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{WsB}clan ????? ?????? ??? ?????!
?? ??????? ? ??? ????? {WsB}clan ?????!
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Cod4: Clan *|RUS|*
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Clan cod4: *|RUS|*
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{>HoW<} Heroes of War
{>HoW<} is clan for mature gamers from all over the world, Our ingame rules are designed to enforce teamwork and fair/friendly play our main goal is for members to have fun, and to share a common interest in FPS online gaming,
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206 ???? ??????? ???????,)))))))
???? ???????? ????? ??????? ???????????????!!!?? ?????)))
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207 Multigaming's Relax site
Official multigaming's site
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208 36th Infantry Div. (Texas Division)
We are a Call Of Duty 4 and Call Of Duty 5 Tactical Realism Unit. We pride ourselves on being the best there is. Here is the 36th Infantry Division we live the Army Core Values everyday and those values strengthen our lives as people. We are a Tactic
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RED EMPIRE WAS STARTED 12/2/08. We are a cod5 clan looking for strong and active members. we are miltary base clan. we are selling cod5,cod4 server for $1.00 slot
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210 tce squad multi gaming clan
TcE Squad MultiGaming Clan
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211 JeWd Gaming Clan l l Now Recruiting l l
[JeWd]Call of Duty 4 Clan and World of Warcraft. We play all games but those 2 are most. We do scrimages in COD4.We are looking for ages 13+ to join this fun clan. You must be mature and able to have fun! Join now And See the Insane Fun
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212 Clan |Gods COD|
?? ?????? ????, ????????, ????, ?????
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213 Sigma Game Servers
Game Servers, Sigma Game Servers offers game server hosting and rental utilizing internap and mzima bandwidth. Sigma Game Servers provides Denver and Chicago game servers as well as voice servers ventrilo and teamspeak.
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214 Firstblood
Welkom op de clansite van Firstblood! We zijn een kleine, nederlandstalige clan die leden werft uit Nederland en Belgi. We spelen graag eens in competitie, maar meestal spelen we gewoon als clanmembers onder elkaar.
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215 Cracked CoD Servers Since 2003
Cracked Call of Duty Servers since 2003 - Join the fun NOW!!!
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216 [SIB]Surrounded In Blood Clan Website
[SIB]Surrounded In Blood Clan Website - Call of Duty Servers
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217 The Old Breed Sniper Company
The ToB| is a sniper based Call Of Duty clan with SNIPER servers set up for COD4 & World At War - stop by and check us out.
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218 TheBaDDoGsClan
Looking for new members to join TheBaDDoGsClan.. We are a Call of Duty 4 & 5 Family of online gaming....If this is of interest to you then sign up ToDay!!!
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219 [506]S-Buks Clan |UK|PC|COD5|
-|506th|-S-Buks Call of Duty 5 Clan, We are a mature gaming clan that has evolved over the last 5 years, we started life as a Clan when the original Call of duty was released and has progressed over the years to Become a relaxed fun bunch of guy
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220 ELITE KILLER Cod2 Rifle Clan
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221 -MoD-
A call fo duty 4 mixed cracked server 24/7 uptime 99% lag free
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222 The Elite Noobs
The Elite Noobs We are a melting pot of gamers. Every member ranges in their ability and gaming strategy as well as age, gender, ethnicity, and religion. Some things we all have in common is a love for gaming, Call of Duty, and maturity. We current
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223 The Stunt Guild of Call of Duty 1
Stunt is a Call of Duty 1 V1.5 community that just plays the game. We try to play on many maps and gametypes that most servers don\'t, like Retrieval or Lazertag. We also make our own CoD videos. Add shukuchi on Xfire for more info!
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224 [SWAT] Snipers Weapanns And Tactics
[SWAT] is a New fun Exciting Growing Clan We Play UT99,2k4,CoD4 ** NOW RECRUITING **
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Besucht unsern Clan und Bewerbt euch und werdet ein Teil unserer Community
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226 Hell Bound Soldiers
We Are A Muli Game Clan we support, Call Of Duty, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty:WW, Swat 4, CSS, BF2 and Other Games
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227 The DARK Side
Have a look and find out :)
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228 *GTH*Clan
This clan was Created by Clan Leader *GTH*Asylum from 4/3/09 and searching for members!!!.So don't wait and get the real choice!!!.We don't recruit only GR Members so our clan is public^^.Welcome and Have Fun!!!!!
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229 Extreme Elite Operations
Extreme Elite Operations was born in 12 december 2012 and is a clan devoted to the online FPS gaming community. We curetly have servers for the CoD, CoD4:MW, CoD:BO and CoD:MW3. We also have a TeamSpeak 3 and a Ventrilo server. We are recruting new
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230 United Headshots (Cracked Server)
Cracked Server
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231 7th Cavalry Regiment/Tactiacl Realism Clan
The 7th cavalry regiment currently has over 160 active members. We have our own dedicated server box. We are currently involved in Cod4, Cod5, and Armed Assault. Join the best military / tactical realism unit on the net!
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232 GD- Community
We are an community of gamers from Germany and the Netherlands. join our L4D and COD4 Servers now!
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233 Sniper CLan
In:0 Out:87
234 Tango Down Gaming
A community of FPS gamers over 25 years of age. Established in 1997, TDG has become one of the premiere Call of Duty / Modern Warfare clans.
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235 The Brotherhood Clan
Fun, Friendly team, Dedicated Server COD4 BTD Mod, Promod TDM & S&D + MORE - You cant afford NOT to check us out WE ARE RECRUITING
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236 Going to be the Best CoD 4 Clan
Fun Clan Ps3 Clan
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237 Prestige Gamerz
A site for Gamerz
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238 Hardcore Destroyers
We are a CoD 4 and 5 clan! I am on a PC CoD 4 and Xbox CoD WaW. It doesnt really matter what system...we try to spread amongst all consoles! We WILL CRUSH THE ENEMY!
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239 Call of Duty Fan Forum
A Call of Duty and multiple shooter fan forum.
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240 Battle Core
Established in August of 2000 Battle Core has acquired many skilled players through the years. Battle Core was born out of the need for organization which can only be found through team work. Please visit our site for more details about Battle Core.
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241 World Joined Fighters
[WJF] was founded in 2003. We play CoD4 and have three game servers and a Team Speak server. We welcome all to visit us to chat, play or challenge us.
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242 The Global Sniper Network
GSN - The International Gaming Clan Featuring a Long Range Sniper Mod, hitloc and damage modifiers for CODW@W, visit for more information. Register and Join in the fun.
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243 Serial Killers Alliance
we are a friendly group of people who love playing the cod series. we have several server, all can be played on. we have run and gun aswel as sniper. so we love to mix the game up a bit.
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244 Team in Rampage [TIR]
Call of Duty (all Series), fixed at COD4 FunClan.
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245 What The Crap Clan
COD5 Only clan. WTC is a soon to be great clan from the experts to the best players of XBOX live. We need members! Join us today and you can help us own the COD nation!
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246 EPG COD4 Clan
International Call of Duty 4 Clan (European Pro Gamers)
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247 NEW Generation killers
we are a halo2,3 cod 4,5 and gears of war 2 caln for now we are wanting to expand we have fun and make cool videos so join if u want it
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Online Gaming Community and Tournament Host
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249 Clan Born From Chaos
Clan Born From Chaos || seeking high ranking members || weekly tournaments
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250 ZLH
call of duty waw clan
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