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x10000exp x2000mesos x7000drop rate
In:0 Out:224
|Singapore-Based Server| Rates:1230xp/800mesos/50drops. Hamachi. New Server! Pets, PVP! FM Rooms with monsters! Working Guild. Max Stat: 32767. Customized items. Auto Registry! Floor + Infinite Flashjump! Auto-Skillmax! Come join us now LalazMS/Lalaz
In:0 Out:198
GoSuMS [Fun Server]
[GoSuMS] [v55] [24/7 Dedicated] [200x Rates] [FunServer] [Rebirth] [PVP] [Skill Maxer] [Pets] [FM Bosses] [Everything is 1 meso] [8 Channels] [Warpers] [Player Commands] [Accurate Autoban] [Come play]
In:0 Out:240
Supz join this server players get to chose there rate friendly gms event every day maybe every hour and if u want stuff ask a gm if u want but dont beg than to much soooo JOIN JOIN...We need help zakum is taking over hensey so JOIN JOIN JOIN Thx.
In:0 Out:212
Kiro Maplestory [Beta Testing]
We're still in Beta Testing. Stay tune.
In:0 Out:209
106 NoobseeweiMS
[Hamachi Needed][Unlimited Fun][450k Exp][450k Mesos][50k Drops][Join Us now]
In:0 Out:224
107 BunnieStory
1000/1000/30 MESOS EXP DROP Friendly GMs get a ful bunny suit wen u begin ver.0.55 No lagg usually working pets and all food items work on all pets incase u buy wrong one nana's sell essential equips
In:0 Out:220
108 FlowMs is BACK, but now it call MixturemMs<3
50kexp, 30kMeso, 3kdrop Beta, PLEASE AIM ME AT "Weeeeeitsandy" if anything wrong .
In:0 Out:208
109 GamerLands
?? ????????? ??? ?????? ? ????? ? ??????!We says you all true about games & hard!
In:0 Out:211
110 TheLegitMS
[Exp-1200, Mesos -550, Drop-25] [BossWarper][Freemarket on trade][NewServer] [RECRUITING GM APPS.]
In:0 Out:230
111 EndLessStory
Whe have alot of events.Our rates are Exp 5000 - Drop 5000 - mesos 5000.Whe have nice GM`s and hamachi needed. Whe are running on MapleStory Global v.55. Whe have working - Cash Shop - Pets - Guild - KPQ - LPQ - GPQ - All npc are working - FM work
In:0 Out:232
112 VengefulStory
In:0 Out:253
113 Advertise Your Server!
You can advertise your server on MSSA! Join hamachi networks...:MSServerAdvertise(1-30) and no pass!if it keeps asking for pass,just press blank...
In:0 Out:208
114 BushMS
In:0 Out:249
115 BushMS
Singapore based / 5250/10k/200 Exp/Mesos/Drop respectively. Wizet HatAnd more! Hamachi needed..
In:0 Out:201
116 NewbieMs,where all fun beggin
MoograRepack/1000exp/3000mesos/150drop/10bossdrop/starter pack/1meso shop/and much more!!!come to test it out!!
In:0 Out:203
117 JudisMs
COme join judis ms you need hamachi msrocks tswag21 come join and have lots of fun
In:0 Out:216
118 CrypienMS
v60, 5000x/2000x/1000x, 4th Job, Rebirths, kerning pq, ludi pq, custom fm, custom npcs, cool GMs and many more!INCULDING PIRATES JOB! :D
In:0 Out:204
119 LightingMs (No Hamachi ) (24/7) v60
Ver 55 No Bugs,Multi pets,All boses,all effects,Cashshop,everything without donation ^^ Rates are 800/500/20 Every day there is a new event,All the cool costume npc's + Buff npc Pvp !challenge system also UFJ for players join now !!!
