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LippsMs V.62
[5000x/5000x/500x]-[Everything You Can Ask For][Fully Stable]-[Multipets]-[4th Jobs]-[All PQ Works]-[Rebirth]-[Notes][Pets]-[Chalkboards]-[Perfect GM's]-[100% ACCURATE Autoban]-[Custom PvP] Join Hamachi LippsMs16 Pass 123 To Connect To Website.
In:0 Out:205
QuebecMs*AUTOREGISTER just dl the client* / v62/ *100/40/10* /Pirates / Pets / Event Everydays! / Cash shop / Growing Community/ All Pqs Work / Custom Quest / Fairies sells everythings(nana) / Spinel Do everything/ Pet Shop(ludi) / Pirate shop / Buf
In:0 Out:211
New, LuminouStory. V.55 with GREAT Staff. Rates are 500/500/50 and theres NO HAMACHI. Join now or visit our site for more info!
In:0 Out:150
CurrSaucezMs [ v62 ]
Daily Event , Friendly GM , Lot's Of Way To Get Godly Item
In:0 Out:171
ExpRate:7777 Mesos rate:111 Rebirth,pvp,Nx item,player command,Fm4-7 got monster fm 22 got npc spawn&many more.the first ten to play get some of our godly item ( :
In:0 Out:207
206 TaintedStory
this is a v62 server with 1k/1k/10 rates, it has a sick starter pack with +1000 stat hat, server has friendly and active GMs. have fun
In:0 Out:168
207 ElectroStory
Rates x185 x60 x10 | Friendly Gm's | Fm Npc | Events | 24/7 | New Nx Items And more! let find your story? Electro story!
In:0 Out:158
208 XsjadoMS v.62
Exp 1000x / Meso 1000x / Drop 1x / Real Reborn / Non Hamachi / Non Kiki / New PvP_Channel
In:0 Out:158
209 UnholyMs [V55]
Rates 400x/300x/8x|Unique Point System|Stable Dedi|WorkingCS|Custom Town Events|CustomNPC's|CustomMaps|Lots of EVENT!|Great starter pack
In:0 Out:185
210 TuddyMs
New server v.55 (hamachi) rates are 1000 exp 500 mesos 60 drop. Frendly GMs and Starter pack
In:0 Out:162
211 Relaxms.v55
Welcome to Relaxms Rates [30000exp[5000mesos][100drop][100boss drop][v55][pvp][gulidwars][custom npc][custom shop][hamachi][frendily Gms][24/7][event][pq][pet][4th job][Gulids][no lag][Boss Warper][Gm App will open soon][have fun][enjoy]
In:0 Out:171
212 ApplePiieMS
v.62 ODIN SERVER 8x 8x 2x if u want fun and u loved OdinMS come join us/More fun/More Event. Try to make us the best server !HAMACHI ApplePiieMS(1 to 15) join us fast!
In:0 Out:173
213 LostStory
[1500x]~[800x]~[Dedi24/7]~[NOT A REPACK]~[AutoReg]~[Custom PQ's]~[Over 10 Player Commands]~[PVP]~[JOIN NOW!!]
In:0 Out:153
214 JonnezMS
JonnezMS German MapleStory Pserver V55 (Hamachi)
In:0 Out:190
215 LovelyMs
**LovelyMS** BEST New Server 800xEXP 50xDrops And Meso Come And Play
In:0 Out:175
216 JadeMS[V62][Hamachi]
In:0 Out:154
C'mon you know you wanna be playing with the best, since you played with the rest already!
In:0 Out:184
218 TuddyMs
[V.55] [500 exp] [x500 mesos] [x60 drop],NO LAG [Rebirth ] [4thjob] [Monsters in fm 2-9] Friendly Gms [GM apps] [Daily events] [Hamachi] [Starter Pack] 1st 100 people get Gm hats
In:0 Out:186
219 JiggyMS
5000 exp , 1000 meso new creator up soon just need help getting the javas then its upp interested email subject it plzzz
In:0 Out:137
220 NightSoulMS[Nexon cant touch this]
•Dedicated Server •24/7 •GM Applications Open! •v55 •1500/2000/50 •NON-HAMACHI •Shop Permits •UFJ •All-In-One NPC •Mobs in FM •Auto Register •Daily Events •Weddings •Eggs System •Rebirth •Nice GMs •Friendly Community •Nexon can NEVER bring us down!
