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Welcome To UnLoveMS
Come Join UnLoveMS. This is a new server. Rates are 30000x [Rebirth]Hamachi ID: UnLoveMS,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Password: 123 [Level - 200] [Skill NPC] [Frendly GMs]Currently need Players and GMs. [And This is A GOod Server] Event Is Daily!!
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TranquilMS [v.55] [Events] [Join Now!]! 5000x/5000x/10x Rates! Beta Testers get benefits + Lots of events. The more players, the more fun! Pentium 4 proc. 1 GB ram - 20mb/ps internet speed. Multipets/ Weddings/ Custom Drops - Coming soon! Frequent Events/ FRIENDLY
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SnugglezMS is the best server v55!!!!
Join this server and you have fun, This server is a good v55 and there are friendly gm's and people!!!
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HawtieStory is the best server v55!!!!
Join this server and you have fun, This server is a good v55 and there are friendly gm's and people!!!
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It's on version "Haven't Decide Yet". All info will be found in my website. Click it & you'll know. Gurantee fun!
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Brand New Server - v62 - Pirates - Custom NPC Shops - NX - Real bosses - Frog and Ostrich mounts - Multipets - JOIN TODAY! ~
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157 IDK-MS [v.55!] IS BACK!
IDK-MS is BACK.HAMACHI NEEDED.[EXP:8888x][Mesos:1000x][Drop:8x][retarded GMs][auto registered][all in one shop][pvp][FM spawns][custom npcs][skill maxer][cashshop][multi-pets][starter pack][pq][infinite flash jumps][player commands]AND MORE
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158 Newlegend ™
An Maplestory Exp 200x Meso 200x V.55!
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159 FalloutMs
[v55] - [2750/2500/250 Rates] - - - [Max Stat System] - [Multipets] - [Custom PQ] - [Countless NPCs and Spawns] - - [Unique Gameplay] - [Real Wedding!] - [Active GMs/Players] - [[Updated Daily] - [ No LAG ]
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160 XForceMS
Come join today! Very unique server!! Amazing Rates 5kx Exp, 2kx Meso, 1kx Drop. Hamachi. Warm welcoming community. Very friendly GM's, and Much Much MORE! Just a click away!
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161 OmgIsMS
OmgIsMS ia new server :D Hamachi is needed . 1snail 1 ws !! OmgIsMS1~10 123
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162 -SytheMS- V55 Non-Hamachi 24/7 Dedi
[Super high rates because of new year] [VPS] [3GB Ram] [1000gb Bandwidth] [V55] [Pets] [PVP] [Amazing GMS] [Custom FM] [Custom HH1] [Come on down and check us out]
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163 majesticms
New Server. 500x rates, custom npcs! Great Community Join today!
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164 MyDarkStory!!!!!!!!!!!
This Is My New Server Add Hamachi MyDarkStory-MyDarkStory5 Rates Are 100k exp And 50k mesos
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165 PhenomMS
We are currently in Beta Testing!!! We are in need of Coders and GMs!! Join NOW!!!
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166 IgniteMs
Singapore Based Private Server!||EXP:555||Meso:222||DROPS:20||V0.62||Custom made items for starter pack!||MULTI-PETS||UNIQUE TRADING SYSTEM
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167 bronzems, v55 hamachi needed
1000x/500/300x No Lag Hiring GM's 24/7 server EditedNPC's Custom PQ's Hamachi Needed Fun Enviorment Friendly GM's Events Daily
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Exp 9999x ~ Meso 9999x ~ 4th JOB ~ Starter pack ~ PETs ~ PVP ~Player commands @str/dex/int/luk/exp/save ~ AP reset ~ FM 2-21 Boss Spawn.
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169 GameMastersMS
[Everyone can be a GM][750/500/10][skill maxer][Important NPC in FM][rebirth][PvP][Pets][Tons of fun][Cash shop works][Daily events]Join today!
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170 CanadianMS
Sinems Repack v.55 RATES: Exp=140k MESO=500 Drop=300 Frequent Events Screw The U.S Hacks Are Allowed ON CC 2 CODY JOB ADVANCE, MAD BUNNY SKILL MAX
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171 TheTwoMS [v55]
[v55][daily events] [NXSLIMES!] [hamachi :(] [free wizet hats :D] come join us and vote pls!
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172 CALiMS
CALiMS V.62 Private Server. DEDI Very little lag, Daily events happening everyday NEW SERVER great and caring community 300exp/Custom Drops/ 200 Mesos/ Custom Boss Drops. Visit our server today join our great community GM's online to help you.
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173 MikoMS [Wiii We are back]
[v. 55] [20k exp / 10k meso / 100x drop] [Auto Reg] [PVP] [PQs] [Cash Shop and NX seller] [Skill Maxer] [Hamachi] [A lot of Events] [Friendly GMs] [Weddings] Join For Us!!!
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174 jvmaplestory
the best v.55 ms server ever, rebirth skill maxe, pets, pvp, cashop, friendly gms etc. have fun
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175 RecreationMS
A Brand New Maplestory Private Server XP Rate:25k Meso Rate:25k Drop Rate:25k First 3 People To Join Will Be My First 3 GM's And Read Co-Admin Section On My Website To See How To Become A Co Admin
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176 Phantasy Maple v55 (hamachi)
Exp: 1000x Mesos: 1500x Drop: 50% Redes de hamachi : PhantasyMS PhantasyMS2 PhantasyMS3 PhantasyMS4 PhantasyMS5 Pass: 123
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177 RachealMs
V.62 No hamachi , multipets , rebirth , max level 250 with auto congrats , 5000exp , 1000mesos , 500 drop rate , 4 channels , pvp working! , nx seller , and lots more and looking for gms
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178 BedokMS Changed To AscentMS-V55
AscentMS 750/500/100~ Can Married You have to tell Admin•Hamachi Needed AscentMS Password 123•Can use AP and Exchange Item•Nice GMS•BedokMS HUATAH!
