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[4.0.6-4.3.3 Ture Cataclysm][WOTLK 3.3.5a][Goblin and Worgen][Instant 80 High Rates][Custom Gears With High States][High Population][Stable and Less Lag][Special PVP System][Battleground and Arena Works][All Cataclysm Contents][Friendly GM support]

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Emperorwow Your Best Choice
Emperor WoW

[Completely Free Stable Game][Play Smoothly,lasting Uptime][Instant 80][Unique PVPSystem][true Cataclysm][Massive quests][custom instances and Dungeons][High Population][Edited Battleground and Arena][Amazing Mounts][Balanced Classes][Friendly GM Staffs][Instant 80]
• Borked • Wrath of the Lich King •
• Borked • The Burning Crusade • Wrath of the Lich King •
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Rasheed WoW Romania Best 2.1.X
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Project Revolution
Project Revolution is a new project getting very very close to becoming like world of warcraft.
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Scynet WoW BC Server! 2.1.3
High Xp-Rate! BG funktioniert und wird viel genutzt!Higher Money Drop Rate and Item Drop Rate! Keine Lags! Gute Pings! Viele Events! Bosse spellen! 24/7 on (nur kurze downs aufgrund von updates)
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Das dunkele Portal
Deutscher Privat Server. Patch 2.1.3, Antrix, 2x Rates, Noch auf Hamachi bald auf Root (paar tage), guter support, Lag frei, Black Tempel+tier4+5+6, suchen gute Spieler, nette Community
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256 Harvest
One Kill LvL 70, custom vendors, Events Every Night, Portals in all main cities
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257 Crying Evils Angels
?????????? ??? ??????! ????? ???? ??????! ?????? 2.1.3 !!!
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258 WoW-RUSSAKI Server
XP x 5000 Drop x 3 Money x 200 Russaki i nemzi: Dobro pozhalovat! Russen und Deutsche sind herzlich willkomen! Der Server für ist Russen, Russlanddeutsche sowie die Ureinwohner Deutschlands gedacht. The Server language is mainly r
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259 The New Generation
Wir Bieten 4 x drop 4 x EXP 99 % uptime und open PVP alles zu 90% auf Deutsch und Scherbenwelt zu 95 % bespawnt wenig Bugs
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260 World of Warcraft Infinity [TBC]
TBC 2.1.3 [-] Max Online 300 [-] Exp 100/Drop 50 [-] Lag Free/10Mbps [-] Good Events [-] Friendly GMs [-] All are welcome [-] Join us
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261 Wow Elynea
Brand New Server!! Running on the latest patch!! Instant Lvl 70 Fun Server!! Epic Vendors for every slot, T1-6, Custom T7+Donation Items also available,Great and helpfull GMs and Great PvP events!! Come and join the fun now!!
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The best russian WoW server
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263 ForgottenheroesWoW
Very High Rates Server Runing 2.1.3
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264 Shocktower
Highly customized funserver with great rates, great people, great staff, custom leveling area, custom malls and warps. Always improving!
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265 BloodMyst Vile
We are on Hamachi. Ham: Blood Mist Pass: 123 Ham2: Blood Mist 2 Pass2: 123
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266 -==WoW CrazY==-
Brand New WoW TBC v.2.13 PvP Server * Ancest core * 1kill = lvl 70 * over 71 vendors in OG and SW * Lag Free * T4-T6 * 5 - 10 events / day with grate prizes * nice GM's * and more ... * TRY NOW AND U WILL NOT BE DISAPOINTED
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268 Zodiac WoW
Multi realms! Choose between Blizzlike or funservers! Friendly Community and Dedicated servers! Over 13k+ registred members at the forums trough zodiac-wows history!
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269 New Generation WoW German FunServer
Brandneuer (23.8.07)Funserver mit Playertreff , wo Trainer, Händler etc stehen . XP Raten 50x !
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270 L2 Cereverus
Very God Server The Only Server In Kamael Version That You Can Learn All The Skills Of All The Classes Rates Are More Then 5000
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271 -==Dark Crystal WoW==-
Burning Crusade 2.1.X :: High rate Realm x20 :: Powerful Dedicated Server :: Fast Connection :: Lag-Free :: Constant Uptime :: Tier 6 :: Always newer versions :: Plus heaps more! :: Uptime 99%
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272 Bloodline-TBC 2.2.3
NEU!!! 2.2.3 läuft!! BloodLine-WoW, immer aktuell, freundlich, hilfsbereit und natürlich kostenfrei! Wir sind immer für euch da!
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273 Flamez Server
Free Tier6 Gear,Easy Leveling,Free Mounts,Events that hand out gold and items! And Fun PvP
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274 Bacon 'n Eggs WoW
Funserver! INSTANT LVL 90! High Gold and Drop rates! VENDORS that include TIERS, WEAPONS, and many more! PvE and PvP events everyday! NO LAGG, NO GLITCHES! Also, looking for GMs. Join the fun!
