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[v.62] EpicWorldMS [24/7 NO HAMACHI]
[v62] - [50x EXP] - [20x Meso] - [3x Drop] - [Much Events] - [24/7] - [No Hamachi] - [Lagfree] - [New Mounts] - [New Maps] - [New Items] - [New Mobs] - [KoC] - [NX (Cash)] -[Pro Team + Friendly GM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s] - [Nice Forum] - Much much more ...
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Colourstory is a liad back server which is v75, gm apps are open and players can hangout in the server. The server is 100% custom made
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Story MS V.75
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ActionStory V75 1200x 750x 10x
[1200x 750x 5x][v.72][All PQ\\\'s work + CPQ[Skill Maxer][All in one Npc][daily Random events][Achievement points system][Item Exchange NPC][Full Working Rings][Best Community!][Rebirth][Wedding][President system][Player Commands] [UFJ]NEW!!!!
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MapleBreak [v.62] [Non Hamachi]
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406 »iStoryMs« »v.75« »Fun« »Recruiting Coders«
[»iStoryMs«] [»Exp - 1000x«] [»Meos - 250x«] [»Drop - 25x«] »[Ultimate Flash Jump«] [»All In One Shop«] [»Custom Training Grounds«] [»Player Commands«] [»FM Monsters«] [»Nx«] [»Cash Shop«] [»Skill Maxer«] [»Max Stat Items«] [»Fun Gameplay«] [»Online
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407 DiviworkMs
Best New Maple Story Private Server, rates not too high and not too low, but PERFECTLY fine! u gona love it!!! JOIN NOW! ;)
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408 *NEW* High Rate Maplestory PvP Server
[v62] [2k Exp] [1k Drops] [2k Meso] [4th Jobs] [Job Changer] [Free NX Cash Items] [PvP Server] [Player COmmands] [All Boss Working] [Unli Flash Jump] [Join Now!]
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409 fly for godz v14
Great flyff server
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410 Stoner-Story v.62
Great Server With Edited Wz File (black stelly and much much other) good Gm Hamachi Sorry Join Now We Waiting You
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411 PsychoMS v62 [Open] 25000|2500|10
PsychoMS v62 [25000:2500:10] [(Super)Rebirth] [Golden Leaf-System] [AIO-Shop] [Lots Of Events] [Friendly GM\\\'s] [GM Apps Ask [Head]Admin for being GM] [Non Hamachi] [Much Fun] [Future: New Channels/Worlds] [http://83.82.
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412 UnknowMS :: v75
UnknowMS :: v75 Private Server :: In need of GMS :: Also need Coders :: Good Community :: Nice GM :: Less Bugs ::
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413 v75 MegaStory- Play Unlimited
[1200x,800x,5x] Brand new v75 Private Server! GM Apps opened in the forums! [Custom NPC] [100% Working Skills] [ Godly Starter Pack] [24/7 Server] [GM events daily] [ Friendly Active Community][Custom FM Spawn] [PQ 100% Working] [ No Roll Backs] [ Al
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414 LucardianMs v75
LucardianMs is a new private server that has almost everything! If we don\'t have something that you would like to have, tell us and we will try add it for you. We have hired merchants, full ring effects, custom Npcs, custom Nx system, NO vote for Nx
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415 Maplestory Leveling Maplestory Cheats
Maplestory cheats for free maplestory mesos maplestory lvl maplestory items maplestory leveling maplestory exp maple story cheats and tips maplestory money maplestory power leveling and maplestory god mode.
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416 CookieStoryy -- V75 -- Occupations coming soon
[Rates: 350x /550x /15x] [Godly Dedicated Server] [FM Bosses] [Custom Player Commands] [Awesome Community] [Great Staff] [Achievements] [Custom PQ\\\\\\\'s] [Auto Register] [Cookie System] & More ! Join today
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417 Cryptonyte > Cyngus Knights > V.75 > Upgraded to 400x Exp
Cyngus Knights > Player Commands > Guilds > Double Exp Weekends > Families > Monster Books > Gacha > Alliances > Auto Job > Training Maps > Hired Merchants > Mounts > MTS > Cash Shop > NX Cash Seller > Mail System > EasyShops > Mu Lung PQ > Player Np
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418 AgentMS v62
AgentMS [v62][5000x][10000x][10x][Custom NPC\\\'s][Custome PQ\\\'s][Looking for Coders] [More to come]
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419 mSwMS
mSwMS | V.62 | Rates: x500 exp/x500 mesos/x10drop | Our Own Repack New Mounts / Chairs / NX And items | Alot of fun events every day Hamachi | 24/7 | So Come Join us our website
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420 FastStoryMS V62 Cygnus Knight v80 Item 24/7 Dedica
[v62] [1000x EXP, 500x MESO, 10x DROP][We need More Gm] [2x EXP Weekends] [Fully working KoC] [Multi Pets] [Pirates] [Lag-free] [Unlimited Flash Jump Client [20 Channels] [Cash Shop] [GMS-like drops] [All Pq Work] [Separated Channels][Cygnus Knight][
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421 RawMs V.62 HAMACHI!
