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Benign Online Classic
Join Benign Online, a free online 2d RPG set in a fantasy world of wonder, wisdom, and adventure. Choose from many classes, buy your own house, start a guild, buy your own guild castle. Join Benign and become the hero of your own story.
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Star Fury
Star-Fury Space Battle Games. Star Fury, a Browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online Game. Star-Fury is a tick based game set in space. Sign-up is free and you can be playing within minutes
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Ogame Extremo
Ogame private server, high rates x100, x20, x120, Xnova files, max planets 16, queus 10000, dedicated hosting, no lag
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Cruel Crime
Free Credits | Lots Of Crimes | 24/7 Servie | All Casino's | Extra Options
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Armadas of Steel
Armadas of Steel is a strategic space simulation game with players across the world competing with each other simultaneously. All you need to play is a standard web browser.
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156 Runebook
Runescape Community Site. For all Runescape Servers We got Forum Homepage ChatBox. Forum For market Events, Clans Questions news And More COme to try
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157 R.F. Games' Legend of the Green Dragon
Welcome to R.F. Games' Legend of the Green Dragon, a browser based role playing game. A growing community, 99% uptime, friendly admins, and good stuff! JOIN NOW!
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158 Seeds of Time Online
100% free browser-based MMORPG. Catch Monsters / Mining / Smithing / Fishing / Cooking / Quests and Sidequests. Very friendly community!
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159 Criminal Life
Protect your hood or die trying. The streets are full of crime, and itís the perfect playground for mayhem. Start up your life of crime and rise to glory through the destruction of others with guns, drug rings, vehicles and more in Criminal Life. C
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160 Mobster-Family
Greta Game, Great prizes and a lot of fun. come to play.
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161 PSU.IG2T.COM Buy Cheap Phantasy Star Universe PSU PC PS2 Xbox360 XBOX 360 Meseta
PSU.IG2T.COM Buy Cheap Phantasy Star Universe PSU PC PS2 Xbox360 XBOX 360 Meseta Gold Money Items Power leveling
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162 Game of all games
MMORPG - Game of all games is top online fantasy game. Create and control one or more characters and advance them while exploring vast game world!
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163 Teatar Publik WoW Server
WoW Server from Serbia,mangos emulator,2.4.2 patch,no bugs,good latency,rates 6x,good comunity
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164 Mafia-Incorporated
Mafia-Incorporated is a MMORPG browser based game where real players get the chance to win real cash prizes. More twists and options then most sites today. Sign up today its free to play.
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165 Conquer Online
Trailer: This game consists of many maps, and servers. You can obtain different levels of items, and upgrade them, or level them to your characters specific level. You can level them as your character levels.
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166 Kings of Chaos
In Kings of Chaos, you are in command of an army of either humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, or undead. The aim of the game is to strengthen your army to attack enemy warlords and take their gold! Players are ranked so you can see how your forces stack u
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167 RuneKingdom
Ultimate Runescape Private Community
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168 PhatOgame
PhatOgame is and ogame private server with 3 servers
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169 moparscape runescape gold cheats
moparscape runescape gold cheats
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170 Samurai & Ninja MMORPG
Do you want to be a samurai or ninja in feudal japan?
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171 Terra Power Phaos Clans
A browser based MMORPG. Get your character skilled and ready for battle since the surroundings aren't very friendly. Join a clan and kill everything in your path!