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275 wow TBC free server midnight
FRee server wow TBC
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276 Thullife WoW
Wir sind eine nette comminitty mit zwei tbc servern stabieler ping nette gms ascent emu und all bugs gefixx also so ziemlich all
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server dedicade versao 2.1.3 max lvl 255
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278 Revolution WOW-Server
- WoW Server - Blizzlike - High - Online GM's - Viele Events - Teleporter - ...
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279 WoW Cs Fifa Mu
Cs tutoriale , wow pach all , mu-online , servere cs , JOIN & MORE
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280 Darkthorn - The Dark Realm
Come join us we are kind of new and we are always looking for more GM's we haven't changed the level cap yet but it will be 85 - 105
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281 Atom-Network 2.4!
38000 angemeldete User, 2500 aktiv, Fun Server, Blizz Server,Extreme Server, 400+ online, 3 Server! High Rate, Fun Rate! Blizz Rate , Wir sind eine deutsche Community!
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282 FUN 2.2.3 TBC Server
Fun Server Running The Latest Patchs NO LAG 24/7 UPTIME GREAT XP AND DROP RATES FULLY WORKING BattleGrounds And Arenas, Daily Events With Custom Weapons And Gear For Prizes...COME PLAY WOW LIKE YOU NEVER HAVE BEFORE
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283 World of Warcraft Romanian Fun Server
1 - Vendors In Shatratg 2 - Level 70 Instant 3 - Join Now! Is a ordin!
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284 SpaceNet WoW BC
World of Warcraft BC v. 2.1.3 (Russian Server) Rate 70x PvP, online 300+, BG, Arena, Mail, Guild, Full Tier 6 ..:::.. 500 Mbs LAN ..:::..
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285 pcStrike
Tutoriale, resurse si suport Gaming and IT
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286 G*E*C WoW
2.1.3 BC German WoW Higrate Server
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287 Merciless WoW 3 Unique 2.4.3 Funservers!
Three Realms ALL PvP! Ultimate PvP Fun Servers (200x+ Rates!) :: 100% Custom Leveling Areas, Items, Mobs, Tier 7, Vendors :: Level 255 Cap 2.4.3 Servers! :: High User Cap :: Fast Connection :: Lag-Free :: Constant Uptime :: Join Now! ::
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288 vWoW
vWoW :-: 2.3 Compatible :-: Black Temple, Mount Hyjal, Battlegrounds, ALL WORK! :-: 1 Funserver, instant level 70, massive gold drop, Seperate Item Malls :-: 1 Blizzlike :-: 24/7 Uptime :-: Dedicated Server
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289 WoW Junkies
2.2.x High Rate FunServer || Shops || Custom AV War || Instant lvl 70 by choice or work your way up || Friendly GM's || Dedicated Server || 1000 player cap || Working WSG and Arena
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290 ShadowWarriorINC
- Deutsche Datenbank - 30 Rate - Max lvl 70
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291 .:: Death Legends german WoW-fun-Server
~deutscher Blizzlike,Highrate & Fun~ Fun-Features: inst.70~2 Playertreffs mit allen Vendoren und leichtem Start ins Spiel~custom Storyline & PvP System~gescriptete & funktionierende Bosse~balanced custom Items~Port NPC~wöchentliche Updates~vi
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292 GameCorn US 2.1.3 & 2.2
Blizzlike, 99% Uptime, No-lag, Dedicated Server based in North-America! We have a Very Good Community! Join us Now!
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293 World of Racuria TBC 2.3.2
Accepts Version 2.3.2 Blizzlike; Lvl Cap set to 80; Custom Quests, Events & Items; PVP & PVE; Contests; AH Bot, NO EMPTY AUCTION HOUSE EVER!
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This is the best bulgarian sarvar for TBC.Join to as.!
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295 unholy wow --> instant 80 level
just few days ago made privat server what has much bugs fixed like example. shaman elemental totems,shopping mall,instant 80,Friendly GM:s and Admin
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296 WoWNoW v2.0
Deutscher WoW 2.1.3 P-Server || Blizzlike || 90% Deutsch || Immer Aktuell || Nette Website features || Läuft auf : Amd64, 2Gb Linux Server = Lagfree!
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297 BattleCry
To join our server you need to create an account. The current game version is 2.1.3. To join the forum log into your account (You can earn XP with the forum.). We have a very good community!;
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298 DaRkManGOS
DaRkManGOS | Privater WoW-Server | Kompetente GM´s | Portale und diverse Vendoren |
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299 WorldOfHeatra
is a web for worldofwarcraftserver
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300 Dracula's WoW
Vendors, portals, trainers, and other latest weapons ADDED! Professional, skilled, and helpful GMs!We've one of the best GMS! New Server with NO LAGS, NO DCs and NO BUGS! All intances fully spawned! BT, TK, HYJAL SUMMIT (HIGH RATE SERVER!) Hidden
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