Rates 100/250/5 Join our NEW! v.62 Raw! Yes we are currently HAMACHI but we will get off it soon and we are 24/7! All GM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s are very friendly. We have custom shops and FM summons. new website at
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422 VoidTeam Presents: VoidMS
! BETA TESTING NOW ! Requires Maple v0.55 and you can download the client from our site. Pleasehelp us teest the game by joining today!
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423 ImpulseMS
ImpulseMS is a fun NON-Hamachi server with friendly GMs and Admins. ImpulseMS has a trophy system,we use VPS so 0% lag and cms faster, FM Bosses, 24/7, great community, forum, CMS, and great support. ENJOY!
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424 .::CookieStory::.
Ever wanted a server that was friendly & it felt like home? Well then you\\\\\\\'ve come to the right place. CookieStory offer\\\\\\\'s great futures, fantastic community! Awesome Staff + more. Join now, were also hiring GM\\\\\\\'s. Soo apply on the
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425 AuraStoryv75
[v75][24/7][4Gb Dedi][75x Exp][2x Drops] [10x Meso][DoJo][Cash Shop][HPQ][Achievements][Great Economy][Player Commands][Friendly GMs]
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426 KawashMs
[V.75] [Rates-10000,5000,20 Exp,meso,drops] We are in need of some coders and Gms. Fun server soon to be non-Hamachi!![hamachi info- id Kawash1 Pass 123123]
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427 PillowMS
Welcome to PillowMS!! We are a GMS-like v.75 server. The rates are 50/10/20.
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428 IfritfireMS
Ifritfire ms! 1000x exp//100x messo//10x drop Join a great community with good helping gm\'s and much more stuff to do!// JOIN IFRIT!
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429 Clonestory
[Dedicated] [24/7] [Presidents] [500x 100x 10x] [AIO-Shop] [Rings] [Boss Quest] [Custom PQs] [Marriage] [Autoban] [Player Commands] [FM Mobs] [FM Npc] [Custom Spawns] [Much JQs] [Advanced PVP] [Donor Island] [Donation Points] [Vote Points] [All PQ Wo
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430 MyMaple! - Its your story!
[] [24/7] [Dedicated server] [No hamachi!!!] [v62 with custom NPCs] [1000exp/100mesos] [Cool events!] [Friendly GMs] [All in one shop] [Donation commands] [FM spawns] [Rebirths] [Godly items!] [PvP] Join today!
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Invasion Story! :: 1337x 150x 25x :: Good rates :: Custom NPC\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s :: Great Community :: Gm Apps Open! :; Max Stat Items ::
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432 [v62]MapleZtory [Looking For Active and Fun Gms] [1000x/200x/5x/10x]
[NON-HAMACHI!] - [lowest amount of DC!!] - [@pvpon command! Pvp whenever!] - [v75 + v62 + v80 items!!] - [PQS WORKING :D] - [Gm Applications Open!] - [1000x/1000x/4x/10x] - [V62.] - [Working Rings] - [Vbulletin Forum] - [24/7] - [Join us today !] -
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433 Soul Fox Story
[V.75] - [ exp : 10,000 ] - [ money : 5000 ] - [ drop : 5 ] - Friendly GMs - Nice Community - No Lag - 99% of the time oppened - Join our fabulous community .
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434 DanteMS v62
Join now v62 1500x/1000/10 GM apps open
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435 ~SkoolMS~ New Private server V62
[v62] [5000x Exp,Mesos and Drop] [Multipets] [Pirate] [All-in-One NPC and Shop] [Daily Events] [Friendly GMs] [Warper] [Fame Seller][Frog Legs System] [FM Spawns] [Customized Skin, Hair,Eyes] [Max Stats Item] [Hamachi/Sorry] AND MUCH MORE !!! COME JO
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436 FlarkMS [v62!]
[2k-1k-10x][v62 VPS][Custom][No Lag][2GB Dedicated][Singapore Server][Stable 100%][Online 24/7][NoobMaps][32k Gm Hats Free][Nice GM\'s][Great Community][Active PLayers][Custom FM][Crazy SKills][Evan/Aran/Cygnus Skills][Vote 20k NX][Great NPC\\\'s][Mu
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437 Fantasy Ms
[1500x exp] [2500x Meso] [10x Drop] [Non- Hamachi] [ v75 Mounts, Chairs and items] [24/7] [reward npc] [ AWESOME GMS ] [JOIN TODAIIIII !!!!! :D]
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438 DrakoMs v.75 - Custom to the limit!
