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4EverMS !!
[4EverMS v62][(25000 exp)(100000 meso)] [No Lag] [Godly Dedicated Server] [FM Bosses][Custom Player Commands] [Layback GamePlay] [Auto Job Advance] [1 Meso Shops] [Unique] [Free NX] [Pets/PVP] [Skill Maxer] [FM Npc's] [GM SPOT] [Silver Slime]
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[V.75][500x,10x,8x][No Hamachi!][Lots of Events for NX or Equips][Vote for NX items][All around Teleporter npc][All-in-one shop][Free Hairstyle npcs][Join us today!]
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PajamasMS not open yet!! about 2 weeks
V75 pets,pqs,1 mesos, 1500x 250x 20x high rates......
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FailMS v62
(Non-Hamachi) (Rates are 1000x 800x 10x) (Daily GM's) (WORKING PINK BEAN) (Auto Register) JOIN NOW!!
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v62 100x 50x 5x. Rebirth Equips. Working Merchants. Custom Training Grounds. PVP. GMS-like. NX Seller. Simple starter pack. Custom Maps + Spawns. Clans. Custom Gachapon. A ton of player commands. Join our family now. :)
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356 Join Now KnightMS!
2000/500/100!Custom MSI Npcs! 2 GM spots open! No Lazy GMs! FUN EVENTS EVERY 10 MINUTES! FM Boss Monsters and Silver/NX Slimes! For the first 20 people who join, gets 1 Max Stat GM Hat! Custom Money Trader! Join NOW! :D
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357 BaoBeiMS V6.2
[V62] [400/2500k/2 Rates] [Hamachi] [Networks: BaoBeiMS 2 No Pass ] [Lagless][24/7] [Skill maxer] [UFJ] [200meso shop] [Daily events] [Friendly/Active GMs] [Reborn Ring] [Pets/PvP] [RM22 Boss Spawner] [Golden leaf system] [Updates][Working Ring Effec
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358 Welcome to Style Story!Hope u all have Fun in Style MS!
[] [24/7] [All in 1 shop][Most Stuff Fixed][Hamachi Need,But Easy Use] [Quests] [Buddies] [Friendly GM] [Skill Maxer] [FM Npcs]
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359 BeamMS V62
• v62 • 50/5/5 Rates • Dedicated • Player Commands • Fun Gameplay • Quests • Pets • Working Vendors • Infinite Buff Time • Enhanced Spawns • Custom Maps + Quests • NX • Training Zones • PQs • Active Community
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360 JleeMS! 24/7 Server! v62!
JleeMS! 24/7 Server! v62! Rates|Exp 9999|Meso 9999|Drop 9999| Friendly staff. Every new player recives items. First few plaeyer get automatic level 100 on their first guy.
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361 YCMS v75 [2500/1000/1]
York Catholic MapleStory is an up-to-date v75 Non-Hamachi Private Server with realistic rates and constantly growing. FM training rooms 7-17. Super NPC. KoC working. 2500/1000/1. Friendly GMS. Not auto-register (simple register page).
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362 SageMS - The Fun Just Doesn't End
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363 danielbozscape
In:0 Out:147
364 EntricyStory
Join EntricyStory now! We are running on v.62! Friendly Gm's! [GMS Like Server] [Exp:80] [Meso:10x] [Drop:3x] [Looking for new Gm's, Join Hurry and You may get GM!] [The server is 24/7] [8Gb Of Ram<3]
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FM NPC::24/7::Cashshop::Auto Register::All-in-one Npc::Skill Maxer::Events::Guild::Pets::Working hired-merchants::Player Commands::Starter Pack::Boss Map::4 Lagless Chan [Friendly Female GM]:: Level 250:: Rebirth::
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366 RemedyMS [250x 50x]
RemedyMS brand new server so join now and be the best
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367 RelicMS V75!
RelicMS V75][CYGNUS!!][Rebirths][Max stat items][Mature GM's][NON hamachi][Custom Maps, Npcs][FM Training grounds][Working Boses!][Custom Economy][Working Cash shop!][Full Pirates!][Ingame Commands!][All in one shop!][Daily Events!][2x EXP WEEKENDS!]