In:0 Out:192
120 MapleJevOathy
10,000/10,000/10,000†needed hamachi!!!†join now in need of one more GM!!†I will change server rates if anyone wants me too† JOIN NOW SOON WILL BE TAKING OUT HAMACHI!!!†
In:0 Out:234
121 KaDabra MS
1k Exp, 2k Meso, 400 Drop! Friendly GM's as well as players. .60 MS is needed and so is Hamachi. Hamachi: dammsohard Pass: 123
In:0 Out:197
122 SuperMS
In:0 Out:201
123 DragonMaple v55
//v55// EXP rate is 6000 Mesos 6000 and Drop rate is 4000// Hamachi needed// pets work// all jobs work// PQs work// NO Lags// No Bugs// server is 12h online// Cash shop Work// PVP work// player commands work// There is bosses in FMs rooms//
In:0 Out:219
124 BlackChaosMS
1000/1500/700, GM's hangs out with players, Stat Reset, All IN one teleporter, rebirth, skill maxer, mega tubi, no magic cap, no damage cap, ap cap released, 24/7 up time, 4th job skills 99.9% workin.. and more, join us today!
In:0 Out:205
125 SpringRollMS
Welcome to the best MapleStory privet server out there. The rates are 2000x Exprate 850x Mesorate 50x Droprate. Please come and join the best server out there.
In:0 Out:202
126 Unholy Ms [v55]
Rates 400x/300x/8x|Unique Point System|Stable Dedi| Customized maps and monsters|Working CS|Add stats to any item with our point system| spawn your own exp snails|close friendly community|fun staff|frequent events
In:0 Out:227
127 BeamMS V.62
V.62 // 2000/1000/10 // Wizet Hat For All // Fm Bosses // Everything 1 Meso // Free Nx and Cash Shop // Starter Packs // Lots of Events // Pets Work (Multy) // Some Pqs Work // Friendly Helpful Gms // Prize Systems
In:0 Out:192
128 [WE ARE BACK] n0tMapleStory v.62
• v.62 MapleStory Private Server • • Stable • Lag Free • • 50x EXP • 40x Meso • 25x Drop • 250 Level Cap • Multipets • Ring Effects •
In:0 Out:250
129 IntelMS
The Best MapleStory Private Server Of The World. Rates: Exp: 1000 Mesos: 1000 Drop: 20 BossDrop: 20 pets, multipets, meso magnet , no rollback , no hamachi , web system V0.1 Creada por FenixBlade
In:0 Out:264
130 SneakyMS Soon Online!
SneakyMS Maplestory Private Server, Currently running on the stable v55.
In:0 Out:167
131 SoraStory V.55 | 20k EXP!!!
In:0 Out:186
132 OrbUnionMS Where The Fun Begins...
Very nice server Exp:650x Meso: 700x Drop: 10x Friendly GMs/Max lvl 200/Rebirths/Pirates/Hamachi/v0.61 Where all the Hunks & Babes are!!! Don't Join you're a NERD!!
In:0 Out:173
133 AutumnMS
Great Server. [Rates: exp = 150000, meso = 150000, drop = 150.][Skill Maxer][Job Advancer][Pet Seller][Nx Seller][Rebirth][Custom Npcs][Great Gm's][Tons of Events][Join The FUN]...
In:0 Out:162
134 DeserMS v.55 (we got all u need]
[v.55][Automaxer][Job Advancer][Pets][All Npcs in Fm][Specific npcs in fm1 for the right class][Bosses in Fm 2-21[Boss spawner in fm 22] AND MUCH MORE!
In:0 Out:160
135 CiderMS
Join CiderMS! rate 1000x friendly gms. gms slot are open! Event hosted by gm! win and get yourself a trophy and exchange for item! hamachi need. network : CiderMS pw : 123 we have pet,pvp everything work! join us now and u wont reject.
In:0 Out:179
136 FantasyMS - V.55 - OdinMS Source -
Rates>>600xExp//1000xDrop//600xMesos - Rebirth - Pvp - GM Actives - GM Events - Need Hamachi FOR THE MOMENT - Boss Spawn in Fm!- Nx NPC -Custom Npc in FM - All PQS Works!-2Channels!More Ch If Needed!KS=Banned-Join Now!-New
In:0 Out:195
137 [StringRayMS] - We're now Version 62!
