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Blitz Modz
Halo 2 modding and Xbox Modding.. If you want it, then we can get it ;)
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Halo Forums
Massive Halo, Halo 2 and Halo 3 fan site. Forums, tournaments, videos and more. Very active in MLG discussions and general gaming. Over 4500 members!
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HaloForever.com - Halo 3 Multiplayer
Halo 3 multiplayer source for tips, tricks, news, vids, maps, weapons and faqs. Learn to play better Halo 3? That's why you need to visit.
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Another good MLG Clan
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Grunts "R" Us
Grunts "R" Us Ride the Star Ship, Taste the Food Nipple! Daily Halo and Xbox news.
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56 Halo Fan Forum
The best halo series forum around. PLease click register on the forum to join. We now make videos.
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57 Halo Empire
The Halo Empire provides clans with a place of their own. We also have cool videos of glitches and stunts. Our main goal is to provide resource to the Halo Fans.So, we have halo mods, skins, models, software and tutorials too.
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58 NSA Alpha
A free clan that anyone can join...
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59 Chaotic Modz
Halo 2 Mods, Hacks, And More
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60 TDBproductions
A halo 2 bounce/full on movie making clan
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61 Insan3 Bounc3rz
Insan3 Bounc3rz is a auper jumping clan on Halo 2!We got forums, a gallery, arcade and more!We are recruiting.
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62 Lunchboxproductions
Halo/halo2 Mods
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63 halodeltaclan
the delta clan come join a great modding clan
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64 T?MS
In:0 Out:237
65 H2x Mods
An awesome big halo 2 modding, gfx, hacking site.
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66 Blood4Hire
We Have all of your Modding needs
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67 Legacy Of The Demons
A New Community Keeping Halo 2 Modding Alive
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68 DoBouncers.com
Halo 2 superbounce montages, videos and tutorials!
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69 Chaotic Modz
Halo 2 Mods, Hacks, Computers And More
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70 .:: Clan {ExP} ExPlicit ::.
A Halo 2 Clan with over 200 members, great leaders, great website, and sponsors. Join today!
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71 Bouncers V2
Bouncing Videos and Tutorials.
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72 Halo 3 Gamerz
A halo 3 gaming site. Halo 3 isn't out yet but its a pre-site. Its all about halo 3 gaming.
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73 DoT HaLo Modz
modding site that just started....which has tons of mods, apps, tutorials, GFX, VIP, Hacks and more
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74 Dream Modz
We mod we do it all!
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75 Halo 3 Gamerz
This site is a remake of the other but I forgot my login and stuff to change it. Its halo 3 gaming. There is forums, arcade, and more.
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76 Spartan 117th Division
This is a site dedicated to Halo 3. Main site for the Halo 3 clan Spartan 117th Division. Good place to find people to play beta with. New beta info daily on the forums.
In:0 Out:168
77 Can You Say ModZ
ULTIMATE SITE for Halo Haxing!
In VIP, Mod/Bridge past AU, H2 secrets, MORE!!!
In:0 Out:159
78 Orbital Drop Shock Troppers
ODST Division 2 clan we have a awesome site that is growing as we speak!
In:0 Out:180
79 GBXR Illusion
WE have Basically everthing for modding Halo 2 including modz programs and tuts. for modding
In:0 Out:199
80 Chaotic Modz
Xbox, Xbox 360, Gaming, Halo, Gears, Warez, H4CKING, And More
In:0 Out:169
81 RXG
A great halo 2 clan site that has videos, GFX, news, forums, and more...
In:0 Out:179
We have everything: Lobby, Micro$oft Modifications, $ony Modifications, Nintendo Modifications, Games, GFX, Tech Center, Other Modifications, Other, VIP (Must Purchase)
In:0 Out:204
83 Blood4Hire
We are the Best Modding Site
In:0 Out:188
84 HellBoundSouljas
We are Hellbound Souljas ! .... we enjoy playing fair more than winning by cheating!....If ur looking to join a clan ....this is the one! .... we have a dedicated website and 24x7 servers in few games.We have teams for all sorts of online games and
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85 BiA 4TH R31CH
Brothers in Arms is an organized gaming community, here to get the best experience out of gaming and more. BiA can be compared to joining the Army. There is a number of responsibilities and requirements that must be followed and understood before you
In:0 Out:205
86 Omega Spartan Project
A Halo 2 Community with fun Halo related stuff to look at
In:0 Out:181
87 PimpinModz
We HAve Evrything Halomodding,News,Programs,HacksGlitching,Vip,Tuts,MOvieTheater,Music,onlinegammodding and so mouch more JOIN TODAY!
In:0 Out:265
88 TCBOF Retarded XBC Gaming Daily
We started with Halo1 3 years ago and switched to Halo2.Our Clan plays on XBC(Halo) and XBLive(RainbowSix Vegas Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Splinter Cell)
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89 Halo Reborn
Halo Gaming Site where modders become reborn
In:0 Out:202
90 Halo District
A brand new halo fansite with a community that is growing. We will have contests, reviews, tips and tricks and much more!
In:0 Out:204
91 h2xmodzz
halo2 modding
In:0 Out:222
92 Gaming International
Elite Halo 2 Clan. Branching off to GoW, Rainbow Six Vegas, and Halo 3! Come Join Us!
In:0 Out:188
93 I HighFlyers I
A Halo2 Halo3 glitvhing and bouncing clan
In:0 Out:212
94 Holiday Gangstas
We have halo2 and 3 modding, a movie theater, Jokes , Consloles , Glitches and MUCH MUCH MORE JOIN TODAY!!!
In:0 Out:152
95 HWC elite
Halo 2/Halo 3 clan
In:0 Out:210
96 Halo 3 Clan
Strong and active Halo 3 clan. Our forum has over 550,000 messages so you know we will be someone there for you when you need us. Check us out today!
In:0 Out:204
97 Zz Clan
Mods, Glitches, Ass Kicking, The usuall but better!
In:0 Out:195
CLAN FOR JUGGALOS. Lookin for anyone with Honor and skillz.
In:0 Out:215
99 Gaming Noobs
Gaming Noobs. Xbox Gaming. Halo 2. Halo 3. Fun Map And Game Variants, Halo 2 Mods, Halo 3 Mods.
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100 Seven7h Column
Seven7h Column is a site dedicated to giving you all updated information and hidden secrets throughout the HALO 3 universe.
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