In:0 Out:156
221 Free Maplestory Mesos
You can earn tons of mesos e Nexon Cash for free just by completing surveys! Sign up now!
In:0 Out:172
222 MicroMS v.62 Low Rates Hamachi Server
Rates : 100x/100x/5x. Awesome NPC's! Applications are open! Join now to have fun! Hamachi server sorry. Be one of the firsts! Forum : / Site : Have fun :)
In:0 Out:175
223 Maple Genesis
[1750x exp, 5x drop, 1500x mesos] [v62 server] [Working Pirates] [Most armor and weapons are sold in the shop] [Many player commands] [Friendly and active GMs] [Good Connection] [Great Starter Pack] [Non Hamachi] [Usually up 24/7!] [Join today!!!]
In:0 Out:150
224 ToiletStory
[5000x/2500x/10][v.62 server] [All Pirate Skills Works!] [Skill Maxer] [New server] [daily events] [Win Prizes] [Working Rings] [Best Community!] [Fun,Enjoyable & cool Server!] [Friendly GMs!] [Custom NPCS] [F>Designer] [starter pack]
In:0 Out:174
225 Mainstory
[v.62] [Free Gm hat] [25k exp] [2.5k meso] [10 drop] [NO HAMACHI!] [custom map's/Npc's] [24/7hr uptime] [Good gm's] [mobs in fm 1-9] [custom summoners in fm 18-22][Good starter pack]!
In:0 Out:188
226 MyStoryz [Rates 10k/5k/50] V62!
Our Rates in MyStoryz are 10k exp, 5k meso, and 50x drop and we run on Version 62. We are currently accepting GM apps! COME AND JOIN TODAY!
In:0 Out:158
227 TheGamer
v55/Exp rate 500x/Non Hamachi/custom npc/all skill work/need gm/ online 24/7 and much more
In:0 Out:157
228 EvolutionStory 500x 500x 10x
Looking for GMs ~Hamachi~ EvolutionStory EvolutionStory2 EvolutionStory3 Pass: 123 Features: GM Hair Changers in FM For Normal Players Too. Meteorite trades 1 Gold Leaf for 1 billion mesos and vice versa Sera maxes skills, gives random job items
In:0 Out:154
229 Silver Story MS
[SilverStory Private Server] • [500exp 500meso custom drop] • [Friendly Active GMs] • [30k Stat System] • [New Server] • [24/7] • [V.Short server Checks] • [2 Lag Free Channels]
In:0 Out:161
230 SashimiMsv62
••[SushiStoryMS]•• [Where Players vote for their rates] • [V62] • [Everything works 100%] • [PVP] • [4TH JOBS] • [Daily Events] • [PIRATES] • [GUILDS] • [NX CASH] • [Friendly Gms] • [MAX LEVEL 250] • [REBIRTH] • [24/7] • [PQs]
In:0 Out:168
231 L33tMS
In:0 Out:168
232 HiddenStory
5000x/25x/25x Dedi Server - Non Hamachi Custom Items- Nice Server + MORE COME CHECK IT OUT YOUR SELF
In:0 Out:167
233 NudityMS<3....::500x,200x,50x::......
¤[Host in singapore]¤[v55]¤[New server]¤[PVP]¤[FM 1 with lots of NPC]¤[Autoban accurate]¤[4 lag free channel]¤[24/7 uptime]¤[Daily Event]¤[Daily Update]¤[Custom blue trader system]¤[Maxstat system]¤[Nice GM]¤[No rollback]¤[Join us today]
In:0 Out:164
234 [KAGOMESTORY]24/7 199KEXP~VOTE NOW{auto register}
199k rates,250x drops.24/7 HAMACHI! Nice Active GMs,Awesome Community,lots of player commands,1337 meso shops,NPCs,FM bosses, we have EVERYTHING that you need <33
In:0 Out:160
235 ~Server is On come and Play ^~^ for yr freedom~ Durianms
~~~~~~~SERVER GONE~~~~~~~~~~ SORRY FOR THE Inconvience
In:0 Out:167
236 MooNMS
MooNMS v62[Rates:10,000/5,000/50][24/7][Dedicated][NonHamachi][Need Gm's!]
