XP rate, max lvl 100.
In:0 Out:90
247 Haunted GMs
!!New 2.1.1-2.1.2 Server...No lag...Great GMs...1 kill=lvl 70...All Tiers 1-6...You Can even Win a Cosutom Item Just For you...Join now...Great Drops...and money too.
In:0 Out:93
248 BongHeads Funserver
BC 2.1.0----2.1.3:: No Lag :: Highrate Server :: Low Ping :: Nice GM's :: T1-T6 :: BlackTemple spawned :: Illidan spawned We Know how hard it is to find a decent private server, o we bring to you a place to hang your hat. We offer you the comfort o
In:0 Out:83
249 Frankenstein Server Italiano WoW TBC
Server italiano World Of Warcraft The Burning Crusade. Sempre aggiornato all'ultima versione. Linux Server
In:0 Out:104
250 - = Metaplane = -
Unique World of Warcraft (2.1.3) Realms (x1 & x100).We have features that you won't see even on the OFFICIAL realms! Not some "custom items&vendors crap",but the real innovations:two new factions,town sieges and many more! WE MOD WOW!!!
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