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NemesisKO 100% UP And Running All The Time
Nemesis KO Privet Server will guarantee you 100% satisfaction & fun .We have no overpowered donators, PKing is everything, you do not need to level, but you'll need to get your items at a medium rate. Join us today
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Dig Our Game (DOG) 1.1
DigOurGame (DOG) is a free Open Source 2D MMORPG. DOG has creatures to kill, item's to get, buy, and sell, quests to fulfill, games within, contests, people to meet, banking, and homes to buy.
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World of Champions
We are a diablo 2 realm. We have deleted old items and added new like: Runewords and uniqes. Come play at our realm! We need staff too like: Modders Admins Webdesigner/Coders
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Shadow Realms
An Awesome RPG game that beats all others like it in it's genre
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Oldschool Pk Scape
This server is like your heart, you depend on it to live. This server has so many custom items that you couldn't even list them all. There's even it's own client that it uses. Whence you enter... you'll never quit.
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306 Middle of World Online
A world that struck by an earthquake. This cause demon out from the middle of earth. To make this world balance, warriors must collect RON.
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307 biznitchpkz
best server youll ever find
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308 InfamousAssassins
New test based mafia game, opened n the 15th may 2009, looking for a few staff , active as anything so y nt give us a try, we do comps everyday for points and money
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309 Genesis2D
An Advanced 2D MMORPG Engine, based on the old school games like Ultima, and console classics on Sega and Nintendo. The Beta test is avaliable for download now from the forum site. The Dx7 version is ready to try, the Dx8 version is in Development. F
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310 NinjaManager - Naruto online rpg
NinjaManager is a free browser based MMORPG set in the shinobi world of the Naruto manga and anime series. Manage a team of ninjas in a strategic and addictive multiplaye game while exploring a troubled ninja world. A free naruto online rpg!
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311 System Empires
Free web-based game where players build their empire and try to conquer the Solar System! Besides buildings, technologies, ships and vehicles, also trade with the market (managed by AI), defeat Comets, joint attacks, build your own personalized ship,
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312 Xnovalinares
Xnovalinares Re Apertura Rates a 7x Con promocion a los primeros 20 usuarios Te Estamos Esperando!!!
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313 Xeno (Free Browser Games)
Colonize distant worlds in a wicked galaxy! Manage your colony and turn it into a mighty empire. Be a savior for your people or a destroyer of worlds. Make a choice now!
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314 Foreverscape
A new private server, we're currently running an advertising contest and if you advertise 10-15 active people, you can get a santa hat! 20+ for a MODERATOR status! Join today :)
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free wow 2.4.3 server rates x30 Friendly staff WELLCOM!!!
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316 OasisRage 2.0 (Ogame clone)
100x Sci-Fi Space strategy game similar to Ogame. 3 seperate servers. Original 100x, Uni-2 100x and Normal 10x rate.
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317 Dead Frontier
Dead Frontier is the ultimate survival horror MMORPG. Log in and play with thousands of real players from around the globe as you struggle for survival in a zombie infested city.
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318 PlayGround Wars
Starting out your nothing more then a fresher, but you’ll show them.
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319 - Free vampire based online game
Reign of Blood (ROB) is a free online Vampire RPG. You are playing the role of a vampire, you must train yourself up and fight others in order to survive. Search the underground for great items and treasures, complete quests to give you more boosts,
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320 Fungalvaz Space Wars
Portuguese Ogame private server, rates 5x. Based on Xnova releases translated into portuguese.
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321 kushscape
brand new server be the first one there for the staff spots, and help us with client plus new source coming out soon...custom..specs..barrows.
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322 YourSelf - WoW
YouSelf-WoW, Free World of Warcraft 100% Kostenlos auf 3.0.9, Deathnight & Cu Warten auf euch... FUN-INSTANZ, Playertreff, von 80-Level 200 FULL T7,5 Start-Level 80... JOIN NOW!
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323 Questers private server
The best private server for spanish and english users, very easy to lvl up and alots of membership items for free!
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324 Runskuper!
Amazing Runescape Community, Vbulletin forums, Purple fox skin, and a shoutbox!