In:0 Out:153
237 TortuousStory - V62
[v62] [250x] [150x] [10x] [Now 24/7!!!] [Awesome, Custom NPC's] [Omok] [Wedding works!] [Pvp] [Pirate class] [Fun community] [boss summoner] [FM bosses/training areas] [Join now for lots of fun!]
In:0 Out:162
238 HiddenMS - Hidden From Noobs
[HiddenStory][450x,50x,5x][v62 Dedicated Server][4TH JOBS][GUILDS][PIRATES][27/7][PETS][Max Level 250] And More! Come Check It Out
In:0 Out:156
239 HELLMs
come and join rate are 1000exp.,1000meso,1000drops so come and join no hamachi needed
In:0 Out:150
240 Mr.MS
:+:Come Join us Mr.MS:+:Hamachi needed:+:Pets Work:+: hmachi IDs = Mr.MS0 - 15 password = 123123:+: dont wait come join us Fast now !:+: Auto Rigester :+: Freindly GMs :+: Fredrick sel all items in 1 shop :+: Come Join us and see !!!
In:0 Out:162
241 EzyMS
Welcome To EzyMS The World New Private Server..Make Own Client.And Out Rates Are 60000 x EXP 60 x Mesos 2x Drop. We Decrease Mesos And Drops Rate Because After Attacking Monster It Got Alot Of Drop And Mesos And Begin To Be Lagg..So We Decrease It
In:0 Out:152
242 Maple Swift
Great server, nice GMs, great rates and lots more join to see! =-) V.62
In:0 Out:166
243 ReinierMS NOW 24/7!
The Server Is On. Features: All-in-one Shop, Super Rebirth Npc, All-In-One NPC, player commands, nice gms, hamachi, 10000x exp 2000x mesos 50x drop, FM Monsters, Golden Leave System, Much Events, a nice website. We hope u will join us! NOW 24/7!
In:0 Out:155
244 LetGoMS
BRAND NEW SERVER! 500exp/50meso/10 drop, Currently Hamachi (it's totally worth it), All in 1 seller, 4 lagless channels, Experienced staff, Great Community, Challenging Server, Train hard and join to reach the top of the ranks and take on the challen
In:0 Out:158
245 MouseMS
[Auto Registry][EXP:50000 Mesos:50000 Drop:5][Lots of events like amazing race and lucky item winner][fm 1-20 monster auto spawn,fm 1 is silver slime!][Looking for new gms][Brand new server][All in one npc][Pls vote and ask ur friends join this serve
In:0 Out:162
246 The MapleStory World ~NEW~
This is a maplestory forum, maked by Maplers. You can do everything you like. Please have a look. ty for reading
In:0 Out:164
247 Purplestory 24/7 v.55
Maplestory v.55 s24/7 server rates. 1000/1000/500 fm bosses silver slimes skill maxer easy level nice gms events every day join us now
In:0 Out:168
248 TracingStory v.62
[1000x/500x/20x][v.62 server] [All Pirate Skills Works!] [Skill Maxer] [New server] [daily events] [Win Prizes] [Working Rings] [Best Community!] [Fun,Enjoyable & cool Server!] [GM Apply!] [Custom NPCS] [F>Designer] [starter pack]
In:0 Out:162
249 Bleach MS! [25xexp 7xmeso 2xdrop]
New friendly server looking for more players!We aren't a nooby server with an all-in-one shop and a skill maxer! Come if your a bleach fan or not, the server is perfect!
In:0 Out:153
250 Banner Maker! ..Closed. :(
In:0 Out:161

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