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AppleBoner Arcade
The BEST CS:S Community - We demand 100% respect towards ALL players, live player stats, multiple time-based rotation schedules, 100% pubber interactive!
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Wizard Clan
Официальный сайт клана Wizard.Counter Strike Source,игры,спорт,ко
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Clan Rival
We are a fun based clan that loves competition. We scrim a lot and are looking to enter in leagues. We have a Match/Scrim Server and an 18 Slot GunGame Server Located in Chicago.
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Warriors Under Construction
Warriors Under Construction are a CS: Source & S.t.a.l.k.e.r. clan. come and join us
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<[m4a]*Rus> clan CS 1.6
clan , mods , patch , .....
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56 CsLazeris
CsLazeris website.
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57 cs
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58 <[m4a*Lv]>`Clan`
Clan website
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59 Elite Killers
We are a Counter Strike:source clan that is very dedicated. We also sponsor two clans.
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60 Counter-Strike FaTe
Counter-Strike 1.6, Admin Packs, cs, serveris, servers, plugins, amxx, amx mod x,
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61 Team Neon - [BE] Cs 1.6 clan
A Belgium CS 1.6 clan, Just new ! Take a look and sign up now ...
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All you need for CS are there
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63 ..::Extream-Killers-eSportS::.
Wir sind ein Cs Clan aktiv - nett - stark

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Geras portalas Join ?
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65 Titties -n- Beer Source Clan
We have been running CSS servers since the beginning! Nobody does it better we have a ZombieMod server, 24/7 Dust2, 24/7 Office, and 3 GunGame servers! Come check us out!!
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66 MK CS
MK CS clan
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Counter-Strike serverio saitas
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68 Oficial sait sT^Gaming
Counter Strike 1.6 in RUSSIA
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69 Cs 1.6 , CsH TeaM
CsH TeaM, all about cs 1.6
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70 The Abyss Counter Strike
The Abyss counter strike servers are the best in the internet. All different. Wc3, dm etc.
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71 HeadShot cs 1.6
Counter-Strike Downloads(Skins,Configs,Maps,Tools and Tweaks)big forum and a lot of useful things !
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All about counter strike 1.6 :)
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73 Counter-Strike Pro-CS
Counter-Strike Website for Counter-Strike Players :]
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74 gamers.NR Counter-Strike 1.6
gamers.NR Counter-Strike 1.6.,,,, .
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75 Counter-Strike 1.6 Club
Siuntiniai,pamokos,diskusijos,gfx,source ir t.t! (LT)
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76 SraTeX eSports
We are a Mulitgaming Clan and search members.
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77 Didziausias Counter-Strike Web'as
CS Web
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78 ProTeam
Clan And server
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79 Triple X Gaming
Counterstrike Source & 1.6 Gaming Community
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80 *BK* Klanas! - (Baisus Kaunteristai)
*BK* (Baisus Kaunteristai)!!! Cstrike, Cs 1.6, Counter-Strike download, LT serveriai, maps, spray logos, serverio kurimas...
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81 [Counter-strike]
[Counter-strike] gaming site
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82 [CSF] Counter Strike Forever
[CSF] Counter Strike Forever
Counter Strike Forever is a clan made for people there play for fun. (Only Danish members) Forum-GameMovies-one server atm. No Cheats at all
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83 [#pSc]
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84 Nightmare CS and MORE
Apie cs ir daugiau
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85 Puikus saitas apie Counter-Strike
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86 .::csZone::.
All for your game! Visa informacija apie cs 1.6 zaidima!!!
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87 Counter Strike Club
Counter Strike Club.Patch,maps...
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88 .::: Counter - Strike :::.
Failai, pamokos ir ][ BLADE ][ klanas
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89 - = C S - N u r = -
Сайт для настоящих фанатов Counter-Strike. На нём имее
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90 [phear] Clan Arena
Our long term vision is to create a place that people can go to
forget the stresses of their day, kick back and just have good clean
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91 Third Legion Online Gaming
The Third Legion Online Gaming Clan is in CAL-O league compeition. Come play with us at
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92 Reallite Labs
Сайт, посвященный различного рода модифи
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93 HardLife team CS 1.6
Moscow team CS 1.6 HardLife
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94 CS portal LT
LT portalas apie CS
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95 Adrenaline Rush
aR # Team! Pro gamers! Good files! Demos! Free cheats!
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96 *[NooRm!k]* Team
*[NooRm!k]* Team WEBSITE
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97 3dGaming - Multigaming since 2002
Multigaming since 2002. Schwerpunkt CS 1.6 :)
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Cs World For You ;)
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99 .:[chAoS.INc]:. Official Website
Counter-Strike: Source clan
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cs, css, cscz
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