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[4.0.6-4.3.3 Ture Cataclysm][WOTLK 3.3.5a][Goblin and Worgen][Instant 80 High Rates][Custom Gears With High States][High Population][Stable and Less Lag][Special PVP System][Battleground and Arena Works][All Cataclysm Contents][Friendly GM support]

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Emperorwow Your Best Choice
Emperor WoW

[Completely Free Stable Game][Play Smoothly,lasting Uptime][Instant 80][Unique PVPSystem][true Cataclysm][Massive quests][custom instances and Dungeons][High Population][Edited Battleground and Arena][Amazing Mounts][Balanced Classes][Friendly GM Staffs][Instant 80]
WoWNoW v2.0
Deutscher WoW 2.1.3 P-Server || Blizzlike || 90% Deutsch || Immer Aktuell || Nette Website features || L舫ft auf : Amd64, 2Gb Linux Server = Lagfree!
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To join our server you need to create an account. The current game version is 2.1.3. To join the forum log into your account (You can earn XP with the forum.). We have a very good community!;
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DaRkManGOS | Privater WoW-Server | Kompetente GMエs | Portale und diverse Vendoren |
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is a web for worldofwarcraftserver
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Dracula's WoW
Vendors, portals, trainers, and other latest weapons ADDED! Professional, skilled, and helpful GMs!We've one of the best GMS! New Server with NO LAGS, NO DCs and NO BUGS! All intances fully spawned! BT, TK, HYJAL SUMMIT (HIGH RATE SERVER!) Hidden
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306 Via Levis
Wir sind ein WoW Privatserver mit einer tollen Community, kompetenten GMエs hohen rates (80) und super Events.//Patch 2.1.3-2.2.2
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307 Crogges - 2.2.x WoW BC Next Generation Server
This is a new Generation of Blizzlike Private World of Warcraft Servers, we are working now since June06 on this Server. Own Database and Core. No Lags and more than 50 hours Uptime, so you will have a complete new Gamefeeling.
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308 UndergroundWoW
UndergroundWoW :: Burning Crusade Included! :: 1GBit Connection :: 2000+ User Cap :: 2.2.2 Servers:: Lag-Free :: Friendly GMs :: Discussion Boards :: Constant Uptime :: PVP/RP-PVE :: Dedicated Server(s) :: Many Events (PvP, PvE etc.) :: Two Windows
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309 Twilight WoW
New Russian Server We wait players and hope you enjoy us :)
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310 World of Fun (2.4.2 TBC)
Herzlich wilkommen auf unserem World of Fun Server mit 8x Raten,damit ihr mehr spass am lvln habt,haben wir ein lvl up event,also kommt rann hier:).
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311 Geinserver - Free Wow private server
Free Wow - 55XP - 25xGold - 2 Malls - 2 Highlevel zones - Max level 100 - Instant revive - Working Arena and BG - Warp robots - Blizzcon band - Cool community
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312 [FGNetwork] Custom Funserver x500 Rates
99.8% Uptime :: Xeon Server:: Active Community :: Great Forums ::Dedicated Server :: Very High Rate :: Massive PvP :: 1000+ Players Capacity :: :: Vent Server/IRC :: All Instances/Bosses Spawned :: Custom Weapons/Donation ::Donate for GM:: Much More!
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313 WoW Gaming Lounge - German BC 2.1.x!
Freundliche GM's ; Geile Community ; 500 User Cap ; Keine Lags ; Higher than Blizz rates ; Alle(!!) Instanzen ; Support und Game Forum! ; Portale ; lvl limit: 80!! regelm葹ige Events und niedrige Pings!
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314 WowSiteLinks
A central database for ALL your world of warcraft bookmarks. Private Servers, guides, Wrath of the Lich King, Patch 2.3.0, Tips, Patches, Fansites, Add-ons, Gold, Forums and much more...
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315 Free Spirit
FREE SPIRIT - Always upto date,custom vendors, 24/7 access, fast connection speeds, helpfull GMs, all tier available, blizzlike,Blizzlike Events,Custom GM Events,Plus lvl 20, 200 gold and a mount for new players.
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316 wowdoom
??? ?????????? ?????? ????????. ????? | expa 2 loot 4 | CooL server expa 2 loot 4.
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318 Spiel bei uns mit The Ultimated
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319 German WoW Realm
Free WOW Realm, version 2.1.3 T臠liche Updates, nette GM, riesige Community
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320 Supremus WoW 2.1x
Read Banner!
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321 --> DarkStone WoW <--
We are an WoW Private server with currently 2 Realms one Fun and One Blizzlike. We're 24/7 Online!!
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Welcome to V2.1.3 orgrimar stormwind T0-T0.5 Admin skype lapeto_131 Veryy gooood server enjoy!!!!!
