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Clan created by Pro-Gamers for Pro-Gamers
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WBC (Wi-Fi's Best Clan)
WBC is a clan that has its own ways in making u a member. The games we play are Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Mario Strikers Charged.We are gonna be doing the Conduit as well when it comes out.Mostly any wi-fi game we are gonna do.
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Nintendo Wiikly
Covering the latest Wii, DS and general Nintendo news, with features and reviews. Weekly (Wiikly?) Newsletter sent out every Wednesday with a summary of the weeks news, with new reviews and features.
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Wii Games Hub - Nintendo Wii Game Reviews and Ratings
The latest Nintendo Wii games and great Wii game reviews, ratings and news.
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Online Wii game Sites
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56 WiiTopia
Fun Wii Site with Games, Videos, Forums, Downloads, Reviews and More
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57 Mii Army
do got to beat us or join yuus we play SSBB MKWII MOHH2 and more join today!
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58 NintendoWareInc
NWI is a site for people who like brawl, play pokemon, to make friends, chat and battle for fun, play in tournaments, or have some gym battles! Join the fun today!
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59 Never-Scape
A new server soon launching the client, Looking for people to help me with the site and client
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60 Smash Network
Welcome to Smash Network Forums! This place is mainly about Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Come and meet new friends, battle good brawlers, and just hang out and have fun!
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61 Brawl Community
Lots of members, a chat room, great discussions, friendly people, and lots of fun! =]
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62 Super Mario Bros
a site with Wii and other classic consoles, most of the latest games here, chat for pc and wii, xat chat too, brawl, MKW, and much more! Register and join our community!
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63 | Die Video Suchmaschine ist die neue Video Suchmaschine im Wii "TV" friendly Format. Ihr könnt Videos aus den grössten Videoportalen wie "Youtube, Metacafe, Google Video, Daily Motion..." suchen und auch direkt ansehen, ohne auf dem Fernseher die Zoomfunktion nu
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64 Nintendo Generation
entra nella nuova generazione nintendo!////ENTER TO THE NEW-GEN NINTENDO!
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65 Nintendo Generation
entra nella nuova generazione nintendo!////ENTER TO THE NEW-GEN NINTENDO!
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This is a Swedish site about accessories to the Nintendo Wii.
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67 Smash Society
With a new site and new skill, Smash Royale once again returns to smash the competition. Do you have what it takes to even compete?
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68 VIDEO GAMES CONNECTION next generation forum
Neues Forum für alle Gamer unter euch! Sagt uns eure Meinung und Diskutiert über Games und vieles mehr. Verbringen wir zusammen die NEXT GENERATION Zeit!
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69 Nintendo | Super Mario
Site about Nintendo and Super Mario Games
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Welcome to your online community for discussing all the latest and newest Nintendo games! Feel free to sign up and join us now!
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71 Nintendo Discuss
A New forum to come and discuss all things Nintendo! From the Wii to the NES. With monthly competitions and yearly prize draws.
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72 nintendo community central
a place for nintendo and some few about other consoles. theme is orange and white and the major game in that site majors mostly on brawl.
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73 Nintendo Legends
The best place to discuss about Gaming, Play Tournaments, Host Matches, Share Friend codes and more...
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Forums, news, previews, and reviews!
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75 Channel 49
We are an awesome Wii Community and Clan always looking for new members!
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76 Wiis 4 Less
Cheap Wii Game Systems, Wii Consoles For Sale and allways instock
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77 TWG Nintendo
The Latest Nintendo News, and best editorials around the web.
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78 Nintendo Wii Explained
A gaming website for the Nintendo Wii. The website explains all the features of the Wii console, Wii games and Wii accessories in plain, simple English
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79 WiiDestiny
One Of The Best All WiFi Gaming Clan And Community,Come And Join Us.
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80 WiiPowered - Friend Code Sharing and Nintendo Community
Don't you just hate playing against computer players? Well, WiiPowered will help you meet your online needs. Share your Friend Codes, meet new people, talk about new current games, set-up online matches, and just chat and have fun! Through this fr
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81 Nintendo Wii Video Games
Online source for Nintendo Wii video games - reviews, news, cheats, videos & more.
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82 Free Nintendo Wii
Get yourself a free Nintendo Wii, free PlayStation 3, free Xbox 360,free HDTV, Console, PSP, iPhone and much more. Sign up to grab a Nintendo Wii as free gift.
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83 Wiiz Clan [WZ]
The new Clan for Wii Wi-Fi Matches
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84 K3Gaming
Play the real original Mario Games from the Nintendo! Also enjoy Online Street Fighter, shooting games, adventure games, mmog's all for free. No registration required.
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85 Evil Society of Evil
We are a gaming site mainly centered around Animal Crossing: City Folk
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86 ???? ??? Nintendo Wii ? ????
????? ??? ?? Wii, ??????? Wii, WiiWare, ??????? ? ????????????
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welcome to hero brawlers kingdom gaming community were new so help us with members so join hbk today
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88 National metroid network
game guide site
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89 wii deals
nintendo wii games consoles site, wii news, wii games, wii previews and wii articles, tips and trick
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welcome to fated rivals were new so hoin us plzz
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91 wii-games
News of Nintendo
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92 Super Smash Bros Brawl Domain
A Super Smash Brothers Brawl Community. Meet Brawlers of all skill levels, and Find SSBB Opponents, now!.
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93 Tourney Central
Home to tournaments for many wii games, a good place to find challengers and make friends.
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94 KWC
we are a clan for ssbb cod5 come and join us
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95 Sun Arcade
The fastest growing database of Flash, Shockwave, Java, NES, SNES, and Sega games on the net.
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96 Unforgotten Wii Soldiers
Come join us now! We play Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, and The Conduit.
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97 Mario Kart Community
This growing community soon will be big, and quite popular. Talk to experts like me, or other players.
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98 Nintendo District
Dedicated to bringing you the fun and Excitement of Nintendo and all it has to offer. Whether you want to exchange Friend Codes or look up Reviews on the New Wii Game next month, it's all here.
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99 How to Get Free 2000 Wii Points!
A simple tutorial on how you can get free Wii Points by wasting 2-3 minutes a day! MUST CLICK
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100 traxxescape
like rs but funer
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