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Erepublik - The New World
A Political, Military and Economical simulation game where you can represent your home country and fight for them as well! Become a congressmen, corporate genius, battle hero or even your countries President, the possibilities are endless!
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Opus Deorum - The Work Of Gods
Create your own team to defeat the monsters roaming the Wilds of Celonia, compete in Arena matches, use magic, use dual weapons, use 2 handed weapons. Varied fight styles and unique fightsystem. Friendly staff and active helpful community. Join no
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wow server fun and x25 max online 80
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Global-mafia is an new crime game with many options. you can own every thing like casino,banks,bulletfactory,shop, ....
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The Realm Of Bloodlust
an AOS/ Custom UO server with lots of customs. Color Wars coming soon.
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456 Vault766Mayhem
The No:1 Fallout 3 resource! Download the ultimate Cheat/Trainer for FO3 PC Today + more...
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457 fireblade 24/7 RS private Server!! Amazing
Welcome ,\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nBEFORE READING, YOU NEED OUR CLIENT.\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nDOWNLOAD HERE:\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nWelcome.\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nId like too show yo
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458 Best Mafia Game
Best Mafia Game is online massive multiplayer game as name its based on true mafia life where you can become one of the best mobster or you should rule the whole underworld as don\'t need to download or install any client or server just
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459 Crime Society - FREE text based mafia game
FREE text based mafia game, commit crimes, steal cars, lead or join a crew, commit organized crimes with other players - are you a gangster?
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Enter the Mafia world and you will become the boss of a crime gang. As a mobster, you won\'t have any legal restraints to make money. Indeed, your options are infinite. You can purchase cars to do drive by\'s. You can form or join an existing family.
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461 RuneIsle.Com
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462 Gangster Returns
New mafia style free online multiplayer game. Get respect. Get loyalty. Get wealth. Play for free!
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463 DeathknightScape
a 24/7 Private server: The adventures begins here. our legion\'s powers has been stolen and trying to retrieve our lost powers its up to you to restore balance and claim our rightfull powers
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464 Rune-Time
RuneTime Join now \\r\\nCome Join Get all Your Rsps Needs here.
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465 Trinity Wars Space Simulation Role Playing Game – You only need a browser to play
Description: Valour Network: Trinity Wars - The War Has Just Begun - Massive Multiplayer Online Space Role Playing Game - you only need a browser and an internet connection in order to play! Year 2070 - The Universe Is Yours # Register, Sign up, cr
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466 Games Online Server
Tons of free online flash and java games!Games Online Server | has the fighting games, sports games, action games, puzzle games, casino games, ...
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467 Fantasy Empires
War game; rule your own province. Hire workers, train troops, build and research. Co-operate with your empire mates, and be feared by all!
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468 TWars
Become a leader of Roman Empire. Build your city, develop new technologies and Conquer the world! Empire need you! Join to us...
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469 DarkAgeWars
DarkAgeWars is a free-to-play medieval strategy game set in Medieval Europe. Build your kingdom, send troops into battle, and conquer Medieval Europe!
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470 DarkE-Network 2.4.3 High / 19PvP
[19PvP] [German] [Perfekt Rates] [2 Malls] [usw.]
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471 Ownagescape
This is a new great server for runescape, come check it out, we have working d-claws,minigames,godswords,pking,quests,great economy, good staff and more!!!! sign up today!!!
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472 AgeOfMonarchy
Free Online RPG MMO MMORPG Multiplayer Roleplaying Browser Game with no downloads, great character development with in-depth skills, huge 5map world, quests, craft items, pvp, slay dragons, battle for kingdoms.
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473 Dark Glory WotLK 3.3.0a
Deutscher WoW Privat Server Patch 3.3.0a Leicht erhöhte XP Rates bei Quests. MangosWeb Homepage mit Armory Max. Spieleranzahl 5000. Votesystem auf der Homepage mit Punktesystem für Bonuse. Eiskronen Zitadelle voll bespawnt mit dem Lich König
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474 BlazeX - 24/7 - 317 - PK & Skill
Client Downloads: Over 500 registered players! No Lag (guarenteed) 24/7 Friendly, non-asshole Staff Heavaly Coded Delta Source ALL Working Skills and Attacks Established Eco
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475 imperial-gangster
Imperial-Gangster is a new online text based game for 2010 with new fetures on the site Join now , Casinos availible , bullet facortys availible , STAFF POSSTIONS availbe and much much more
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476 Flyff PServer LastPure
German Flyff Privat Server v.12
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477 WorldCORE - Euer Projekt ihn guten Händen!