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179 ShadowMs {v.55}
welcome to ShadowMs! its a new server, so alot of things arnt working. join now, and ull get a free gm hat. we are looking for 10gms, and a coder/scripter. plz apply now! oh and u also might get a wizet gm case =D
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180 HarukiMS
[9999x Exp][9999x Drop][Friendly Gms] [No Lag][Golden Leaf][VERY! EASY TO LVL!!]
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181 ClownMS [33k-55k / 20k / 10 ] :D
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182 ReveMS - - x5000 - v.62 Estable - Pirate Job
Exp 5000x ~ Meso 5000x ~ 4th JOB ~ Starter pack ~ PETs ~ PVP ~Player commands @str/dex/int/luk/exp/save ~ AP reset ~ FM 2-21 Boss Spawn. - Max Stat : 36272
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183 kalihiMs
Great SERVER!~ Brand new ALL skills work~V.55 Join today Very nice Gms! Gms Will scroll equips for you. Events almost every hour~looking for interns~Possibly!~Great rates Dedi. Great comuinity Join now
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184 extaMS rate:500/750/12
come here we have all this multy pets work zakum work horntail work pq work 1 mesos shops rebirth boss warper start pack all pets work
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185 Admin Story
1500 / 1000 / 50 - odin! auto register! Awesome GM's! Friendly owner and players!
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186 FrEaKsTyLeZ V.69
|V.62|--|300/100/10|--|No Hamachi|--|Multipets|--|FM Bosses|--|Max LvL 250|--|Rebirths|--|GM Events|--|Player @ Commands|--|FoJ every 15 mins|
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187 ManusMS
[EXP 2500] [Drop 2500] [Meso 2500] [New Server] [GMs needed] [Hamachi] [veeeery friendly GMs] [V62]
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188 FroZoneMS Sponsored By FroZoneNET
Exp 250/50/5 | Event System | Strike System | Super Sexy CMS | Rebirth Of FrostStory! | Some Channels have differnt Rates! | PVP | Marriage | CustomPQ | Donor Island | Daily Events | Custom Town! | All PQs Work | Much More!! | Vote Daily | Join Today
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189 FleuxStory
[v62] - [2000/800/500x] - [UFJ/Tubi] - [ORIGINAL CREATOR Of Max Stat System] - [Multipets] - [Everything Customized] - [and much, much more]
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190 LmfaoStory[Always Updating!]
-=[LMFAOStory]=-Hamachi, Going Non-Hamachi-=500/250/50-=Double On Weekends-=Events Daily and Special Events on Fridays-=Leaf System=- FM/Henesys Mall-=Friendly GM's-=New Features Still To come-=
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191 WinovaMS[v.62]
Welcome to WinovaMS Private Server beta Version 62,Our Exp rate is 1000x/500x/60x and GM are active,Friendly Players,Special NPC edit by coder,GM application on and we are looking for coder..NON LAG,REAL..Sorry need hamachi soon 24/7 non hamachi,Auto
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192 TjoeMS v.62
rates 20k/5k/50~no lag~pvp n pq~pirate~all skills work~1meso shops~and many more just go to forums
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193 MyStoryMS
The Best Private Server You Can Have Even [GM Application] Form Is Open Be A Free GM!Join Now. We have Pets::PvP::4thJob::CashShop::Morphing::Horntail: :SkillMaker::NXSeller::Reborn::ALOT More. Our Rates are 3000xEXP::1000xMESOS::20xDROP. This is a V
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194 DisturbedMS
v.62,Custom item,npc,Drop/FM door got monster,lvl 50-100 Monster Spawner,first 25 get gm hat 32k stat!
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195 AkatsukiMs
[1000/3000/10x]•[Ver55]•[Rings Work!]•[Max Level 255]•[Max stat 32767]•[Random Rates]•[Non Hamachi]•[24/7]•[Clone System]•[Daily Events]•[Actives GMs]•[Multipets]•[1meso Shop]•[Max Stat System OTW!]•[New Player Commands]•
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196 HeroicMS
[0.62][500EXP/100Mesos/10Drop][Damage Cap Removed][Non Hamachi][Pet/Multi Pets/Mounts][Non 24/7 Server]
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197 SplatStory v55
Fun Server Come Join! :D [Multi Pets] [Nice Rates] [Friendly Gm's] [Cool PQ's] [1 Meso Shops] [All In One Npc] [Boss Squads] [Hamachi] [All Monster stunning Skills And Defense Skills working] And Lots Of More Come Join! SplatStory!
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198 BeautifulMS [v62][Pirates][New Items!]
~85[EXP]~ 75[MESO]~ 2[DROP] Where Style Is Born! Meet New Friends, Experience Maple Like Never Before! A Place Where You Can Chill And Be Yourself Now With Pirate Job And New Items Never Before Seen On Maple!!
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199 MyDarkMS
Join MyDarkMS-MyDarkMS20 PW Are 123 Server Rates Are 5k exp 5k mesos and 999 drop No Lag Multipet NX CashWorking And Alot More
In:0 Out:155
200 RandomStory Reborned
*NEW*300x Exp|1000x Meso|10x Drop|24/7|v62|Friendly GMs|Daily Events|Custom NPCs|Rebirth|PirateJob|No-Lag-Very Stable|PvP|Weddings| AND MORE!
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