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325 Blood Money Mafia
Blood....Money....Mafia the 3 essentials in the mafia world. Shed blood and make other bleed for you family...Earn money and respect... Protect your family. Come join Blood-Money-Mafia and have tons of fun.
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326 The Brutal Mafia
We are a brand new text based Mafia game, new features to keep you hooked! Join while its fresh and get on top of the rest! Our site features top of the line super fast hosting, excellent coding and professional graphics
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327 TheFearlessMobsters
New site... 200+players...Best/Friendly Admin... Active players...Play poker for reserves...Jackpot already hits $100+
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328 EV-Online: Free Browser Game
Join EV - Online Now, a free space browser game in which you will fight your way up to becoming the Supreme Ruler of this galaxy. Thousands will stand in your way,but you will crush them all.
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xp rate 5000x money drop 1000x super items@shop ! max lvl 200 Custom pvp maps !! Join Now
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330 Skillerz The Game
The best rs priavet server ever!!!! 24/7 too custom minis and pking so come on in and join us !!!!!!!!!
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331 Pokémon-Online | Are you readt to start a new journey?
Pokémon-Online is a online MMORPG for young and old. Come visit the world of Pokémon today!
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332 HighPkz - Join now!
Highpkz, Is a new 508 server with an awesome PvP with pvp drops. We do the best to keep the server updated and online! just join and show us your pking skill! this server is all based on it!
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333 Freeroam
Free roam is a Runescape private server with many custom items, mini games, and a great community. All stats work. Minigames include: Godwars Outpost Fight pits Fight cave Coded by Ragnarok
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334 Perfect World Tranquility
PW Tranquility is a new server for a great community, decent rates so you don't progress too slow and room for new GMs and improvements!
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335 Samurai of Legend
You live in Feudal Japan, where many are weak and few are strong. The road to Greatness is not an easy one. Samurai must train in the martial arts to destroy their enemies. Clans must battle to survive. Only a few have what it takes to see another da
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336 Underworld Dominated
In a new world of lies,who will you trust now? Updated Daily, Dedicated Servers
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337 --- Armageddon - Server ---
ON 24/7 All new customs MOD and CODER positions open -----------
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338 The Top Don
Free browser based online mafia game.
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339 300-pking massive 24/7 pking server
this server is all based on pking there is the pure command and some cool custom items like d claws and working spec all come and join the server the ip is plz download the client from the forums and also the owner is lee
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340 HeatGames PerfectWorld Server
Exp:3000,Drop:1000,Money:300,SP:1000. Double exp,money and drop events every day! Invasion event everyday at random times! Items up to G17 + Zhuxian items,mobs and npc! Cubi in AH all the time!AutoPatcher!Online 24/7 Friendly Staff and email sup
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341 Outwar MMORPG
500.000 - 800.000 player's - Explore a fully developed world, filled with creatures, quests, and rare items. - Choose a class and build your unique character. Gain experience by defeating enemies
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342 Real-GunZ
--Custom items--Professional Staff--40x exp Rates--Quest--CW Coming Soon--
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343 Piratenschlacht
Entdecke die Welt von Piratenschlacht. Werde einer der gefürchtetsten Piraten dieser Welt! Navigiere über eine riesige Weltkarte und greife alles an, was sich dir in den Weg stellt. Überfalle Handelsschiffe, schmuggle Waren uvm.
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344 Phantasy Entertainment
Phantasy Entertainment's official website. For info, details, news, downloads, and support for the games.
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345 Alch Prices
See a list of all the items in RuneScape that you can High Alch without losing any money! Level magic fast!
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346 Springwat
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347 Spellcraft
Mages, warriors, paladins, and priests. Will you be the best one?
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348 spartanscape forums
join spartanscape forums and server we have a great community of players and a great staff
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349 Mu-MaX Online Server
Serveris dirba 24/7 per para !Laukiu jusu
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350 Silkroad Online Türkçe Payla??m Forumu
online, silkroad, net, Öneri ve ?ikayetler Duyurular SilkRoad Son Dakika Geli?meleri SilkRoad Online Genel SilkRoad Karakter Geli?tirme ve Yap?land?rma Silkroad Online Görevler SilkRoad Online ?temler & Silahlar SilkRoad Online Meslekler SilkRoad Onl
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