Deutsche PServer Community. Support für: Aion, Cabal Online, GTA:SA MP, Metin2, Flyff und WoW. Professionelles Support Team. Jeden Tag neue Anleitungen und schneller Support! Besuch uns.
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478 Knights Reborn - Medieval browser based strategy game
Knights Reborn, Travian like browser based game built for speed. Choose from 4 different factions and start building your village. Buy from the black market or trade with other players. Form alliances and conquer the realm! Finish the quests for bo
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479 CitySlaves
YEAR 2054 : Train one soldier to free the city! CitySlaves is a multiplayer browser RPG with level up system, fights, chat box, item\'s auctions and trades.
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480 Eternum Online
Eternum Online is a free 2d/3d browser and Facebook based massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG). Create an online persona and immerse yourself in a fully interactive fantasy world the likes of which the web has never seen. Quest, soc
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481 ZanDekaron - Home of Unlimited Coins
A7 ARMOR - More to come! Bi-Weekly Siege | 200+ DF | 170&200 weps | 100 - 90% argating | 160+ Gear | L4 Items | LOTS of people on at all times | Fun community. x2k EXP - MAX lvl 250\\r\\n
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482 Declan Scape
One of the best... used to be called \\\\\\\"Grimster Scape\\\\\\\"\\r\\nhad over 60000 registered users and 250+ online a \\r\\nday but after a hack = in a corruption then a crash\\r\\nwe shut it down lost all of my staff apart from the\\r\\nCo-Owne
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483 Império
# Altamente viciante jogo de estratégia espacial em tempo real \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\
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484 Blacksite-Network
Wir sind eine Deutsche Community mit vielen Gameservern die noch Gamemaster und Spieler sucht!
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485 IPU Grand Chase
First English Private Server For Grand Chase Rates: Exp x50 GP x100 We have 9 character 4th job for 7 Join Us!!
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486 runeglory
completely new runescape private server forum site , advertise your rsps , post tuts , post questions , EVERYTHING for rsps !! we are new so we havent yet much players , so if you join us , you help us !!!
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487 eXtreem MT2
eXtreem MT2 Romania Privat Metin2 - EXP 1000x - 3 Hand Bonus 16 day | Exp Bonus | Duble Gold | Dublu Items Client - Clientul este Romanesc Npc - Aveti tot ce va trebuie la Magazine Eventuri in fiecare zii deocamdata . Serverul este Online : 24/24 ded
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488 Mythic Warfare
Mythic Warfare is an extremely difficult old-school browser adventure game. It is compeltely free and has no resets, is largely text based, with no downloads (Internet Explorer required). It is still early in its development with new features being a
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489 Supreme Mobsters
Come show the mobster world that you rule supreme. Be the top don whose empire holds the most cash. Run with the best, kill all the rest.
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490 Online Tennis Game is a free online tennis manager game where you take on the role of a world-class tennis player. This is the best online tennis game you have ever seen before.
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491 Pandimus
New free medieval browser MMORPG. Total character customization, guild wars, tournaments, quests, chat, party system. Skill based game, without levels, like Ultima Online. Try it now!
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492 Stars Empire
Stars\' Empire is an online Multiplayer game unlike any other out there. Choose from four different species, design your own ships, research and develop new technology, and go to war! Join an alliance or play solo. War against other players or fi
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493 BIttyBay
BittyBay is an online, virtual, multiplayer animal kingdom where you can meet new friends, play games, collect items and avatars, create your own personal space and loads more!\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nIf you like virtual chat, virtual pets
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494 End Of Days Game
A Text Based browser MMORPG where only the strongest Thugs and smartest Business men survive, choose your path!
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495 Atrinik
Free MMORPG - Scripts, map editor, free maps, open source, create your own maps! PvP arenas, guilds, parties, many spells, quests, maps to explore and much more | Regular content updates | Join NOW!
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496 world-mafia
text based rpg
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497 American Mobster
A text turn Based Mafia Game killer minis and real cash prizes.
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498 Fly For Democracy V14 16Gig Dedicated 24/7
Fly For Democracy the Best Flyff server with the best community, Grate GM Custom shops, Buff pang, ranking, and alot more Come today ( Currently running on a 16gig Dedicated Server )
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499 World of kung fu Europe
The most professional WOKF server - Own dev team - *FREE GOLD WHEN YOU VOTE* - XP x5 - Loot x5 - Group x15 - Rep x3 - No down time - No bug - LATEST GAME VERSION - Nice community - Friendly GM - Exclusive mounts - lvl cap 120
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500 WoW Extravagance Private server 3.3.3
3.3.3 worknig icc/all bgs server!Join now!
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