We're now Version 62! [ExpRate: 650x] [MesosRate: 1000x] ][DropRate: 40x] [BossDropRate: 35x] [Currently Using Hamachi[trying to change to a non-hamachi server]] Wedding System, Ring Effect! Almost everything are WORKING! [Most PQ works! Guild War Ev
In:0 Out:153
138 maplekin
In:0 Out:160
139 FlyerMS Private Server
v0.55/[1200x,2000x,25x]/rebirths/4th jobs/pet works/non hamachi/guild quest works/3rd job quests work/max stats 31k/friendly GMs/
In:0 Out:175
140 ~]SunnyMS[~ | [Hamachi] [4000/5000/15]
4000xEXP/5000xMESO/15xDROP | Friendly GM's | Costom NPC | Godly event prizes!! | Crazy starter hat!! | ->HAMACHI<- | Allot of fun! | Edited the NPC into 1 NPC! | 2,5GB RAM! | 100MB LINE! | Allot of secret 1 meso shops! Find them yourself! :D | JOIN
In:0 Out:173
141 IceyMS V.55
Random Rates | Friendly GM | GM Applications in FORUM | more info in website
In:0 Out:181
142 DominatorMS
[1500x Exp]€[500x Meso]€[50x Drop]€[Constant Updates]€[Pets]€[PvP][Friendly GM's]€[Friendly Community]€[Daily Events]€[Donateable GM]€[Nx Buyer]€[Cash Shop Working]€[Working Rings]€ And more
In:0 Out:171
143 [AceSpadeMS]
[Rates 20k/5k/50]-[v55]-[Non-hama]-[85% uptime]-[Pets]-[PvP]-[Rebith]-[Gm Hats]-[PQs]-[Players reward]-[Nx]-[Friendly GMs]-[Cool Events] Lots coming soon! Your Paradise! Join us now!
In:0 Out:159
144 DomiantorMS V55
[1500x Exp]€[500x Meso]€[50x Drop]€[Constant Updates]€[Pets]€[PvP][Friendly GM's]€[Friendly Community]€[Daily Events]€[Donateable GM]€[Nx Buyer]€[Cash Shop Working]€[Working Rings]€ And more
In:0 Out:165
145 MapleFreedom
STABLE fun nice gms gm places open pets pirates non- dc cash shop coke land holween pq everything u want
In:0 Out:162
146 MapleFreedom
STABLE fun nice gms gm places open pets pirates non- dc cash shop coke land holween pq everything u want
In:0 Out:163
147 HeroMS
//V55//Working CashShop//Pvp//Working Player Commands//Mounts//Friendly Gms//Bosses in Fm//3000 Exp// 5000 Mesos// 1000 Drop//4th Job// [[Auto Register]] [[[Hamachi Needed]]]
In:0 Out:159
148 ::NoPorkMS:: **New Release >> [v62]
::NoPorkMS:: IS NOW V62!! Contains [Pirate works 100%], [PVP map], [Cash Shop Buy Nx with Mesos], [Convenience NPC and SHOP in FM], [Exp Slime Added], [Event's GM], [Daily Event (random)]... And Many more ... Join now !!!
In:0 Out:181
149 G2MS- Maple story private server v62
-[V62]-[24/7] -[Hamachi]-[Low rates]-[Challenge]-[50xexp]-[Active GMS]-[Live support]-[Mass events]-[Active server]-[Pirates job]-[Weddings]-[Working rings]-[Multi-pets]-[Dedicated staff]-[And way mores]
In:0 Out:191
150 CrownMS[V.62 NEW! server]
CrownMS is a NEW! gMS like server with 20x exp 10x meso 5x drop, We hope to see you soon =D Features: Spinel handles warps and event prizes Trade warps to the FM Spinel in the FM Daily Events Daily Backups Active GM's Pirates
In:0 Out:151

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