[300/200/3] [v75] [KoC] [Rebirths] [PlayerCommands] [UFJ in client] [Attendance (voting)] [Fire System] [PQ-Bonus System] [DrakoQuests] [DrakoCash] [Custom PQ\'s] [Anti-Rollback] [Pro Dedi] [Great Storylines] [Why wait, join DrakoMs NOW] [Custom to t
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439 BlackOutMs [Looking For Gm]
BlackOutMs Rates 1000 500 100 [Unlimted Buff,AllInOneShop,Tetris System,24Hour Online,Full Dojo+Medals,Nice Community,Full Cygnus,Ring Working,Auto Register,Custom Mounts,MARRIAGE Working Soon,Commands,Non-Hamachi,No Scam,Bug Report In Game Or In Zak
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440 latalems join today v.75
LataleMs v.75 @great@ Fm Bosses@ all in one shop (1meso)@nx item 1 meso@ all job change in one npc@rebirth@fast respawn@playr commands@ever wekk events @and more @pvp with ur freinds @ Great Gms@we need gms come now 2 slot @@ hmachi id latalems1 or l
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441 DejavuMS - Have you been here before?
{v62} {NEW - Open BETA} {1000x/500x/1x} {GM positions available} {v86 working Mounts, Pets, Equips!} {Unique CMS and Forum} {Golden Maple Leaf System} {Much, much more!}\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
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442 FroobStory! [v62]
[2k-1k-10x][v62 Hamachi][Custom][No Lag][2GB Dedicated][Singapore Server][Stable 100%][Online 24/7][NoobMaps][32k Gm Hats Free][Nice GM\\\'s][Great Community][Active PLayers][Custom FM][Crazy SKills][Evan/Aran/Cygnus Skills][Vote 20k NX][Great NPC\\\
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443 xDMS v75 with full KoC
[+84 items] [super rebirth] [mulung dojo] [leaf system] [lots and lots of fm npc\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s] [custom romeo and juliet PQ] [fm bosses] [custom rebirth reward / reward quest] [nice community / growing fast] [nice GM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
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444 Palangian Server
Palangian Server
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445 SIDStory
[V62+v80][1850x] [850x] [5x] [Fm Mobs] [AllinOne Shop] [Stats Resetter/Adder] [Exchangers] [Rebirths] [Events] [Nx Seller] [Fame Sellers] [Gender Changer] [Fame Seller] [Smega Seller] [Timeless Weapons]
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446 SmileMS
Welcome to SmileMS V.75 Rates: EXP - 2000x Mesos - 500x Drop - 100x.[NEW SERVER! 06/12/2010!.[JOIN NOW!] [10+ PEOPLE GM APPLY WILL OPEN!] [FM MOBS!] [SUPER REBIRTH] [@COMMANDS] [SNAIL EXP] [AND MORE... JOIN NOW!]
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447 ExpireMs V.62 - Non Hamachi
Its Really Fun [Cool GMs That Are Helpful] [Exp Rate of 1999x] [Mesos Rate of 1999x] [Drop Rate of 10x] [V.80 Skills] [Newly Made In The Year 2010] [Non Hamachi] [And A Golden Leaf Bank System] Join NOW!!!System] Join NOW!!!
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448 YourStory v.75
[exp 400][meso 300][drop 300][Unlimited Buffs][MultiLevel][Auto-Job] [Looking for new GMs] [Occuptations][Skill Maxer] [Player commands] [24/7] [Warper][NON-Hamachi] [Lag-Free] [All in one shop at FM] . We have a great Community.
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449 uTopia - Your Perfect Escape [500x|100x|2x] (One week only) [GM APPS OPEN!]
[Non-Hamachi] - [v87 Hair, Chair, Items, Weapons] - [Custom StoryLine] - [Custom Skills] - [Fully Custom] - [Friendly Community] - [Anti-DC] - [All PQ\'s Working] - [@fmnpc] - [All Versions Combined!] - [KMS] - [JMS] - [EMS] - [Join Today!]
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450 NordicStory v75 [Online]
[150X 25X 10X][Online 24/7][4GB-3.0GHz-0%Lag][Best friendly awesome GM\\\\\\\'s][Super Active community][Many Customized NPC\\\\\\\'s/Maps/Skills][GM Apps Open][Non-GMS Like][Frog-Leg System!][Vote rewards][Super-Rebirth][Way more so join now!][Aran/
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