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SupraMS [New] [V.75] [Best Server Ever]
[Amazing FM Spawns][No Lagg][24/7][No-hamachi][Customs Occupations][GM APPS open][Exp x100 Mesos x100 Drop x2][With Occupation Get the rates to 1000x!][Easy NX][Millions of NPCs FM][Scripted Droping Box][Uniques Things] Waiting for You !
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Sanctuary MS
[v. 83][SUPER HIGH RATES][10000x EXP/50x MESO/10x DROP][ Maple Leaf][Occupation system][Monster spawner][Rebirths]
In:0 Out:158
StormStory [V83] - [600/300/3]
[600X EXP - 300X MESOS - 3X DROPS] [Special Gambling Map] [Exchange Quests] [JQ + PQ with rewards] [Player Commands] [Max Stat Items] [Custom Hunting Grounds] [AIO Seller] [Maxed Skills]
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[250xE/10xM/3xD]-[NEW SERVER!]-[ALL SKILLS WORKING!!!]-[Open To Suggestions!]-[All-In-One Shops][Forum]-[Help Get Us ACTIVE!]-[Still Can make Changes]-[Daily Events!]-[Trophey System]-[Daily Updates]-[@fmnpc]-[Rebirth and MSI items]-[Skill Maxer]-[Fa
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[v97 Items][Custom FM][NO LAG][300k Exp!!!!][500x Meso!][2x Drop][BigBang Weapons][Vanquisher Kills Medal Exhanger(Mulung Dojo)][NSI(Nic Stat Item)][BigBang EXP Curve][Say No More To KoC][Custom Adventurers]
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456 MixMS v75
[V75][Hamachi For Now][1000/500/5][GM/Coder Apps Open][24/7 Online][Working NPCs][FreeNX][Friendly Staff][Friendly Community][Little Lag][Great Server] [Al
In:0 Out:164
457 YourStoryv62 Non hamachi
~YourStory~, We are v.62 :),Non Hamachi, Perfect rates,Active and Nice Gms,Coder and Gm app is *Open* Now. So go ahead and make an app if you wish to become a Gm.-Clueless We are 24/7
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458 SextMS v.83
[v83][20x/15x/3x][Non-Hamachi][Great Economy][Friendly Community][Re-Opened][Working Bosses][24/7][Dedicated][Hall of Fame][New FM] JOIN NOW!
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459 DestenationMS
Nice low rated server 45x exp Hamachi... Come and play now!
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460 Maple Story PvP Server
v62\\r\\n2k Exp\\r\\n1k Drops\\r\\n2k Meso\\r\\n4th Jobs\\r\\nPvP Server\\r\\nFree NX Cash Items\\r\\nPlayer Commans\\r\\nAll Boss Working\\r\\nUnli Flash Jump
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461 LightlessMS ~[2000/3500/50]~
In:0 Out:256
462 DawmMS
Check out our site for more info//Rates: Exp:750//meso:25//drop:2 Server v 75 //24 online// custom npcs//custom events//working on new npcs and party quests!//join now!
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463 myMapleStory
Die Deutsche News Community zu MapleStory.
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464 MS Server V1.01
In:0 Out:157
465 CyreMS v83
CyreMS The Maplestory Private server v83 [-] EXP:1200x Meso:800x Drop:10x [-] Lots of features! [-] Join Now!!!