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323 WoWave - Burning Crusade 2.2.x
WoWave - Burning Crusade 2.1.x / 2.2.x (PvP). Blizzlike (High XP/Drop/Regen/Rep/Honor). 24/7 Uptime. No Player Cap. No-Lag. Friendly GMs. Events. Battlegrounds. Arena. Forums. Constantly updates to latest Ascent Core + Latest Database. Ventrilo serve
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324 burningstorm
Burning Storm - Blizzlike ???? set realmlist ??? XP Rate: 1.1X Level Cap: 70 Drop rate: 1.1X Gold: 1.2X Realmlist: Client Version: 2.1.3
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325 New WoW Immortality
Wir sind ein Deutscher WoW Server mit 60x XP Netten GMS und Admins, Schaut Selbst :)
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326 Dracula's WoW
聞Dedicated Server聞聞Portals聞聞Custom Mounts聞聞Custom Items聞聞Friendly GMs聞No lags, no DC聞聞24/7 online聞Amazing UPTIME聞All intances fully spawned封キNo Bugsキ聞Custom Vendors聞聞Friendly Community聞聞Come, join us and join the fun聞
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327 Project Avinity
Project Avinity - Deutscher Privat-Realm! XP-RateX80,Spielertreffpunkt,netter Support + inkl Forum und eigenem Realm-TS der fr jeden zug舅glich ist, st舅dige updates mit neuster version von Antrix!9,6ghz rootserver mit 4gig-RAM und 1gigabitleitung
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328 The New Generation of WoW
Ein Deutscher WoW Funserver mit alle x100 Rates und einem eigenen Treffpunkt und LevelArena darberhinaus ber 100 H舅dler!!!! Also steige heute noch ein ^^.
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329 WoW-Skarlet
German top fun server geile raten coole gms die ersten 100 personen bekommen 50 lvl up
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330 Nuclear 2.1.3 funserver
good funserver ! no lag ! 1mob=70lvl and vendors .6tier :)))) join and fave fun .good luck ! ;) set realmlist
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331 Blood-N-Honor TBC 2.3.0 *German*
Wir sind ein Ascent WoW 2.3.x TBC PVE Server.// EXP - Explore - Quest 55x // Gold 250x - Drop 150x // Nice GMエs // Max LvL 70 // Max 2 Jobs // T1 - T6 // Latenz um die 20 Ping // Teamspeak vorhanden
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332 G15
We are a 100% love wow server! we tray to do it good
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333 Dude Wheres Your Mount - Private Server
Dude Wheres Your Mount - Private WoW Server, always running newest and most stable version... This is the best server available...
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334 World Of Warcraft Knicks Ass
You will Never know unless you enter ! World Of Warcraft Kicks Ass !
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335 The Craft
The Craft. New Zealand's only free World of Warcraft Server. For more information please visit our website.
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336 GameCorn US & EU 2.2.3
Blizzlike, 99% Uptime, 2000 user cap, No-lag, 2 Dedicated Servers based in North-America and Europe! We have a Very Good Community! Join us Now!
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337 Deathkingdom 2.2.3.
NEW server and 10x rates can play with 2.2.3 ver.
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338 lol crusade fun server
LOL crusade greek wow private server!!It is fun server!!WOW TBC 2.1.3 PATCH!!GMs 24 hours online!!We are friendly!Max lvl 70!!high rates!!
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339 SpikeCollar Server
SpikeCollar is a new wow fun-server! Check our forums for news, updates, and information!
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340 Revenant WoW
Med/High Rate Server || Friendly GM's || Fun Events in Plan || Custom Leveling Areas and Malls for each Faction! max level 100 ||
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341 Rebellion Custom WoW 2.3
!!!ZUL'AMAN NOW OPEN!!! Awesome Custom 2.3 Server !!2 REALMS!! 1:INSTANT LVL 150 2:LVL 1-200 50xp with Custom Leveling Area BOTH REALMS HAVE A MALL AND Custom Gear/Weapons/Events and Instances !!NO LAG!! Daily Events With Custom Gear as Prizes COME
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342 Demolisher Demsions TBC FunServer!
This is a fun, World of watercraft server based on getting more people and having a good time, If we can get Alot of good things and updates, Thank you.
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344 World of Revenge
World of Revenge. Best Private Server. 24/7 and NO lag ! Get in to see all !
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345 Denver-Phoenix
BC, v2.1.3. Blizzlike. T1 conn. Running Linux,low latency. Qualified staff, active and experienced GMs,scripters to keep instances interesting, but tuned. Regular backups is a guaranteed no-wipe. Constant uptime. Regular updates, mature community
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346 ShareWoW
World of Warcraft Server
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347 Caliburn WoW
Caliburn WoW. 2.3.x High rate. Portals, Trainers. And Custom shops will be added. Online 24/7 running on 100 MBits.
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348 Arthes - [2.2.3] - [TBC] - [SWE]
Blizzlike/ High Rateserver with level 70 cap Visit the web site for more information!
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349 Apocalypse WoW
Great Server, No lag, 500x rates, need GM/Admin/Moderators, 6000+ user cap, 99.99% uptime.
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350 [DoL] Defender of Light
Client Version Burning Crusade 2.3.x GERMAN ONLY !!! * komplett deutsche Quests, Items, objects usw... * EP = x80 * Stats, Drops = x5 * Sehr stabil, gute Latenz * 24/7 online * Grosse, nette Community * maximales Level = 70 * Ehrenpunkte nac
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