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Empire Universe
Create your empire, destroy other players and conquer the universe!
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Uptown Mafia is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Players can take on the best for POWER. Do you have what it takes to rise in the ranks and become the DON ? Always free to join and play
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Darkswords: Online RPG, Free MMORPG, Fantasy Game
Welcome to online RPG DarkSwords - multiplayer fantasy game! Dark Swords is a free online role-playing game of new generation. The action takes place in a unique world which doesn't have analogues.
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CrimeLords is a free MMORPG game based on the criminal element type lifestyle. The game is fully browser based and requires no extra third party software. Made by gamers, for gamers, this game is constantly adding new player ideas and conten
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406 UBO: Elemental Fury
Free MMORPG based in a world of magick. Lead your mage armies against others and wield magickal furies that only the gods can give!
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407 - Free vampire based online game
A free vampire based online game. Lots of quests, achievements & real time features. Signup today!
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408 Gameroom
Talk about games and more join Now Today! , Games Discussion ,Make new friends ...
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409 M a f i a - E l i t e
online mafia game * new and need staff *
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410 NoobsterScape
This is a private server, Just released! It had working d claw spec and D axe!!! CUSTOM ITEMS!!!
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411 Dark Empire Online 24/7
Best private server of runescape 24/7 All our amazing updates features information are shown on our site.. No lagg and daily new members. Join now
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412 NoobsterScape
This is a brandnew server looking for staff, also it is subjected to change at anytime, like adding member items! there are custom items and this is a custom client!
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413 Immortal Night
The world of Immortal Night awakens your true self. Play the game of a life transformed by blood and venom. Where silver and holy water are weapons of mass destruction. Where demons thrive and the things of nightmares creep around every corner.
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414 SchoolWars browser game
The virtual browser game featuring everyday life in school. Gather friends, get a job, start a gang and much more!
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415 TheOGWar
Free web based Mafia RPG
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416 XileSoft
24/7 RuneScape Server, RuneScape Community
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417 vinciescape
private server / Mopar server
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418 Street Crime
Street Crime is a massive free online gangster mmorpg game. Having been completely revamped and just released its likely to blow your socks off! Join the fun now!
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Online mafia mmorpg text based mafia site, Bring the mafia alive, Sign up now and do crimes earn cash and because one of the best while meeting other people from all around the world. Once in a life time experiance.
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420 Professional MMOROG gold & Item store
MyGoldMore is a professional online game store, covering Aion kina,Dofus kamas,Maple Story mesos,Guild Wars Items,Tibia Gold,Metin2 Yang etc. Faster & Cheap!
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421 RuneWink RSPS - 317 & 508!
RuneScape Private Server! 317 & 508? WOW! We have graphics, customs, you name it! Join us today!
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422 Fragegg - Social Gaming Network is a social gaming portal for the MMO community
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423 Irondomain basketball manager
Irondomain is strategic and original online textual basketball manager game based on social networking, and it's free to play. Here you get to create your own club, build the team of your dreams, and compete against hundreds of thousands of real peop
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424 RuneClassic
RsPs Hamachi server 24/7 Free Staff By Owner Kevin Great Staff Online Now
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425 Tectonic scape!
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426 The Real Mobster
Free to play MMORPG based on the life of the cosa nostra. Run your own mafia family and fight your way to the top in a world were crime, trust and respect mean everything
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427 Lightning-PvP
???? ?250 ????? 40 ??? ?400 PT - GM ????? - GM ??????? 50??? ???? ?5 ??? ?5 (1???? ??? = 35??)
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428 1000arrows
Awesome growing community. Needs mods. Have claws, d plate, death cape, angel cape and much more!Great economy!nice satff, please join our community!
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429 Mafia Returns
State your bussiness? I want to join the Mafia Sir! Do you have Guts and Wit? Strength and Charisma? Whatever you may bring, you may bring something to our cause! MafiaReturns!
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430 Killotta MMOG
This game is open to the public for BETA. You are encouraged to join and help develop the game. You will lose most game stats, but retain all donations. (ALL Donations will be re-rewarded after Beta ends!!!!) In this game you will train stats throu
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431 webmasters
aku akn ber juang
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432 webmasters
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433 rf-ice pvp x100 updeat 5
rf-ice pvp x100 updeat 5
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434 The Oni Addicts
This clan is for everyone, but run by the elite. Ever heard of Flargen And Wicksy? They run this clan. Heard of Plomped? Hes in it. This clan is for everyone, but has some low requirements. Go check it out!
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435 Galactic Imperator
When it comes to ruling the galaxy, the uglier the better!
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436 BattleDawnFan
BattleDawn's N.1 Fansite
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437 Ogame private server
Ogame private server 50X game speed 10X foeet speed 10X resources
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438 Apocalypse Online
Apocalypse Online is a Free MMORPG Game. This is a ZeroOnline Privete Server. We have a Event Every Weekend and Easy Leveling 20x. Drop rate 10x. Come and join the fun lets be Number One forever xD. What you waiting on come and Register and play.
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439 Spaceshout 2 - Universe Equilibrium
Speeds: 25x Redesigned Login and Skin; A lot of new mods released; You MUST try it!
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440 Pirate Game
fancy a different kind of game well here at the pirate game we have just that sail the seas and plunder your way to the top .Build up your crew and raid others cash prizes every round .
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441 Arera51 THIS IS A COMMUNITY FORUM NO REAL TOPIC:D The Newest Site Loaded with vbulletin 4 Full Verson none of that beta Crap! Owners: Curtis(Founder) Trocks6(CO)
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442 Devil-server
Devil-server WOW ?? ??????? ???????????: 1. ?????-???? 2. ???????? ?6 ? ?????? ? ???????? ????? ??????? ????????? ?????? ??? ?????? 10000 ??????. ???????? ????!
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443 GOALstar Live-Manager
GOALstar Live Manager is a thrilling browsergame for football and soccerfans. You will meet players from Austria, Nederlands, Swiss and Germany. Join the game and manage your own football team! GOALstar is free to play.
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444 Polish,English.Runescape Private Server.
Polish,English,Dutch Runescape Private Server.
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445 MMORPG news blog
Hot MMORPG news. If you interested in the world of mmorpgs, you are in the right place.
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446 Football Star
Ever dreamt of wearing your favourite team's uniform and show what you're really worth on a football pitch? Football Star is the game where you're the player! What are you waiting for? The referee is about to blow his whistle for the first time
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447 Seyken Online
Seyken - A free mmorpg dedicated to Classic Consols and more!
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448 HeatedSkillz
New RSPS || Staff Positions Availible! || Castlewars || Dclaws and Vestas || PKing || Skilling || JOIN NOW!!
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449 GO GO GO New server
????? ?????? Linage 2 interlude ????? ?? ??????? ???? ????? : 500 ???? ???????? ??????? : 500 ???? ????? ? ?????? : 1000 ???? ????? ? ?????? :1000
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450 Tormentedonez
Runescape private server has D-Claws bandos, very big community, and up 24/7!!!!!
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