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466 RiceMS
New MapleStory Private Server v75 [Currently Editing and Fixing the bugs][Super RBS][Job Advancer][Fun GMS][Some Commands][Please Join][Hamachi Needed][Have Fun][Rates 30000x Exp/20000x Meso/5x Drop][Unlimited Flash Jump][All-In-One Shops][Unlimited
In:0 Out:141
467 ::D.MetalChaosMS::[V.83] -BigBangPatch-
:: PVP System :: AutoRegister :: Evan & DualBlade & Mechanic & WildHunter & BattleMage Skills :: 555x EXP :: 55x MESOS :: 5x DROP :: Custom Max Stat Item NPCS :: Player Commands :: Skill Maxer :: Custom Gachapon :: EASY Rebirths :: Cash Shop :: Jump
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468 MythMS
MythMS is a brand new MapleStory Private Server, [1000x EXP, 200x Mesos, 3x Drop] Cheese System!!, New and Old events
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469 Final Story
Final Story is the only version 99 server. We have a full crafting and profession system implemented. We also have all-in-one one meso shop and active GM\'s. Join today and receive a promotional Final Story Beginners Pack.
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470 SquishyMS
Very Custom v83 Server AIO, Donation Point Seller, Nx Seller, Fm Spawns, Lots Of Player Commands, 500x Exp, 400x Mesos, 5x Drop, Rare Items!!!, MSI\'s
In:0 Out:143
471 WeedStory New V.83 Server ! [Everything Special !]
This Server is Reborn of SupraMS,GloryMS,WeedStory ! [V.83][No Hamachi],[32GB Ram Server],[Big Website Under Constructions],[Need Staff !][Customs WZs Soon][GMS like with med rates 100x 10x 3x][Lot of Custom stuff comig server started august 26]
In:0 Out:161
472 .::ChickenMS v83::. v95 Items! [Non-Hamachi]
[ChickenMS v.83] [750x Exp] [1250x Mesos] [3x Drop] [Epic Occupation System] [Super Tubi] [UFJ] [Removed Dmg Cap] [Multi Leveling] [GM app (Open)] [Growing Community] [Friendly/Very helpful GMs] [Non-hamachi] [FM Bosses] [Starter Pack] [v.95 Items] [
In:0 Out:169
473 ElementalStory [350x/400x/3x]
[RATES/350x/400x/3x] [All in one shop NPC] [Dojo + Custom belt] [Skill Maxer] [Event Trophy System] [No DMG Cap + Unlimited Flash Jumps] [Customed Tutorial + Little Gift] [Special Item Seller NPC] [Nx Seller NPC] [Daily Event] [Friendly GM <3] [FM Mo
In:0 Out:171
474 MavisMS[v75]
MavisMS new server v75 , High rates , Nice GMs , Pet system works fine , Achievements system works with rewards , Join us :) , hamachi <-- MavisMS1-10 , Pass is 121233
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475 HeroStory V75 - 2100x/3100x/2x
HeroStory V75 - 2100x/3100x/2x - Fm Boss \\r\\nGm App , Gm Frends , need code and gm etc.....
In:0 Out:157
476 CharletMS
CharletMS !!! [1000][500][2][Custom Npcs][Free NX][Friendly GM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
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477 PoliMS - Polski serwer MapleStory
PoliMS - Polski serwer MapleStory. Zapraszamy! PoliMS - Polish MapleStory server. Welcome and Have Fun!
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478 MapleTaste | The Return! v75
[v75][Brand New][Friendly GM\\\\\\\'s][Free NX][High-Rates][Easy RB][Friendly Community][Pro Coders][Wz Edits Soon][Why do you spend your time reading?! Join now!]
In:0 Out:158
479 EnvyStory V83
[24/7] [High-Rate 800/400/5] [Stable] [Based on Mapleleaf] [Godly Tetris System] [Auto Save & No rollback] [PVP] [Quests] [Much Event] [Godly Donation System] [All-in-One] [Stylish NPC] [Fm Bossing] [Rebirths] [Zakum & Horntail & Pinkbean] [Ultimate
In:0 Out:174
480 DragonMS v.83 New Server
[New Server][Rates: 750x/500x/2x][GM Hat Trade]
In:0 Out:270
481 NozMS V83 Private Server
NozMS is a new private server for the old nostalgic Maplestory. We are still growing en developing things but we try as hard as we can to make it as fun for you guys as it is for us. Hope you come join us so we can derp around with everyone. Seeyou t
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