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A sniper team dedicated to one thing and one thing only....Snipering
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Death Or Glory
We are a CoD4 clan newly formed to have good clean fun.Always recruiting new members to join our friends and talented mappers.
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Team =LTs=
Une nouvelle team vien d'ouvrir ses rangs et recrute des soldats motivés a la conquete des ligne ennemies . Vous souhaitez faire partie de nos rang , c'est simple il suffit de poster votre demande de recrutement dans le forum a la section adequat ou
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Stormtroopers of Death
We are an COD4 community. we are mixed dutch/German?belgian. we recruite,min age 20!
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Old Soldiers Never Die Clan
Cod2 & COD4 Game Community running the latest Custom maps our website is our COD2 server is and for COD4 and We will see ya there if you are brave enough!!!
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156 Old Soldiers Never Die Clan
Cod2 & COD4 Game Community running the latest Custom maps our website is our COD2 server is and for COD4 and We will see ya there if you are brave enough!!!
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157 -={ATF}=- Clan || Allied Terror Force
The -={ATF}=- Clan is a clan with more then six gameservers for COD2 and COD4. Take a look and have FUN.
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158 OROPAX Clan - CALL OF DUTY /UO/2/4 & MultiGamingClan
Wir sind ein Mutli-Gaming-Clan. Auf unserer Clanpage bieten wir Informationen rund um uns MultiGaming aktuelle News aus allen Themenbereiche. Wir suchen stets neue Member -
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159 More Human Than Human
A brand new clan, with a fierce new attitude. Creating the ultimate gaming experience for new gamers and pros alike. Join our clan today.
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In:0 Out:88
[AZG] NATION is a dedicated group of friends and gaming enthusiasts who love to play the Call of Duty series. We are a family of friends who have chosen to unite to provide the gaming community with a truly "community" managed gaming alliance.
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162 Russian Call of Duty UO Community
Russian Rifle Call of Duty UO server
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163 Welcome to -|DE|-
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164 Call of Duty uo
clan {*Geroi*}
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??????? ????
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166 Xbox360 new games reviews cheats
Xbox360 new games reviews cheats halo 3 cheat xbox live help news reviews call of duty
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167 X! R! M!
Call of Duty, glitches,help,guides,straegies,tutorials,videos,and MUCH more!
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168 Total Domination
New Clan. 2 servers. No Mods. Voice Chat. Friendly Admins. Vote for Rewards.
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169 Silent Dealth
We are a friendly group of people that like's to play a cheat free game of BHD and COD4 (Call of Duty 4) and Battlefield 2 We are a Growing Community that is serving tons of downloads for all of the hottest Games that are out there. We hav
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170 Pyro-Gaming Community
Welcome to the Inferno soldier! You are in the home of |PyrO| Gamers. We welcome you to register at our website, and maybe, if you are capable, join the ranks of our members. We play many types of games, such as FPS, MMO, and RPG. Featuring Call of D
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171 Call of Duty uo
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172 COD4SOURCE - The Source for Call of Duty 4 Strategy, Tips and Tricks
COD4SOURCE - The Source for Call of Duty 4 Strategy, Tips and Tricks
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173 NL|Force'. Clan || Recruiting ||
NL|Force'. Clan Recruiting Dutch only! Open for clanwars! Join our Cod4 Server:
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174 BattleScores $5,000 COD Tournament is the first to offer $5,000 in cash and prizes for online tournaments! Our unique scoring system is designed to allow anyone a chance to win - not just those that score the most - GIVE IT A TRY!
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175 BattleScores $5,000 Online Tournametn offers daily and monthly online tournaments with at least $5,000 in prizes. Our unique scoring system is designed so anyone can win not only the top scorers. GIVE US A TRY – YOU CAN WIN!
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176 call of duty 4
Wir sind ein Clan mit eigenen weaponskins und anderen Spielerein. ein Besuch lohnt sich. Mfg Chatmen
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177 =TUO= The Ultimates Organization
An elite gaming organization that prides itself on recruiting good active members
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178 multigaming since 2008
multigaming since 2008, Call of Duty uo, Call of Duy 2, Call of Duty 4 and css
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179 DarkBreak Clan
A well organized clan with excellent players. We play Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4.
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180 The |uFo| Clan
Come check us out we are a fun and loving clan we are one of the best 1.6 s&d clan we are 12-1 have v almost ever clan
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181 Gamer ????? ???? ????? ??? ??? ???????
Gamer ????? ???? ???? ?????? ??? ??? ??????? ???????? ?? ???? ???.
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182 LS:Lost-Snipers
A CoD 4 Sniper Only Clan BIG in having fun, All ages welcome and Recruiting all the time
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Call of Duty 4 Live Player Stats from ouR very own call of duty 4 game server |NAS| JUDGEMENTDAY !!! So Come on in register and check us out. Forums and Help also available upon request.
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184 Hells Army =|H-A|=
like having fun the come join us and play cod uo with us.
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185 free rewards
earn points that you can redeem towards prizes. Get video games like Halo 3 and Crysis, or gamer cards like XBox Live or Wii points, or even a new cellphone! There is no limit to what you can get, and best of all its FREE. Sign up and start earn
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186 The Maddog Multigaming Clan
The Maddog Multigaming Clan is a Dutch clan that only accepts Dutch and Belgium people. For us, FUN is #1, but we also wanna win! At the moment, we play Medal of Honour: Allied Assault and Call of Duty 4!
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187 BerlinClan
We are a Cod2&4 FunClan
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Wir sind ein Multi Gaming Clan und suchen neue Member
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189 Funclan-Hamburg[HHFC]
Ein Kostenloser Clan :-)
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190 Lost Snipers
we Play Call of Duty 2 we are a SNIPER ONLY CLAN
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191 Fulton Game Server
The Fulton Game Server is a Dutch CoD 4 server. We have a website, Stats, and friendly members. Take a look!
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192 Transition from Analog to Digital TV
Order your analog to digital converter box. Starting Feb. 2009 all TV stations will only stream in digital. Learn more and order your converter today.
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193 Mokkabar
Wir haben unseren Clan erst 2008 gegründet, unserer Team spielt jedoch schon seit 2000 zusammen. Wir spielen CoD4 und CoH.
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194 Misfit Assassins COD4 Clan
Misfit Assassins COD4 Clan. Come join the fun on our game and web servers.
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195 Team Fantome Québec
Nous sommes une Team Québecoise dispersé sur plusieurs jeux, mais plus particulièrement sur Call Of Duty 4. Pour faire partie de la Team tout à fait gratuitement visiter notre site!
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196 Call of Duty 4 Banned Clan
International call of duty 4 clan site with cracked servers
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197 3.Fallschirmjägerdivision: Call of Duty Clan
Die 3.Fallschirmjägerdivision ist ein Call of Duty Clan seit 2003.
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198 -{SaS}- Saints and Sinners
We are three friends that came together through playing Call Of Duty. We believe friendship is the most important factor and the driving force behind -(SaS)-. We are a zero tolerance no cheat clan! We currently have one server on UO but are hoping
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199 No Lan No Fun
Bei uns findet Ihr alle aktuellen News über PC-Shooter und LAN-Partys.
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200 {NW}ClaN
?? ????? ? ?? ???????!!!
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