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[4.0.6-4.3.3 Ture Cataclysm][WOTLK 3.3.5a][Goblin and Worgen][Instant 80 High Rates][Custom Gears With High States][High Population][Stable and Less Lag][Special PVP System][Battleground and Arena Works][All Cataclysm Contents][Friendly GM support]

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Emperorwow Your Best Choice
Emperor WoW

[Completely Free Stable Game][Play Smoothly,lasting Uptime][Instant 80][Unique PVPSystem][true Cataclysm][Massive quests][custom instances and Dungeons][High Population][Edited Battleground and Arena][Amazing Mounts][Balanced Classes][Friendly GM Staffs][Instant 80]
WOW-PvP-Aktion BC PvP Server
Schaut vorbei auf unserer HP dort erfahrt ihr alles Wissenswerte ber unseren Server!!
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WoW Zeon
Burning Crusade Ver. 2.0.10, Lag-Free, Dedicated Server, Tons of Events...
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Death-A-Crew Network WoW Server
This server is the newest part of the DAC Network and its part of the zero_cool's servers. This server runs on a AMD ATHLON 64 X2 3800+ with 4 GB RAM and a Broadband internet connection of 2Mbits so you can enjoy a non-lag gaming experience! Also thi
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This server has no : lag , drop , bug and char delete .
In our server the command for teleporting and moey are alowed for players.
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WoWOblivion Funserver
Custom Funserver! With custom vendors, Items, Quests, Ect. | Cheap Donation Rewards | Friendly GM's | Low latency! And a good connection! | Rates are posted on the site and forum! | Come join us!
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The all in on gaming site for MMO. Everything you need for MMO games, including private servers and guides.
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157 wow buddelkiste | wow bc | german only
Wir sind ein neuer Server,deshalb suchen wir noch Leute die gut sind im bugfixen.Wir benutzen Mangos Emulator.
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158 Tzukara
Deutscher Server||High rate||80x Kill 100x Explore 100x Quest||80x Gold 100x Drop|| Nette GM's und pets gehen!Wenig Bugs niedrige Latenz!!!
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159 Devils-Of-Nightmare
World of Warcraft 1.12.x Server with friendly gm's and good rate's
The Rate's are :
- XP 15x
- Drop 5x
- Gold 10x

Sehr gute Pings, Sehr wenig Abstrtze Teamspeak usw..
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160 Warsong-Warriors
| Deutscher WoW Realm 2.1.1 Blizzlike | 24/7 Online | Nice GMs | Deutsche Quest Text | Events | PVP Server | TS 2 Server | Lag Frei | 3,6 Ghz, 1 GB, 500GB HDD Linux |
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161 FreeRunWoW --->TBC
FuN TBC server wow patch 2.0.8, 2.0.10 Stats: MAX Level- 70 Rate.XP.Kill - 40 Rate.XP.Quest - 50 Rate.XP.Explore - 30 Rate.Drop.Items -...
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162 Les Gardes du Crpuscule
Serveur burning crusade.

Support version : 2.0.6,2.0.8,2.0.10,2.0.11,2.0.12.
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XAOC Burning Crusade Server 2.0.12!Reits drop 2X,Kill 4X,Quest 8X,Money 3X!
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164 .::|*La Guerre Des Races*|::.
Rate XP: 1.5 Quetes: 2.5 Explor: 3.0 Items: 1.5 Or: 2.0
Plus d'informations sur le Site Web.
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165 WoW Burning Crusade High-Rate Private
Wir beiten euch:
- Sehr gute Pings
- SEHR wenig abstrze
- XP 15x
- Drop 10x
- Gold 20x
- Maxlevel: 70
- Teamspeak
- Eigene Shop Area
-regelmige Events

- und viel viel FUN

Alles was ihr braucht ist die BC WoW-C
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166 TheWoWShadows
TheWoWShadows are up and going!
This is a Server with full support!!!

Support :

Version: 2.0.8-2.0.12
Drop.rate: 3x
Quest: 10x
Explore: 3x

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167 Kil'Jaden WoW Realm
------------------------Server Informationen------------------------------------

Root-Server mit einer Super Latenz ( Mangos )

Ver. 1.12.1

- Alle Rassen und Klassen funktionieren komplett
- 24/7 Online ( Ausser bei Wartungsarb
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168 Hav0c
TBC and original 2.1.0 | 1.000 Mbit Internet | blizzlike rates | up 24/7 | no lag | friendly and helpful staff, dedicated to help | daily PvP events | 2 custom Challange Areas | entertaining players since 2004
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169 Raidens World of Warcraft
Raidens World of Warcraft We have 3 servers! All are Burning Crusade!

