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FBI Gaming
Welcome To The FBI International Multi-Gaming Community The FBI Gaming Community Are Made Up Of Committed Enlisted Novice, Intermediate & Professional Gamers Serving Together To Help Create A Global Fun Gaming Society.
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TLP - The Last Pures Gaming
A call of duty 4 gaming clan on pro level.
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Phoenix Sniper Team
COD4 Modern Warfare Sniper Server running unique mods including Invisible Spawn, and Long Range Rifles. Great admins make this server Lady and Child friendly. Come in and visit our Snipe server or our TS3 server AL
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Die Hard Gamers...............=DHG=
Brings you the best in the gaming experience
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Instruments of destruction
We are a Multi-Gaming clan. We are currently recruiting Mature, Professional players to join our community. |iOd| is based on Teamwork, Honor and Respect. |iOd| has the primary philosophy of providing a positive gaming environment and to respect the
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Nyoxis is the newest console gaming community on the web, offering an environment for gamers to meet and discuss their favorite games, tips for those games, and even sell their accounts.
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257 Call of duty 4, Left 4 dead, UT3
Gaming website
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258 {MK}Brothers
{MK}Brothers Snipers
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259 FreeArena
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260 Call Of Duty - Live
#1 Call of duty forum for xbox live users...come and visit
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261 [CRACKED] ComputerProjects CoD2 Game Server
24/7 [CRACKED] ComputerProjects CoD2 Game Server
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262 Call of Duty Pro
Call of Duty Pro aims to provide tips, tricks and information for COD 4,5 & 6 on all platforms.
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263 {OCS} Out-Cast Snipers
We are a clan dedicated to sniping, and REALISTIC game play..REAL TRUE sniping as much as you can get it to be in the Charlie Oscar Delta Series and the Unreal Engine! We have several servers both hosted publicly, and some hosted privately.
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264 Bazar Digital shop is online shopping marketplace designed to help consumers more efficiently shop for digital and mobile phones products from Malaysia to the worldwide
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265 [EoD] hc [zombie's]
24/7 [EoD] hc [zombie's] all ppl are welcome join us today and play 24/7 [EoD] hc [zombie's] zombie fun! see you soon insite server!
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266 Angry Employee Int. GaminG
Call Of Duty International Gaming Clan
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267 [BDZ] Clan
COD4 Clan / Cracked Server / Teamspeak 100-Slot
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Bka russia fun Clan!!!
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CoD4 TDM & PML HC 2 Servers: - TDM HC 32 Slots - PunkBuster OFF - - PML HC 20 Slots - PunkBuster ON - - TeamSpeak Server 500 Slots
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270 =ASSN=Funclan
Wir sind ein COD UO Funclan der am liebsten Modern Weapon Mod spielt. Wenn ihr einfach nur Spass haben wollt, dann seit ihr bei uns richtig. Schaut einfach mal auf unseren Servern vorbei.
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Brand New Online Gaming Community. Specializing in official tournaments. FightForFreedom will host its elite members to participate in tournaments for cash prizes. Check out the site for more details
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272 Buy Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Just Register to win a free Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Game releasing on November 2009
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273 XTG - Xtreme Tactical Group
Mature Call Of Duty 4 Gaming - Tactical Realism Community Rules - No Military Realism Rules
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274 UnbornServers
UnbornServers hosts dedicated call of duty servers and ventrilo servers 24/7 with tons of players and a great community join us today!
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275 <|USE|> Cod4 Server
<|USE|> Cod4 Server. Join Now IP:
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276 Loloi
This site is created by syrr0n and other players who play cod4 an cod2! We like to play with other players amd win them. Thnx
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277 Team Tactical knife
Family clan site We are Recruiting!
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278 You Have Tried The Rest ! Now Join The BEST !
Were a CoD2/CoD4 Sniper Only Clan, We are the Current 2008/09 I-C-S-L C0D4 Sniper League Champions, Recruiting all the time and have Custom Maps in Rotation, With our Members making some Custom Maps
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279 Bund der Zrcher
Ein deutscher Call of Duty 4 Clan. Wir sind alle gut drauf und haben auch zwei eigene Server + TS.. Alle sind herzlichst Willkommen :)
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280 WSG - Modern Warfare 2
Strona stworzona na potrzeby klanu. Gramy Modern Warfare 2, a niedugo mamy zamiar rozgazi na inne gry.
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281 Multiplayer Cheat & Exploitbase
Counter strike cheats hacks private hacks mmorpg wow exploits call of duty cheats hacks exploits and many more
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282 Savage Response Unit
Savage Response Unit is a dedicated Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 clan. We have formed in the center of the United States to conquer any enemy forces and protect our country. We grow each and every day with intense training to bring out the true sold
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283 Legendary Elite Snipers
We are a COD4 Sniper Only Clan, We are Recruiting all the time and have Custom Maps in Rotation, With our Members making some Custom Maps
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284 Legend Squad
A brand new xbox 360 clan, recruiting for members come check out the forums for more information
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285 RuN AnD GuN WaRfArE Clan
Call of Duty-World at War Stock maps, FFA and CTF Friendly, Respectable Atmosphere In-Game Chat Our goal is to have FUN!!
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286 =TTK= Team Tactical Knife
Multy Gaming Site with links to gaming servers also team speak servers.Will also soon be Broadcasting Live Scrimms!
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287 .:YWG:. YesWeGame
YesWeGame is a gaming clan based in Belgium, but with members all over Europe. At the moment our clan members mainly play the games Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty 6. We are currently recruiting new members that play any of these games.
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288 Call of Duty 4 MW | Call of Duty MW2 Call of Duty MW MW2: , , , , , , .
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289 the Brotherhood of War
We are a group of skilled PS3 gamers. We are recruiting for the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Feel free to come check us out.
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290 DGunz Team
DGunz Team Call of Duty 1.2
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292 Elit Katonk Klnja
Elit Katonk Klnja
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293 Call of Duty: Black Ops Game [RUS]
, Call of Duty: Black Ops. , , .
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294 OwnedBy
if you are under 15 you cont join sorry and if you have black ops you have to have a K/D of 1 or more also this is a cod clan also you have to change your gamertag in 2 weeks when you have joined i dont mind a bit of a delay and you can ask your frie
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295 Call of Emblems
Source for video tutorials to show you how to create cool emblems for Call of Duty: Black Ops
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296 Death Zone Players
We are a clan started up at November 2010. We now play Cod4 over gameRanger, Cod mw2 and Black ops. We would like to make our clan bigger so we are recruiting. We can offer you a GameRanger server and our friendship !
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297 Die verlassenen Gamer
Wir sind eine Call of Duty Spielgemeinschaft, denen es in erster Linie um Spa und den \\r\\n\\r\\nZusammenhalt untereinander geht. Viele Weitere Informationen findet Ihr auf unserer Homepage, \\r\\n\\r\\nber einen Besuch wrden wir uns sehr freuen.
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298 MW3 New\'s
News about MW3 , and about confirmed gun\'s perks and trailers for the next call of duty MW3
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299 Revenge of Soldiers Clan
Revenge of Soldiers is a Online Gaming. A clan for Seriously players and Fun players.
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300 Eums
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