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172 Outwar
Outwar is a free online role playing game that does not require a download. Below is a listing of just some of the features you can expect to find while playing Outwar - Explore a fully developed world, filled with creatures, quests, and rare item
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173 runescape items gold cheats tips
runescape items gold cheats tips
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174 Evernight - The Reign of Darkness
Evernight is a turn-based strategy game set in a fantastical world of armies, monsters, and supernatural warfare. Join a thriving online player community and match wits against hundreds of other tacticians ó from any computer, at any time Then, at a
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175 - Free Online RPG is the leading browser based online role playing game. Explore a fully developed world, filled with creatures, quests, and rare items. Level up and learn special skills and new spells to aid you in battle. No downloads or plug-ins required
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177 3lite gamerz
A forum for disscussing games for numerous Consoles, MMORPG's (Like WoW and Diablo) and a few other discussion forums. For true gamers only! :P
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178 Team Templar (Tribal Wars)
Team Templar's Discussion Boards for Tribal Wars
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179 Zgamer
Zgamer is the new haven of gaming. The theme game being Runescape cheating, providing crackers, bugs and the latest money making methods but also specialising in games like Diablo, Guildwars, Habbo Hotel, GunZ and many more. Not to mention the consol
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180 BarriScape
este es un MMORPG 2D hispano o gringo This IS a MMORPG 2D Hispano or english
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181 Lineage DK Free Lineage 1 Private Server
Lineage1 free Private Server,99% uptime, slightly higher rates, new items and npc's, great community, owners are very experienced in gameplay and database, very open to suggestions, come try us out :)
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182 Dragon Soldier: The Revolution
The world is in need for new warriors to join to help stop the destruction that has ocurred, but since the destruction and chaos reigned all over our world, no hopes were to be found anywhere. The war has started in between the race's and all our hop
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183 Ages of Xordia
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184 Delta-Core
One of the most developed Runescape private servers Server 24/7 | Dedicated Host | Active Forums | Great Community | Join Now!
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185 Moparscape Runescape cheats hacks
Moparscape Runescape cheats hacks private servers download RS 3.2
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186 ** American Football Simulation! **
** American Football Simulation! ** Create a custom player and Train your player from the ground up to be the type of player you want and/or create Create your own club!!
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187 VIP Wars
Do you got what it takes to survive the VIP Wars? Find out by registering right now!
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188 APG Game
For all Dutch friends an Ogame clone with custom rates. Game speed x 30 Fleet speed x 15 Resources x 25 15 Queues Still a beta
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189 Jerichoonline
Jerichoonline is a text based strategy game based on the show Jericho. In this game you'll manage your own town after the USA has been nuked. We have all sorts of special events, wars, secret alliances and much more! Join now!
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190 GameXploits - MMORPG Cheats
Great place for MMORPG cheats such as exploits, glitches, bots, hacks, and FREE Guides! Unique site and content.
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191 Speedball RPG - Free Online Paintball Game
Welcome to Speedball RPG multiplayer paintball game. Build your player to the best speedball / paintball war machine. Then take down the rest to become MVP. Start as a rookie and work your way up to pro. Lots of diffrent styles and ways to play.
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192 RedSquid
A free and the most stable and bug-free private Tales of Pirates/Pirate King Online private server. 100% English. All rates are x5, including EXP rate, Drop rate, Resource rate, Pet EXP rate, Party Exp Rate. No Item Mall! Pets available to all fro
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193 is a free multiplayer mafia game. Based on the real mafia, you work your way through the ranks by hijacking trucks, bank robberies, extortion, murder and many other street crimes.
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194 Crime-Nations MMORPG
Crime meets economy in this awesome mmorpg that kicks all others before its asses. This game is a must to try. If you want to take over the world, this is where to do it.
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195 Mafia Unit
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196 Battle of the Lords
A free online browser game. Compete with your rivals though the ages for power, supremacy, territory. Each game runs for 30 days after which a fresh game starts. You begin as a Lord and a ruler of a small territory. Your goal is to be the mightiest
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197 1st multigaming forum
A multigaming forum , that has interest in Lineage 2 , Counter Strike :Source , Counter strike : Condition Zero , Counter strike : 1.6,World of Warcraft hacks , exploits ,customs ,Lineage 2 hacks , exploits
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198 The Mafia Dynasty
Get into the world of mafia.Kill,steal and improve your ranks by robing banks, dealing drugs and lots more! Join existing families or make your own.Gather the crew and fight your way to the top!
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199 KortRO
KortRO [7/7/3 Server]+[updated]+[No Lag]+[Friendly GM's]+[Active GM's]+[No Down Time]+[Awesome Community]+[Friendly Community]
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200 - RPG Multiplayer Browser Game
X-Fighter is an online strategy game involving some RPG elements and played via Web Browser. A new player becomes a warrior called The X-Fighter. His major challenge is to defeat The Nameless- the one and only ruthless ruler of X-City. He will intera
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