* RWoW:

Version 2.0.12 TBC Retail, 20x XP, 25x Gold, Epic Shops, Events
Realmlist =

* EpsWoW:

Version 2.0.12 TBC Retail, 50x XP,
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170 World Of Warcraft TBC v.2.0.12
2.0.12 Burning Crusade | Max Level 250 | PVP | GM SHOP| EXP/DROP/GOLD: 100/50/50
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171 Gate of Thunder (Cave of Destiny)
serwer for 2.0.7 - 2.0.12 WoW or TBC.nearly all works.for more info go to Forum:)

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172 Valley of Shadows
2.0.12 Constantly updated server, not MangOS, or Ludd. Flying mounts work, BGs Work, Uptime ranging from 8-12 hours, Respectful staff, and much more
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173 Infuriated Gaming
Infuriated Gaming highrate server
no lags
24/7 uptime
custom maps
nice admins
regular events (weekly PvP)
daily bugfixes

and much much more, come join us NOW!
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174 Scynet WoW TBC Server! 2.1.3 BANNED
High Xp-Rate! BG funktioniert und wird viel genutzt!Higher Money Drop Rate and Item Drop Rate! Keine Lags! Gute Pings! Viele Events! Bosse spellen! 24/7 on (nur kurze downs aufgrund von updates)
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175 Chaos Evolution
Deutscher WoW Server | Wir benutzen WoW Burning Crusade ver. 2.0.12 | Hilfsbereite und gute GM's und viele Events | tgliche Updates zur Verbesserung des Servers
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176 Fast-FunRealm TBC 2.0.12 and 2.1.0
Fast-FunRealm is a private server that works for 2.0.10 and 2.1.0. We have 2 Realms. (One FunServer and one BlizzLike). Join now our fast growing community and start a new kind of gamer experience!
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177 dragonfire
Private WOW server
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178 Raiden's World of Warcraft
2.0.3-2.0.10 Burning Crusade Retail Patch, and 1.12.1 Retail patch servers. Extremely fast connection. 150 User Cap each server. Small downtime. Official WoW Game Masters! Server = Dual Xeon 3.06ghz, 3GB ram, 100mbit line.
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179 United Class
Come And join because it's a good server!Thanks
Xp rate : 200x
Drop Rate : 100x
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180 SpelaMera Network
Two Dedicated servers. Blizzlike/Funserver. Good connection speed, frendly community. Always updated.
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181 -:WoW-Hazzard 2.4.3 FUN + HIGH:-
[2.4.3, 2 Realms][Unique Custom Scripted Instances, Weapons, Mobs][High Rate & PvP Realm][Helpful GMs][Friendly Community][Custom Malls][Great Vote Rewards][Stable OregonCore]
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182 Dewalt
website about dewalt
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183 Active Realm Romania
Activ Team Romania , va prezinta o noua generatie de servere , XP High , foarte stabil , crashuri (nici 1 de la deskidere ) , GM team cu ff multa experienta ... vom adauga iteme custom dak avem o comunitate de ssZECI de playeri .;
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184 Black WoW BC Server
WoW Burning Crusade 2.0.12 patch
Kill - 10x, Quest - 15x, Money - 15x
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185 The Cauldron 1.12.x WoW Server
The Cauldron 1.12.x Server for WoW
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186 Dragon's Fire TBC 2.0.12
Server Back Online at,ver 1.12.1 must be installed LONG TERM! 1 Servers 100 Mb/s connections NO LAG | Exp xNormal |Bug Free|All Events , Castle Siege Weekly, JOIN US NOW!
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187 World of Starnger
Burning Crusade private server !
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188 TBC 100% Uptime WOW!
New server 100mbps duel core come play now.
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189 Ak@Da WoW TBC 2.0.12 ServeR
Good SERVER! Quest is work 80 %! Talents and sells work 80-90%!!! Not lags! 1000 mb/s! Online cap 1000!!!
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190 XaosWoW
XaosWoW runs on an A64 3200+ with 1 gig of DDR and a 100 mbit line. We are compatible with WoW version 2.1.0 and have a DB team created specifically to perfect new content daily. At over 3 years old, we must be doing something right.
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191 Karizma Wow TBC Private Server
Online 100 players and like blizzard items and mods..

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192 wow.fireworld << TBC 2.0.12 SERVER VERSI
Server are good and work 24/7
Good gm's and fun players
All download and forum in homepage !!!
Mirc chanel -> irc://
updeits , qvests , pvp , all for fun...

waiting you player!!!

Fireworld administration
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193 Light and Dark TBC Server
Health = 5;
Mana = 10;
Items = 10
Money = 10
Xp Rates
Kill = 25
Quest = 15
Explore = 15
Player cap: Now 100, we will make it high ;)
Primary skills: 3x
Player level: 80
Good ping, nice GMs,
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194 Stoned Raiders WoW 2.0.12 Servers
2.0.12 Server with TBC and newest features // located in germany // 24/7 online // High Rates// Nice community // Come and Join now!
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195 Sandoria
Burning Crusade 2.0.12 :: Blizz-like rates :: Custom Events :: Friendly Staff :: Great Community
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196 Bru7aL WoW ! TBC 2.0.12
Bru7aL WoW ! TBC 2.0.12 ! No Lag ! No Crash ! Good GM's ! Admin every day !
New Server on Good PC !
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197 oZerZ WoW Server
# Drop rates
Rate.Drop.Items = 15
Rate.Drop.Money = 15

# XP rates
Rate.XP.Kill = 150
Rate.XP.Quest = 150
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198 WoW aTTaX
Deutscher WoW Server
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199 TBC-Force
Ein Mega Super Realm
Jetzt is auch endllich der schwule Snake (Pascal) vom realm :)
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200 German WoW Privat Server
German Privat WoW TBC Server
2 Realms : 1 Blizzlike realm , 1 Funn realm !
Nice Player , Nice Community , Nice GM's
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