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368 FairytailMS
Join our new server! More features added soon custom files/NPC and FM. 750x exp 100x meso 50x drop. Hamachi needed. GM APP opened 4 slots left. Custom starter pack. v62
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369 BankStory
Bankstory Brand New sever | {Trophies System} | {Guild} | {@fmnpc} | {All In one Shop} | {GM App} | Website {}
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370 An ancient - FairyStory
v.62 • 625x Exp • 625x Meso • 5x Drop • All-in-one Shop • KoC Skill Image Cover • New Map • A lot PQs Work • Hired Merchant Work • Cash Item Seller • MultiPets Work • Pirates Work perfectly • Join Us!
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371 MaxsterMS
Maxster MS new server game NOlag,RATES: 12K
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372 [v75] - ZirconSTORY - [30x, 10x, 5x]
UPDATE DAILY! - [Stable] - [FULL MU LUNG DO DJO!] - [Marriage] - [Rings] - [Hired merchants] - [player shops] - [Alliances] - [TONS OF PQs] - [Great Gameplay] - [Spinel Warper] - [FULLY WORKING KoC] - [FULLY WORKING PIRATES] - [Great New Server] - [N
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373 ??Join Now SmarterChildMS v.62 ??
[3333x/3333x/5x][Maple Leaf System][v75 Chair, Equips+Pink Bean Equips][6 Channels][Player Commands][All-In-One Shops][Pets][Skill Maxer][Fm npcs][Max Stat System][Daily Event][Hamachi Needed Sorry D:]
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374 FlashMS
Its Your Story. Why Not Make It A Great One. Join FlashMS Now! [500, 400, 200] [Non-Hamachi] [GM-Apps Open] [No Lag] [Almost all of the v78 things] [Custom Edits] [Friendly GM's] [Multiple events daily] [Alliance Works] [Shops work] [All in one shop
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375 FireFlyStory v75 Epic Lowrate GMS like
New server GMS like/v.75/non hamachi/FM Mob/Rates 75x 100x 10x/ Wedding/ FULL KOC/All PQ's Works/Full Dojo/MTS/FULL CASH SHOP + ALOT MORE Join now and bring a friend
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376 [v.62][DRAGONSTORY!][24/7]
[24/7][v.62][v.75 .wz files][Super Rebirth system][Custom NPCs][Great GMs][Non-Hamachi][Growing Community]
In:0 Out:217
377 LoveuMS [500x,500x,5x]
[Loveums][Non-hamachi][v62][3GB ram][Custom maxstat system][Custom autoban system][Custom Love system][Custom pq][Custom JQ] [High rate server][Custom drops][Custom mounts][Nice & friendly GM][Almost everything work][Join us now]
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378 NooneMS[V.62]
Hi,This is A New Server,Actually this is A Hamachi Server,Pls dont feel it HAMACHi Hard to Setup,dont worry,Our Website Gt Teach~Exp 999 Meso 999 Drop 40,All in one shop, 1 meso shop,we need GM~Hope u can JOin
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379 Maple Story BDN-MS JOIN!
Maple Story v.62! Online 24hrs, Exp: 100x(weekends), Drops:5x, Mesos:50x. Join!
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380 CyanideStory•v62•850x•385x•5•Non-Hamachi
[Server rates-850x] [385x,5x Non-Hamachi] [24/7, Trophy System] [Slime System] [Multi Flash Jump] [Guild alliance working] [Skill Maxer] [Buff NPC] [Guilds] [Look changer] [NX shop] [Hangout] [Guild PQ] [Friendly Community] [Night Market Custom WZ]
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381 KiwiMS
This is our new Maplestory Private server. Rates 2000x / 400x / 10x . Server made 8th December :D Join today .
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382 FuzzyStory! v62
Non hamachi! 555/255/5! Doubled on the weekends! Max Stat Item Npcs and Custom Npcs! A lot of challenging and fun events with GREAT prizes! Silver Slimes with custom max exp! Unlimited Flash Jump Client~ Improving community! *Looking for some coders
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383 Sugar Story
[8000exp/5000mesos/10drop][BEST Server][Caring GMs][3 More Slots For GM][v62][Lag Free][First 50 Players Get\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s 1Bil][10k NX For 90Mil][What Are You Waiting For? JOIN NOW!]
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384 ~EvilMS~
In:0 Out:173
385 *-*Sugar Story*-*
[8000exp/5000meso/10drop][Best Server][3 More Slots For GM Applications][NX For Sale][Pets][Friendly GMs][Daily Events][Hamachi]
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386 v0.62 DomoMS - 30k - 20k - 10 - Hamachi - GM application open -
Friendly GMs and All-in-One-Shops, Singapore Server!
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387 JarStory v62
Join JarStory Today ! We are a brand - new server waiting for you to come play with us! OUR RATES ARE : EXP : 2000 , MESOS : 1000 , DROP , 5 ! We have FM mobs :: All-in-one Npc :: Friendly GM :: Skill Maxer :: looking for Coder and GMs ! :: Rebirths
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388 WorldMS|V62|Custom WZ
|v62|Rebirth|Super Rebirth ring|200x/200x/2x|Custom WZ files|v75, v80, and KMS Items|Fully working 4th Job|Pirate 99.99% working|Friendly Community|Friendly GMs|Forums|Non-Hamachi|Lots of events|Active players|Events Everday|Active Staff|Active Owner
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389 NightSoulMS[Nexon cant touch this]
•GM Applications Open! •v55 •1500/2000/50 •NON-HAMACHI •Pet Plue •Pet Mew •Wizet Mouse •Grand Rebirth Quest •Guild\\\\\\\'s Hideout •Shop Permits •UFJ •PVP •x2 Experience Cards •All-In-One •Mobs in FM •Daily Events •Weddings •Eggs System •Rebirth •Ni
In:0 Out:151
390 BloodLine Story
[v62][rates:500exp,500mesos,50drop]-All in one NPC -Daily Events -Cash shop working -4th job working -Pets Working -Multi-pets working -ubble System -Player Commands -Custom Mini-Quest -KPQ -LPQ -LudiMaze PQ -HPQ -OPQ -PPQ -GPQ -Foj
In:0 Out:154
391 ReveMS
[v62][Brand New!][Need more players][Hamachi][5000x exp/10,000x mesos/2x drop][We need another 2 people to become GM so hurry, join our network!][If want to change hair and others, whisper [GM]Carnage] to warp you to GM Map!][Currently coding some NP
In:0 Out:141
392 ReinierMS
This are our server features: [300x Rates] [Great Economy] [Nice GM\'s] [24/7] [Achievements] [FM Bosses] [Custom PQ\'s] [All-In-One Shop] [Non Hamachi] [WZ Edit (soon)] [Daily Updates] [Player Commands]
In:0 Out:147
393 Devil [Stor-E]
[NEW fun server] V75!!!!!\\r\\nKoC works, Rebirth, Custom Npcs, lots of events, friendly gms,\\r\\nRate: 2k exp 500 meso 10x drop. JOIN NOW!!
In:0 Out:144
394 Jester Story
[10k/7k/2k][FM Bosses][12 Channels][Player Commands][Auto Job Advance][All-In-One Shops][Unique][Pets][Skill Maxer][FM NPC][Client Hacks][Unlimited Buffs][Max Stat System][Fast Mob Respawn][Training Grounds]
In:0 Out:154
395 FalleMs [new server]
fallems is a v62 maplestory private server - rates:2500x exp / 3000x mesos / 10x drop - its on hamachi - allinoneshop - golden leaf - friendly gms - fm bosses .
In:0 Out:147
396 FriendsMS
[FriendsMS][V62][24/7][SG-Hosted][Low-rate][Long-term Server][Newly-created][Rates-70x/50x/10x][Come and be the Top Player now!]
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397 [Literature Express] ~1000x750x5~
[v.62]-Tetris System-[99.9 Online]-New Server-[Looking for all kinds of staff]-FM MOBS-[Nice Site]-Friendly GMs-[Orginized Server]-Daily Events-[Custom NPCs]-[More EXP on weekends] COME JOIN NOW !
In:0 Out:160
398 LightPowerMS v55!
[exp x700][drop x50][mesos x1250][non-hamachi][v55][working cash shop][unlimeted flashjump][working pets][pvp][friendly gm\'s]
In:0 Out:155
399 BlissStory
Bliss Story [Cygnus + Aran + Evan Jobs] [v62] [Hamachi] [Friendly GM\'s] [Growing Community] [Custom NPCS] [ACCEPTING GM APPLICATIONS] [All in one shop] 100x Exp 50x Meso 5x Drop
In:0 Out:159
400 SecretyMS
V.75[Rates : 500/500/10,Custom PQ,Quest,Chair,weapon][Guild/Alliance works,GuildPQ,APQ,Rings Effect,Multi pet,Multi summon,Timeless/Reverse weapon,Aran and Evan job soon,New Server,No lagg , 24/7 Online Join now !!!
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